Monday, February 20, 2012

Why is Pedophilia Wrong ? Seriously ?

Once again I decided to write yet another satirical article THIS time about pedophilia. I want you all to know 100% that this is SATIRICAL! 100% SATIRICAL! I am NOT in favor of pedophilia, but I SERIOUSLY had to write this article just to prove a point and once again if you agree with this article then may God have mercy on you. Let's get started.
I'm confused here. I have to ask an EXTREMELY serious question. Why is pedophilia wrong ? You're probably very disgusted right now and I understand that but hear me out before you judge. I saw a video quite a few days ago about a boy who decided to be referred to as a girl.

I thought to myself, IF this child is able to identify her own sexual identity at such a young age, who's to say she can't understand the concept of Love ? We're making MANY psychological breakthroughs with children's psychology and development ENOUGH to prove that they're much smarter than we give them credit for. Much like young Hailey here. I'll do you one better, I recently read an article about a 7 year old boy who expressed physical attraction to one of the young men on the popular "GLEE" show. As seen here. Among these 2 things are a common thread of young children making absolute statements about their sexual identity.

So let me ask you, why is pedophilia such a horrific topic to discuss ? I mean pedophiles can't help that they're attracted to children and who's to say a child CAN'T be physically and emotionally attracted to a someone much older than they are? I think it's absolutely foolish to say they can't. Most parents feel that their child is able to express love for them (their parents) but the idea of expressing any other kind of love is completely out of the question. FOOLISH! People consider pedophiles to be child molesters and rapists and things of that sort when in reality they're all seeking the same thing each of us are, a normal healthy relationship with the person they love, and at the end of the day isn't that something we all want?

But you just can't get passed that child issue, can you ? Okay how about this here, in another article in The Huffingtonpost I read that Sex Change Treatment is becoming increasingly popular among children. Here we have a child at 18 months expressing that she is a boy. Who are her parents to further confuse the poor child and tell him that he is actually a she. If she says she's a boy, she's a boy! This is at 18 months! If a child is THAT early developed mentally and psychologically then why are we still refusing them the love that all of us have?

 No one wants to think about children having sex, BUT it happens! Children as young as 12 years old are discovering things about their body and their hormones are raging. Do you want your 12 year old son knocking up some poor girl because they didn't know what they were doing, would you rather have your 12 year old daughter pregnant because she got with some boy who didn't know what he was doing OR would you rather have someone their with experience to cater to their needs and take their time with them? I'd go for the latter. Understand something, I think it's horrible for anyone to force themselves on anyone sexually, but pedophiles don't want to do that. Sure there are MANY pedophiles out there who give them a horrible name forcing themselves upon young boys and girls, BUT you can't let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. That's UNFAIR because there are MANY law abiding pedophiles who aren't raping anyone and yet they get same amount of flack simply for something outside of their control.

Is it wrong to feel that way about a child? If so, then why ? If a person expresses that a child is  beautiful is it wrong to call them that ? Is not a little boy or little girl, a man and a woman ? We certainly allow them to make adult decisions about their lives and identity. We certainly treat them with the respect we'd treat any adult. Simply because through psychology we have learned that their opinion is just as valid as anyone else, and HOW DARE YOU SAY, "Oh but they're just kids, they don't know what they're saying." How do you know ? Hailey certainly KNOWS she's a girl, That 7 year old boy KNOWS he's gay. So when your son expresses physical desires for an older woman or man, or your daughter expresses physical desires for an older man or woman who are you to tell them that what they're feeling is wrong? Or that they're not allowed to feel that way YET? You can't control people's feelings.

Lastly I'd like to say that nowadays, adults engaging in sexual intercourse with "minors" has been on the rise lately, if you turn on the news you're bound to hear a news story about a female teacher having sex with her student. Why are we still treating this as if it's a horrible thing? If both parties wanted to have sex and agreed to have sex then why is it still wrong ? Because one party is older than the other? So you're old enough to make statements about your sexuality and your gender but you're not old enough to have sex? And we're making this arbitrary rule about 18 being legally an adult, in some states you can get married at 16. Those numbers don't magically impart maturity to you. There are VERY immature 16 and 18 year olds, and some VERY mature 10 and 15 year olds but they're not allowed to have sex? What's the reasoning here? Because I fail to see it.

Is it that pedophilia disgusts you? Why should we keep them from being happy solely based on our tastes of what we find disgusting and attractive? Whose standard are we using ? No father wants to think about his daughter having sex (young or old), the only thing a father wants for his daughter is she's cared for and provided for and who can do that better than a man just like him? The benefits GREATLY outweigh the problem. And in all honesty what are the problems we have with pedophilia? Children shouldn't be having sex ? You can do a Google search for Young Mothers, and they all are well adjusted children who aren't psychologically disturbed at all. And being a mother means they had to have sex. So if you wanna argue that sex at an early age can psychological damage a child you're gonna have a hard time proving that outside of rape.

Which again is NOT pedophilia. So really, what's wrong with pedophilia and why are we denying them their rights? Do they not have the right to love who ever they want (like the rest of us)? So I employ you to think long and hard about why pedophilia is wrong, without appealing to the same tired tropes of Psychological damage, Sexual abuses, ect. ect. Why do YOU think pedophilia is wrong, and if you can't think of a reason outside of your emotional comfort...then maybe you should re-think how you feel about it.
 To conclude the satire, I leave you with this.


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