Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sense Out Of The Senseless...

So I wrote a blog post earlier this year about the shooting in Colorado, The Trayvon Martin Case and The Shooting In Norway but it since then there has been a SWARM of other tragedies ravaging the world that just can't keep my attention before the next set of domino comes crashing down. However my blog on Colorado was set off by the insensitive morons who maligned anyone who saw their sense of humor as inappropriate as "moralfags", in this case, I have yet to see any Trolls attempting to make an anti-hero out of The Newtown Shooter (I will call him The Newtown Shooter and I refuse to use his name) Anyways, as I've done before, I'll attempt to address this situation from a Christian perspective and offer my 2 cents...

Note: I apologize for this advance, I'm having a hard time keeping my thoughts together and not because I'm having a hard time grasping the situation, not at all. I'm having a hard time because there have been SO MANY horrible things since Colorado that it's almost too easy to form an "Oh what now?" attitude about things such as these. I don't watch the news mostly because it depresses me and though I am NOT a depressive, I do tend to dwell on things more than I should. So I've developed a somewhat detached outlook on things that only keeps me dealing with facts and figures and hardly emotions. But at the moment I'm grasping to say something emotionally helpful and failing at it miserably. Personally I'm ashamed of this post and I'm not sure why it's on the blog but nonetheless I felt the need to post this, perhaps I'll post something more coherent later...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Theology By Implication

We live in a day and age where consequences are swept under the rug and implications of certain positions are not scrutinized to the point where we reach a core understanding of a person's beliefs. Many of you know I wrote a blog talking about Nominal Christians (Christians in name only) and how they are disrupting the effectiveness of The Gospel by attempting to maintain 2 or more contradictory beliefs and actions. But I never explained in full how they are doing this, hence why I decided to write this blog post about the implications of certain theological positions and what they mean to a Christian. Let's dive in!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homosexuality, Slavery & Women's Rights


Ya know lately I've been running into MORE AND MORE shallow, non-thinking pictures made to display apparent contradictions in Christianity and Christian thinking. Anyways, I must AS ALWAYS correct the MANY misconceptions and hopefully correct the thinking of anyone who would endorse this level argumentation as meaningful. So let's dive in.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesus Is The Prince Of Peace

So I'm slightly annoyed, just got off work and I'm fighting a headache so already I'm not in the best of moods. When I come home, I find this lovely status posted by someone who I both know and respect:

" I just heard someone dub Jesus the "Prince of Peace." Unless you're homosexual; unless you worship another deity other than his father; oh & don't forget unless you don't accept him as your "lord & savior." Then yeah, I guess he would be the "Prince of Peace."

I'm not posting this here to publically shame him or anything like that, I'm posting this here because:
1) It's a good opportunity to witness to him.
2) It's good opportunity to teach.
3) It's a good opportunity to address some other things as well.
With all that being said, let's get to it.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mock Christians, Fear Muslims

So I was online yesterday and saw this video and decided to watch it against my better judgment, BUT I'm actually VERY glad I did because it revealed something about our culture. Many, MANY Non-Believers go on and on about The "Christian Majority" and how Christians run EVERYTHING and so on so forth. As if to say we're in complete control of everything and whine to get our way. This couldn't be further from the truth as our beliefs are constantly ridiculed, maligned and referred to something evil that should not exist and even worst yet a mental disorder.  And while some Christians have made it a point to defend the stronger criticism we receive from people in places of authority, it doesn't effect the criticism we receive from the people without authority. We are often told that the only reason we get offended by ridicule of Christianity is because we don't actually believe it. As if that's the only reason we can be offended and it's not because our Lord and savior is being maligned a fashion He does not deserve. As if it's not because we feel that Christ is sacred to us and hold Him in high regards? No, we're offended because we don't actually believe any of it is true...Right.

Friday, August 10, 2012

According to The Bible...

All too often nowadays I'll be on Facebook and all of a sudden one of these images will pop up on my wall. These images are usually very short, simple texts and or pictures that make several statements regarding Christianity in a mocking, snarky fashion as if to say "Checkmate Christians!". After I shake my head and chuckle at the foolishness of such images, the unfortunate and sobering reality dawns on me that there are people who think in such a fashion and THEREFORE I have to write an article dealing with the "arguments" put forth in the image in order to make the person who made the image think 2 twice about it next time. (not that it'd matter.) LET'S DIVE IN!

