Friday, January 11, 2008

A Basic conversation with an Atheist...

Atheist: Man, Christians are stupid !

You: I’ll challenge you on that, what exactly do you find stupid ?

Atheist: The Bible is FULL of hypocritical B.S. !

You: Example, please.

Atheist: Okay, do you think it’s right for an All Loving God to KILL EVERYONE on Earth ?!

You: I think you’re referring to the Flood?

Atheist: Yes, that just shows you how stupid your God is, He said thou shall not Kill and yet He goes and disobey’s His own rules, some God you got there.

You: I’m sorry, you got that wrong, The Bible doesn’t say “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, that’s a common mistake. It says “Thous Shalt Not Commit Murder.”

Atheist: Same difference !

You: No, far from it. Kill simply means to put an end to one’s life, Murder is an unjust killing. You see the difference ?

Atheist: Yeah, but that doesn’t change the fact that your God KILLED BILLIONS of innocent people on Earth !

You: Whoa, easy there. Let’s take a real look at what’s going on. The Bible said that no one was righteous, so no one was innocent,
by God’s standards.

Atheist: That doesn’t make it right for Him to go killing everyone.

You: Actually, it does. If you break a law, there’s a punishment. So why can’t God work the same way ? I mean you understand it
State wise.

Atheist: I just don’t see how EVERYONE can break the law.

You: That’s what happens when people try and make their own moral code.

Atheist: And Christians are Better than Atheists because they have better Morals ?!

You: I didn’t say that. I did say that we have something we can base our actions on, you do not.

Atheist: Yes I do !

You: What ?

Atheist: Myself, I have a mind, I know what’s right and what’s wrong.

You: Oh really ? Care to test that ?

Atheist: Sure.

You: Okay, here’s an easy one. I think that everyone with Black Hair and Hazel eyes Is better than everyone else. So I’m gonna kill everyone who doesn’t
Have Black hair and hazel eyes. Why is that wrong ?

Atheist: Because you’re killing people, duh !

You: So my killing people is wrong ?

Atheist: Yes !

You: Prove it.

Atheist: You’re taking someone’s life, you can’t just up and do that.

You: Yeah, but you’re missing the point, you don’t have Black Hair and Hazel eyes, so why would I listen to you in the first place ?

Atheist: Now you’re just being stupid.

You: No I’m not, I’m working in the parameters I set up. I’m gonna kill everyone who doesn’t have Black Hair and Hazel eyes, because they’re better than everyone else.
Convince me they’re not.

Atheist: Well if you won’t listen to me, then you won’t listen to me. No point in arguing with you if you already think you’re better than me.

You: So you’re gonna let me kill everyone ?

Atheist: No.

You: Then convince me I’m wrong in what I believe to be true.

Atheist: Prove to me that people with Black Hair and Hazel eyes are better than me, then.

You: I don’t need to prove it, I believe it.

Atheist: Then if you can’t prove it, it’s false !

You: I don’t need to prove it, I believe it, and I can find a thousand other like minded people, then it won’t matter.

Atheist: So I can’t convince you. Regardless of what I say, you’re going to kill everyone either way. Why’d we do this stupid exercise in the first place ?

You: To show you that Mankind can’t define it’s own moral code. Would you like to know how I would’ve convinced me?

Atheist: Sure, why not.

You: I would’ve showed myself The Bible and said check this out, God made EVERYONE equal, no one is better than no one and I can prove that by showing you the creation story and how we all came to be, and then I’d would’ve shown me The Law, the Moral Code that God instilled upon us. Nowhere in that Law does it say that anyone is better than anyone. Anyone who breaks that Law would have to answer to God. So I can’t go around killing everyone who doesn’t have Black Hair and Hazel eyes simply because everyone else can have that same idea about me. It’s God’s equality that makes us equal, Not man’s.

Atheist: Yeah, that’s really cute. So you believe The Bible is real ? Like word for word, every bit of it is true ?

You: Yes I do.

Atheist: That means you’re a racist, and sexist and killer.

You: Oh really, explain please.

Atheist: In Levticius, you own Bible tells you that homosexuals must be stoned to death ! So why aren’t you out killing homosexuals ? You see you Christians wanna believe all the good stuff in The Bible but when it comes time to face that bad stuff you guys just wanna pick and choose which laws to follow. You’re all hypocrites!

You: No, and I can explain why. The Laws in Levticus were for the Israelites. They lived under a theocratic system, that’s a system of Government in which Religion runs the nation. Under the Levitical law, as long as the Israelites followed it they would be okay in the Eyes of God. If they broke the law there would be a punishment.

Atheist: That doesn’t explain why you don’t follow it today.

You: Yes it does, we’re no longer living under a theocratic system. When Jesus came down and died on the cross he fulfilled the Law,ergo the Law is no longer needed to keep us on track with God. Only Jesus can do that now. So people today, do not need the Law
We have Jesus.

Atheist: That’s another thing I don’t get. This Jesus guy. So this long haired, hippie shows up and does a bunch of magic tricks and dies becomes a zombie and everyone worships him, that retarded.

You: I’ll challenge that one to. What is it about Jesus that you find hard to believe.

Atheist: Everything ! Jesus wasn’t real.

You: If Jesus isn’t real then we’re all still going to Hell.

Atheist: Why ?

You: Because of sin.