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Problem With Porn *EXPLICIT* Reader Discretion is Advised*

As I've said before I'm a recovering porn addict, it's a sin I struggle with and I'm currently struggling with it now and hopefully this article will help me deal with the struggle for now. So, I am a recovering porn addict and I say recovering because one doesn't STOP using porn cold turkey but rather one struggles against the urge to use it, as I am doing now. I am blessed that my addiction hasn't gotten me in ANY legal trouble nor was I put in a compromising position because of it. None of my family knows and the severity of my addiction isn't as sever as some of the other cases I've read. Thankfully this is due to my EXTREMELY limited scope of what I deemed acceptable porn. I was strictly into girl/girl porn, NO MEN INVOLVED WHATSOEVER! And because of that I didn't seek out more disturbing things as others have. But nonetheless I am a recovering porn addict.

Fred Phelps...

Seeing as how I'm on a roll, I figured I'd better go ahead and address the MASSIVE bane on Christianity that is FRED PHELPS of The Westboro Baptist Church...the unfortunate thing about this is that it's ALWAYS the lunatics that are the most vocal about everything. This even hurts me MORE because I myself am a Calvinist and unfortunately Mr. Phelps identifies himself as a Calvinist...would I were not in good company with the likes of Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries and Rev. Matthew Slick of, I wouldn't be as vocal about my Calvinism. But unfortunately in EVERY ideology there is a nutcase and in this case it's Fred Phelps and I have to say that this is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG over due.
Let's get started...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Darkest Night...

So I tried to make a video about this and failed mostly because I was trying to hold back every fiber of my being to keep from shouting, and while shouting is understandable in a situation such as this, I'd rather not damage my voice that way.  We all know about The shooting in Colorado, I won't even elaborate on what happen, and we're all familiar with the Trayvon Martin shooting that happened several months back. Well in one article I'm gonna attempt to deal with BOTH of these and offer a Christian perspective on it.

Lately I've been noticing a series of disgusting images posted on my Facebook that made me want to (at first) make a video and then write this article. The images are meme images, which I won't post here for the sole purpose of NOT spotlighting them, but they say such things as: "They wanted to see the full movie, I gave them clips" worst yet, these images feature the mugshot of Mr. Holmes.


Marzgurl, a Channel Awesome review recently posted a blog about this and I wanted to share a portion of that with you just to illuminate a point I'm going to make later.

"He even seemed to want to do all of this looking like, and calling himself, “The Joker”.
It sounds like he likely did exactly what he wanted to accomplish.  He became a super villain.
Perhaps by me labeling him as such, I’ve given him exactly what he was looking for.  He’s gotten his name in history.  I can’t think of any other “logical” reason behind any of it, other than it’s just want he wanted to do for himself.  After all, he didn’t even kill himself or let himself get shot by the police after the event.  How many mass shootings have you heard of where the shooter doesn’t off himself afterwards?  He let himself be taken in peacefully.  He wanted to see it unfold just as much as any of us do."

And yet, with these James Holmes Memes and things related to it...we've given him EXACTLY what he wanted...FAME. And this is still not the worst part. The next worst part is unfortunately people's reaction. The people who make these memes, the people who post them and the people who laugh at them. We've unfortunately become a society where "If it doesn't effect me, I don't care about it." and we subscribe to that mentally to EVERYTHING, and when something DOES effect us, we IMMEDIATELY want the entire world to pissed off along with us only to receive a simple "Meh." as a reply. Unfortunately this tragedy has gotten the same reaction, and ANYONE who DARES point out that inappropriate nature of making fun of such a horrific situation, you are labled as a "Moralfag".

What has me enraged is the following exchange below, between 3 people on, a website I frequent due to my enjoyment of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic", but that's neither here nor there. This exchange was taken from the James Holmes page, and unless Knowyourmeme, deletes that page it will be available for your review. The comments are as followed:

"Moralfag". So apparently you're a "moralfag" if you're appalled at the OBVIOUS praise of a mass murderer. Yeah, because you really shouldn't be appalled by mass murder simply because...

Despite the truth of this comment that DOES NOT GIVE US THE RIGHT TO PRAISE THE PEOPLE WHO MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE!! There's a thin line between mockery and praise.

As an example, Hitler is a character of note and is often lampooned and parodied in various ways, most humorously by The 3 Stooges. But understand that Hitler wanted to be taken seriously as a leader and war hero, and by the many parodies Hitler's legacy is one we scoff and laugh at, because of his ridiculous mustache, his constant look of having flop-sweat ect. ect. BUT James Holmes WANTED to become The Joker and these memes and those commentators have given him EXACTLY what he wants, so these ARE NOT parodies, this is PRAISE. I can't get over the fact that these people fail to recognize that this could have happened to them just as easily as ANYONE ELSE.

Personal story, I was recently robbed at gunpoint last month. I'm in a place now where I'm over it and can talk about it, but that's only because I'm alive to do so. I can't imagine the pain and heartache my girlfriend, my mother, my brother, my uncles, my cousins, my friends and so on would go through if I didn't survive that ordeal. Unfortunately for 12 people that night in Colorado their families, friends, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, and so on have to deal with that pain...and then for someone sick vultures to poke fun at that by praising the murderer of their brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunt, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, cousins, and so on ALL for the sake of some stupid "Internet Rule" that states "Nothing is sacred" really reflects where our society has gone.

"Doesn't effect me, so it's not my business." only until it DOES effect you and it becomes your business and the second you wanna look for help you run into someone with the SAME makes for a bitter world. I'd just like to say that I am sickened and appalled by the individuals in those comments and if you know them personally I'd suggest you find better friends as they are obviously only friends of themselves. I won't extend to them to credit of "Doing it for the lulz" or the dignity of merely "trolling", their comments are sick, sadistic and reflective of who they are as human beings and it truly makes me sad that such people exist.

Which brings me to The Trayvon Martin Shooting, recently shooter George Zimmerman did an interview with Sean Hannity about the shooting, below is the video:

I'd like to address a few of his comments, specifically his comment about it (the shooting) being "god's plan"...this upsets me for MANY REASONS. The first of which, back when I was 13, I was a Dystheist, which means that I believed God exists, I just believed He was evil and more specifically He hated Black People...and given our history I would have quite a strong case to build. Also adding The Klu Klux Klan's utilization of Christian iconography and their use of The Bible to justify their violence, it's no small mystery why I would have such a horrid image of God. Thankfully, as I grew I studied the Bible more thoroughly and discovered that The KKK were wrong about EVERYTHING, and that in fact God loves us all. So when Zimmerman says that it was God's plan for him to murder a 16 year old boy walking home with ice tea and Skittles...I'm sorry but I fail to see how. I'm not going to deny that God hasn't done strange things in history, but I am VERY against the idea of merely throwing His name behind any horrible action to justify it.

And this is unfortunately what gives Christianity a bad name, people who CLAIM to be Christians and then do horrible things in the name of Christianity...namely Anders Behring Breivik, the shooter in Oslo, Norway last year. Everyone claimed him to be a Christian Terrorist and the face of Christian Terrorism (which is an oxymoron), however one look into Breivik's ideology and you can see that he is NO WHERE NEAR CHRISTIAN. 
And yet people will still go on saying "HE SAID HE WAS A CHRISTIAN AND HE KILLED THOSE PEOPLE BECAUSE OF CHRISTIANITY!" despite that fact that from his OWN WORDS he confessed to NOT being a Christian. So what does all of this have to do with Zimmerman ? Well, he's ONCE AGAIN re-enforcing that ideology that you can do horrible things to people, slap God's name on it and everything's fine. That's a little thing we call BLASPHEMY!!

Unfortunately people don't care, they hear the name "God" and immediately assume that the person saying it is representing their faith. The WORST thing about Christianity are Christians themselves, we are fallen, sinful creatures and because of that we will constantly fall short in the eyes of our fellow man. I, myself am a recovering porn addict and I make no qualms about my past, I swear like it's going out of style, and I have a temper, but EACH AND EVERYDAY I am trying to stay away from porn, not to swear so much and keep my temper in check to glorify my God. Because that's the object of Christianity, not to smile and clap your hands in church, but to be CONFORMED TO THE IMAGE OF CHRIST!

Each and everyday a Christian should be striving to be more and more like Jesus. So once again, how does ALL of this tie in with Zimmerman? Because he used God as an excuse to murder someone...but what does Jesus have to say about that ? John 16:1-4

“ These things I have spoken to you so that you may be kept from stumbling. 2 They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God. These things they will do because they have not known the Father or Me. But these things I have spoken to you, so that when their hour comes, you may remember that I told you of them. These things I did not say to you at the beginning, because I was with you."