Atheist: That so stupid, so just because one man screws up and eats an apple, we ALL gotta suffer for it. Yeah, your God is great alright.

You: Well, through one man sin entered the world and through one man sin left the world, that sounds pretty fair to me.

Atheist: Whatever.

You: Can I ask you a question ?

Atheist: Sure.

You: Under what circumstances would you believe in God ?

Atheist: If God himself came down here and told me to my face He was God and proved it to me.

You: What if I told you He already did ?

Atheist: Prove it.

You: The Bible. God comes down in the flesh and shows man that He is God.

Atheist: *pfffffft* The Bible is a bunch of made of stories written by men YEARS ago, that hardly counts as proof.

You: The Bible was written by Men, inspired by God.

Atheist: Then your God’s an idiot because The Bible is the dumbest thing I ever read. And what do you mean by inspired by God. You mean God told them to write that nonsense ?

You: Can you do me a favor ?

Atheist: Sure.

You: Type out this sentence over "in principio creavit Deus caelum et terram".

Atheist: In principio creavit Deus caelum et terram.

Atheist: Okay, so I typed it. What now ?

You: Do you have any clue what you just typed ?

Atheist: No.

You: Do you know what that says ?

Atheist: No.

You: Do you understand that at all ?

Atheist: No.

You: Well I understand it perfectly.

Atheist: Of course, you’re the one that told me to type it so I’d assume so.

You: There’s also a good hand full of people who’d understand what you just typed. They’ll all understand it, you won’t though.

Atheist: What was the point of that ?

You: To show inspiration. I just told you to type something that you yourself did not understand at all, but I know someone else will. So based on my command to you, you written down a series of words that only a hand full of people would understand.
Sound familiar ?

Atheist: The Bible right ?

You: Bingo.

Atheist: Okay, I’ll give you that one. Explain to me God’s sexism !

You: Sexism ? Where ?

Atheist: 1st Tim Chapter 2. “Also that women should adorn themselves modestly and sensibly in seemly apparel, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly attire but by good deeds, as befits women who profess religion. Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent.”. That sounds like a pretty sexist God to me.

You: That discussing conduct in The Church. Women were Queens and rulers back then, but in the Church the men are supposed to be in charge. Not because God is sexist, it’s because God gave us the task in doing so. Not because we’re better than women, only because He made us first and said that that was our job.

Atheist: So a woman can’t preach a sermon?

You: Nope.

Atheist: Why not ?

You: That’s not her job to do.

Atheist: That’s discrimination !

You: No, that’s the rules. I mean you can fry an egg on the hood of a car but that’s not what the hood was made for was it ?

Athiest: So if you were a Pastor and a woman came up to you and she was really into God, like REALLY into God and REALLY wanted to preach a sermon, you wold say no ?

You: If she was really into God as you say she is then she would adhere to His word, and if I said yes, then I’d be doing the exact thing you accused
Christians of earlier, ie picking and choosing which laws to follow.

Atheist: Touche’. But you know the only reason you believe in God is because you’re afraid of Hell. If there was no Hell you wouldn’t
believe in God.

You: You think so ?

Atheist: I know so. Why else would anyone believe something so stupid ?

You: Well, I won’t lie, not going to Hell is very high on my priority list. But before that, it’d be worshiping God.

Atheist: Now, I’m gonna play a game with you. Say there is no Hell, so why worship God ?

You: Because He made us, because He gives us life everyday if that’s not a reason to worship something, I don’t know what is.

Atheist: My Mom and Dad made me, so I guess I should worship them shouldn’t I ?

You: Your words not mine. I wouldn’t advise you to.

Atheist: Whatever.

You: Anything else you wanna talk about ?

Atheist: Yeah, Jesus. You are aware that before Jesus there were hundreds of people claiming to be the Messiah who could walk through walls and walk on water and do magic tricks, so why Jesus ? Why out of all those hundreds did The Bible pick Jesus ?

You: Well first of all The Bible didn’t pick Jesus. Secondly, the other people who claimed to be The Messiah were not the Messiah.

Atheist: How do you know ?

You: It’s like this, say I told you that in 5 days you’ll get a knock on your door, 3 knocks, when you open the door there will be a guy 6’2, Black hair, goatee, Linkin Park T-Shirt, Black pants with green stitching and Blue sneakers and his name will be Pedro and he’ll clean your gutters. So 5 days go by and you get 3 knocks on the door, you open it and the guy at your door is 6’2, Black hair, goatee, Linkin Park T-Shirt, Black pants with green stitching and Blue sneakers, who is at your door ?

Atheist: I’d assume from the way you described the person coming that the person at my door was obviously Pedro.

You: Exactly, I told you who Pedro was, what he looked like and what he was there to do. Same thing with Jesus. In The Old Testament Jesus was predicted to do and preform certain actions to reveal exactly who he was, and Jesus did all these actions. Dig this In the Davidic Covenant, David was told that he’d have someone from his lineage eternally on the throne. Jesus was born in the Lineage of King David, and guess what, that fulfilled The Davidic Covenant. All the other “Messiahs” did not.

Atheist: Hrm….touche’. I guess I’ll have more questions for you in the future. You take it easy.

You: Sure thing man, God bless.

Sorry for the long post but Christians need to know how to answer these questions. Feel free to post your own
Questions or answers to questions here. Thanks all, Peace in Christ.