RIGHT THERE Jesus is talking about HYPOCRITES! People who will use God to commit acts of violence, slavery, and over horrible things and what does Jesus say about that ? "THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN THE FATHER OR ME!". Basically He's saying THEY ARE NOT BELIEVERS!  What else does Jesus say on the matter ? Matthew 5:44

"But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,"

There's more, Romans 12:16-21 YES! VERY CLEARLY we see that ANYONE who is a Christian is going to grab an AK-47 and start shooting people because God told them to...sadly, I know all of this will fall on deaf ears. George Zimmerman is WRONG, murder is NOT apart of God's plan. God allows sin to occur and murder IS a sin, but simply because God allows it does NOT make it apart of His plan and to say so is hubris, blasphemous and horrible.

The worst part of this is his unrepentant spirit. ASK ANY police officer and they will tell you that drawing their gun in the line of duty is a difficult thing to do. They may not regret shooting a murderer, but they most certainly regret it coming to a point where they have to kill someone. Any SANE people would want to go through life without the knowledge that they killed another person, BUT for Zimmerman to say that he does NOT regret shooting Trayvon and FOLLOWING Trayvon and CAUSING the incident that resulted in his death, for him to NOT regret it PROVES my previous point of him USING God.

A REAL Christian would regret killing ANYONE, even IF they deserved it, WHY?! Because it's truly an upsetting reality when the ONLY way to achieve peace is to take a life or lives (in terms of war). We Christians are called to MAKE PEACE and LIVE PEACEFULLY! Understand that I am NOT saying soldiers should return home from war and lament their actions and ask for God's forgiveness. Not at all! I am saying that soldiers DO however regret it having to come to war, having to leave their families, and face the unfortunate reality of having to kill people. Zimmerman however DOES NOT regret ANYTHING! He didn't return from fighting for our country, he did NOT return from shooting an armed criminal in the line of duty...he shot and killed a 17 year old boy who was could he have NO regrets? How could he even fix his lips to say that?

I remembered I was talking to a co-worker of mine and I felt like I was being a douche to her (she didn't think so) but I felt I was wrong and I IMMEDIATELY apologized to her. I DEEPLY regretted how I acted towards her, I didn't hurt her and she didn't even notice but I apologized NONETHELESS because I regretted how I treated her. But this man...who MURDERED a 17 year old boy doesn't regret it...not very his conclusion where he "apologizes" to The Martin Family, how can you TRULY have an apology WITHOUT REGRET?! A soldier SHOULD NOT apologize for going to war but SHOULD regret that it had to come to war. But George Zimmerman REGRETS NOTHING and is that possible?

I apologize for the length of this article but I'm going to bring this whole thing full circle, and thank you so sticking with me for as long as you have.

So what does George Zimmerman and this whole James Holmes thing have in common ? The shamefully blatant "I DON'T CARE!" attitude! In Zimmerman's case, he committed murder, killed a 17 year old boy WHEN HE DIDN'T HAVE TO, ON CAMERA said he DID NOT regret doing so, but then apologized, and in the commentors case, they PRAISED a man who MURDERED numerous people and DEFENDED their praise by using such clever words as "moralfag" to shout down anyone who would DARE accuse them of being inappropriate. Both Zimmerman and those individuals LACK human decency. 

In Zimmerman's case he USED GOD to justify his murder and as a Christian I am offended and I rebuke Zimmerman and pray for his repentance that God convicts him and shows him how sinful he truly is. In the case of The Commentors (who are clearly Atheists), ANY ATHEIST will tell you that the BEST rule to live by is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." (which is ironically Luke 6:31, but we're not getting into that) UNFORTUNATELY these individuals FAIL to put themselves in such a situation where their loved ones are suddenly slaughtered in droves while innocently trying to watch a movie. Instead they'd rather PRAISE the man who killed those people and shun anyone who tells them they should not. Should those commentors find themselves in such a situation I DARE them to ask for sympathy. I DARE them to ask for respect. I DARE THEM!

Atheist or Christian, you can't deny that we have a LOT of work to do and it's NOT going to get done if we are constantly looking to ourselves for a solution. We as Christians have chosen to look outside ourselves and live by the rules laid out for us by the one we believe is our creator, and we believe that others should do the same, but if you disagree that is NOT a cause for violence or anger. Unfortunately we live in a world where disagreement is synonymous with hatred and violence solves everything. Maybe it's time we should learn to RESPECT each other without resorting to name calling. Maybe we SHOULD consider somethings sacred, if not for our sake but for the sake of OTHERS! Maybe we SHOULD think about respecting and helping other people before we so easily say "Doesn't effect me, not my problem.".

...but then again what do I know ? I'm just another "moralfag"....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Equality vs. Exclusivity

Discrimination is a dirty word, and why shouldn't it be considering it's long standing history during The Civil Rights Movement. BUT nowadays Discrimination has been applied to situations that don't match the definition. Let's take a step back and examine what Discrimination is before we get into this article.

For the purpose of this article we're sticking to the 2nd definition because this is the realm where we find discrimination being used. Not too long ago there was a young boy who wanted to join the Girl Scouts, however the twist was this young boy identified himself as a girl. While some on the left might see this as Discrimination, those of us who are on the RIGHT side of the issues see this for what it is...EXCLUSIVITY! The title CLEARLY says GIRL scouts. The Girl Scouts is a privately funded organization and therefore are allowed to specify membership eligibility for specific genders, races, religious affiliation, ect. ect. Before we go on, let's look at Exclusive.

For the purpose of this article we'll have to focus on the 1st definition, specifically, incompatible. The boy is CLEARLY a boy but he desires to join The GIRL Scouts despite the fact that he is NOT a girl. Therefore by definition of the TITLE of Girl Scouts, he has NO grounds to request membership. And yet the parents of this BOY raise a stink when the Troop Leader doesn't allow HIM to join the Girl Scouts BASED on the fact that HE IS A BOY! In order to elaborate on the foolishness of this situation, this would be like a Black Person trying to join an Asian exclusive organization solely based on the fact that he has a deep seeded admiration of Asian culture so much so that he identifies himself as an Asian. That's fine, cool, and dandy BUT YOU'RE NOT ASIAN! We would clearly see the foolishness there, BUT because this is a child, our heartstrings get tugged at and Woe be tied to he who makes a child FEEL BAD. Give me a break...

Understand that I am NOT belittling the issue of this little boy, obviously he has a very deep seeded psychological disorder that causes him to think he is a girl and that issues needs to be treated NOT encouraged. But getting back to my point, Discrimination is being misused to be applied to ANY rejection of individuals REGARDLESS if it's a legitimate rejection or not.

Which brings me to the myth that is "Marriage Equality". If Homosexual Activists REALLY believed in "Marriage Equality" they'd affirm Polygamy, Pederasty, Incest, after all, why is it wrong for them to get married but okay for you ? We Christians don't have that problem, we believe in Marriage exclusivity, between an unrelated, of age Man & Woman (Race and Religious affiliation are not specified), although ideally one should marry someone who shares their religious affiliation, simply because a union of opposing world views can not survive a marriage. Based on OUR beliefs we have a reason to reject ANY idea of marriage outside of what God specified...however Homosexual Activists do not have such a standard to reject polygamy, pederasty and incest, and any attempt at doing so would be seen a bigotry and ignorance on their part...however they're unable to make that connection. So Homosexuals DON'T believe in "Marriage Equality", they believe in "Marriage Equality FOR THEM ONLY" which is really Marriage Exclusivity.

The Double Standard


That's the unfortunate reality we exist in nowadays when it's possible for it to be made ILLEGAL for people to seek therapy...However if this Bill passes, I wonder if it'll be made ILLEGAL for a Psychiatrist to help a Straight Man who wants to become Gay. Hrm... 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Discipline is Good

I'm ALWAYS amused by people who recognize parental duties but fail to equate them with God's duties. When parents physically engage their children for misbehavior we see that as good and correct, after all if a parent doesn't reprimand their child in some way for misbehavior then it's explained that that parent doesn't truly love their child because they're refusing to teach them morals and ethics. BUT if GOD reprimands someone in some way for misbehavior He's seen as a cruel, unloving, tyrant...(inconsistent much?) And yet people make this out to mean that we should just be AFRAID of God and God wants your fear instead of your love and respect. After all isn't that THE EXACT nature of undisciplined children, a lack of respect for laws, rules and boundaries ? I compel you to explain to me how what God does is ANY different. Furthermore God is on a grander scale considering He's responsible for existence it's self, so if ANYONE is gonna give you laws, rules and boundaries, let it be the person who made existence in the first place.

But the unfortunate thing is there are some of you who won't make the logical connection between parental discipline and God's discipline and continue with the idea of a tyrannical God and yet will discipline your own children and have the same reaction that God does when your children disobey you. Funny how inconsistency works isn't it ?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So You CAN Marry Yourself ?

Here's the thing, I'm very proud of her that she stopped drinking, that's no longer smoking (I'm assuming by implication of the statement she makes later) and that she's no longer out of shape, kudos to her and I hope she stays the course...but to marry herself is ABSOLUTE FOOLISHNESS!! Marriage is the union of an UNRELATED, OF AGE, Man and Woman. It is NOT the union of yourself, it is NOT the union of a man and a man, a woman and a woman, it is NOT the union of a boy/girl and Man/Woman. And once again marriage just becomes this "All about me!" mentality. Foolishness.

10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Banned...Yeah Sure...

So I decided to have a little fun today. I saw the image below and decided that's I'd respond to each point with a little thing called logical and well thought-out arguments since there are an unfortunate number of people who think the points made in this image are solid:


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Regarding "Pastor" Haynes...

So as I stated earlier in regards to the topic of Nominal Christianity, here is "Pastor" Fredrick D. Haynes III discussing President Obama's statement on Gay Marriage... I apologize for the length of this video but I had a lot to say and there was a lot of correcting to be done. Furthermore I will indeed be sending this link to "Pastor" Haynes and hopefully open a dialogue with him about his views. Below here is the original video and below that is my response. Enjoy and Peace in Christ.

The original Video

My Response

Nominal Christianity...

So once again it's one of those nights where I can't exactly sleep. I slept earlier but now I'm having a hard time getting back to the land of nod *wink-wink* because there's something on my mind that I don't think will let me rest again until I get it out.  Earlier this week I found a video of a pastor voicing his support of gay marriage (which you will see my uploaded response VERY soon) and I've discovered that not one but 2 of my co-workers are gay and 2 others are "Christians" and support the homosexual movement. Which brings me to this blog.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Interracial Marriage, Homosexuality and Pedophilia...

"One obvious contradiction in the assimilationist position is that if homosexual identity is inborn, as they say, then why do they oppose freedom of sexual expression for minors? Assimilationists argue that sexual identity is fixed by age six, but they deny young people the right to enjoy sexual pleasure with the person of their own choice. For them, "protection" is the key word, not "liberation"; they call on the state to "protect" young people from expressing and exploring their own sexual behavior. They want to "protect" young people from "dirty old men" (I, incidentally, am speaking as a "dirty [gay] old man" - something I take as a positive goal), but in reality are protecting them from themselves. They support criminalization of young people's sexuality, especially if it involves sex with an adult man. They condemn any adult who helps a young person to explore his or her sexuality. They are like parents - only worse, because they pretend to offer a guide to the gay future." - David Thornstad 

This was taken from the NAMBLA website. For those of you who don't know what NAMBLA is, they are The North American Man/Boy Love Association...essentially they're an organization of Pedophiles who seek to make pedophilia legal. The quote above is a VERY interesting part of an article I read that Christians have been saying for AGES however, Homosexuals and Gay Supporters alike have all but ignored the obvious implications of their position and leave it to a Pedophile to address them. So I figured seeing it directly from the horse's mouth would persuade them into realizing just how badly they screwed up.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Poor Reality Of America Today...

”While it’s great to listen to your kids’ ideas, there’s also a time when dads simply need to be dads. In this case, it would’ve been helpful for him to explain to Malia and Sasha that while her friends parents are no doubt lovely people, that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage, Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview. In this situation, it was the other way around. I guess we can be glad that Malia and Sasha aren’t younger, or perhaps today’s press conference might have been about appointing Dora the Explorer as Attorney General because of her success in stopping Swiper the Fox, sometimes dads should lead their family in the right ways of thinking. In this case, it would’ve been nice if the President would’ve been an actual leader and helped shape their thoughts instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of Glee.” - Bristol Palin

I can't believe I'm actually saying this, BUT it's a shame when an UNMARRIED Bristol Palin makes MORE sense than The President of the United States. Now I am NO Sarah Palin supporter, nor am I a supporter of The Tea Party or anything of that nature, BUT I can't deny that she's 100% correct (the little jab about "Dora The Explorer" aside) President Obama did indeed put the blame squarely on his children stating that it wouldn't occur to them that something was wrong with the relationships of their friends parents. Here in lies Bristol's wouldn't occur to them BECAUSE YOU NEVER TAUGHT THEM!! President Obama has claimed Christianity time and time again and time and time again he's proven that he does NOT understand what it is he's claiming. To make matters worse MANY who call themselves Christians are going to look to President Obama as an example of a "Christian" who supports Gay Marriage, leading many to believe that you can be a Christian and support Gay Marriage...and YOU CANNOT because the 2 are UNARGUABLY INCOMPATIBLE!  

“I’m a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman.” - President Barack Obama, Sept. 25, 2004 

I suppose we know what he means when he said he tries not to have his religious beliefs dominate or determine his political view. As Christianity is compatible with ANY political system that'll allow religious ideologies. You can be a Christian and a Democrat, you can be a Christian and a Republican, you can be a Christian and a Monarch, you can be a Christian with any sort of political affiliation but the one thing you CAN'T be is a Christian who is actively going against the Word of God. There's a word for people like that, it's called Hypocrite. I maybe selfish in saying what I'm about to say next but being African American myself I can't help but think what this is going to do for the African American community at large. Of course many of us are proud to have an African American in the White House however, when Racial Identity trumps God's Word, we have a problem. NOT THAT I AM ENDORSING MIT ROMNEY! Let's face it Romney's religious teaching profane marriage JUST AS BADLY AS HOMOSEXUALITY. But I see an even LARGER divide being driven between African Americans because of this...and that makes me very sad. This is just not a good week at all for the people of God. Peace in Christ, we can still pray for Obama's repentance and acceptance of what God has taught and affirmed SINCE THE BEGINNING. Pray for him and pray for Romney. Peace in Christ all!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Homosexuality ?

So it's time we talked about Homosexuality. Despite how I begin this article I'll still be called a Homophobe, people will still say I'm promoting Hate Speech, and at this time it doesn't really matter. I'm going to address this topic as best as I can and as logically as I can. Before I begin I'd like to say that I do NOT hate gay people, I know gay people and they're cool people. They are sinners in the same way that I am a sinner, so I'm not going to sit here and pretend that Homosexuality is the WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN! The only reason Christians are so concerned with Homosexuality is because;
1) It is against what we believe.
2) It is against what we believe and we are being told we are not allowed to say it's against what we believe and act accordingly to that belief.

When someone like Kirk Cameron says;

“I think it’s unnatural, that it’s detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

and someone who isn't gay (Roseanne Barr) responds with;

“Kirk or kurt or whatever Cameron is an accomplice to murder with his hate speech. So is rick warren. Their peers r killing gays in Uganda.”

I doubt this article is going to be received with much critical thought, and will only suffer emotional responses from Gay sympathizers rather than homosexuals themselves, and they will disregard the content and only reply with calling me a homophobe and ect. ect. So with that out of the way let's begin.

First I'd like to address the MYTH that Homosexuality is NOT a choice. It most certainly is a choice and it is VERY easy to prove. I'm a guy and like most guys I have some knowledge on Porn. In the Porn Industry there is such a thing called "Gay For Pay". This is when Straight Male Pornstars do sex scenes with other male pornstars. Hence the term "Gay For Pay", they are Straight but for the right price they'll be Gay. This is interesting because this proves that Homosexuality is NOT something innate and immutable. How does it do that? Simple. This proves that people have the CHOICE to be Gay. If one can CHOOSE to be Gay, then Homosexuality is NOT innate or immutable. Ugo, that doesn't prove anything, those pornstars aren't Gay, you just said they were Straight. They're just doing that for money. That's true, but there is no such thing as "Black/White for Pay". If people can change their orientation for money, the case that homosexuality isn't a choice doesn't look very good. So how do you judge who is Gay? You can't see Gay people based on their clothes, voice, skin color, manner of dress, you can only judge a Gay person on their actions. I know this because I've accused of being Gay SOLELY based on my voice.

If you see a guy sitting by himself you wouldn't be able to say "They're gay.". You'd only be able to figure them out based on what they do. If this guy gets up and makes out with another guy, you'd immediately know he was Gay. After all, what is Gay ? Homosexuality is simply defined (via Wikipedia as)  

Homosexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior between members of the same sex or gender.

Sexual attraction or does one judge this? BY ACTIONS! Actions are NOT innate or immutable. I can have sex with men, I don't what to, but I possess the ability to do so. If Homosexuality was truly innate and immutable, I would not have the ability to do so. As an example, I am African American, this is innate and immutable, I did not choose to be African American and I am unable to NOT be African American. I cannot wake up one morning and decide to be Japanese or Native American. Despite everything I will always be African American NOTHING can change this. Race is innate and immutable, Homosexuality is NOT.

Furthermore, there are EX-GAYS, people who used to be Homosexuals and are not anymore. What about them? Are they somehow not counted in this discussion of Homosexuality? They could argue that they weren't really Gay in the first place but how would they know? And I am NOT talking about the poor kids in those "conversion" camps who suffer at the hands of people who think they're doing God's work and claim that they're no longer Gay when deep down the truly are. I'm talking about actual Gay people who made a CHOICE and CHOOSE to be Gay no longer. Such people exist, do a Google search. What happens to that argument when these people are added to the equation?

I'll tell you what there aren't any of, Ex-Black people. You can make ALL the Michael Jackson jokes you want, Michael Jackson is Black. Furthermore there is NO such thing as a Closeted Black Person. You can spot a Black person IMMEDIATELY, but you can't spot a Gay Person at all UNLESS they did something to call attention to that fact. For proof,  look below and tell me which one is Black.

That was easy, now scroll back up and tell me which one of them is Gay. The best you can do is guess, but you WON'T know for sure (unless you've seen these men before). But for the sake of proving my point I'll tell you which one is Gay, it's the Gay one. Which one is that? Ah ha! This little exercise was also made to prove that Homosexuality is NOT a Civil Rights issue. There is a BIG difference between being treated like a Human Being and being given privileges for a certain kind of behavior (Wikipedia's word, not mine, take it up with them). I don't recall there being any Straight Only Water Fountains, I don't recall Homosexuals having to sit in the back of the bus because Straight people didn't want them sitting in the front of it. I know Homosexuals suffer murders for their homosexuality, but those murders are only committed when one of the homosexuals are caught engaging in homosexual activity or suspected of doing so (not an excuse, just a fact), for African American, we can be killed for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Being Gay is something that CAN and HAS been hidden, being Black is something I cannot, nor can any other Black person hide (unless they're passing). Furthermore Homosexuality is NOT a Civil Rights issues because Homosexuality is a condition that CAN change (once again, there are Ex-Gay) so why are we re-defining marriage based on something that is changeable? And as far as Interracial Marriage is concerned, comparing Homosexuality to that is an even bigger issue, because there is NO way prove that Interracial Marriage is a bad thing. Sure there were people who spoke out against it, but their arguments are senseless and foolish.

Marriage is the union between a Man and a Woman. I don't recall ANYONE with authority putting any stipulation on that.  Furthermore where did the concept of marriage come from in the first place? I believe it came from God, BUT if you're not a believer in God then isn't marriage just some old out-dated custom? Furthermore if there is no final authority on marriage then Interracial marriage CAN be made illegal. But I doubt you want that, and neither do I considering my girlfriend (future wife) is not Black.

Sex is the action that proliferates the species. In order to do that you need a man and a woman. You cannot continue the species with a man and a man and you cannot proliferate the species with a woman and a woman. You can proliferate the species with an Asian Woman & White Man, or with a Black Woman & Mexican Man, and whatever combination you can think of as long as it's a man and a woman. This is Science, notice I am NOT appealing to The Bible to support my view on Homosexuality. Homosexuality is counter evolutionary and if anything Atheists and Agnostics and anyone who claims Empirical evidence to be their final authority should be more against Homosexuality than we are. This is because no one can make a solid case for Homosexuality WITHOUT appealing to emotions. Take Emotions out of the equation and Homosexuality is nothing. Take emotions out of Heterosexuality and you still have species. This is Science.

Furthermore, are we really going to say that Mom and Dad are NOT different? I grew up without a father so I have no frame of reference. But for my readers of do have both parents, do you really NOT see a difference between your Mother and your Father? Because homosexuals will tell you that you don't need a mother/father. There is a reason WHY sex between a man and a woman produces a child, because that child was meant to learn something from both genders. I've said this before:

A Father for a boy teaches him how to be a man and how to treat a woman. A Boy learns this through watching how the father interacts with the mother. A Father for a girl teaches her how a man is supposed to treat a woman. A Girl learns this by watching her mother interact with the father.

A Mother for a boy teaches him what a good woman is. A boy learns this by watching how his mother interacts with his father. A Mother for a girl teachers her how a woman is supposed to treat a man. A girl learns this by watching her mother interacts with the father.

If the parents do their jobs, the boy will have a solid idea on what interactions between a man and woman are supposed to be, same for the girl. But what can a man and another man teach a girl? What can a woman and woman teach a boy? This is NOT some Biblical argument being made, this is factual established psychology. Some of the most functional children in society have 2 parents at home, a mother and a father. Unfortunately LESS and LESS children have this and deviate more and more.

At the moment I'm done writing, but I have a feeling I'll be writing more on this. One last point, if Homosexuals can't get visitation rights, I suggest they lobby to change that (if they haven't already). That'll do it for me, for now...


Saturday, March 3, 2012

No Moral Reason To Be Chaste ? Wrong.

This article hurts me, it hurts me because I'm writing this in response to a friend who made a claim that I could NOT ignore. He stated that there was "NO moral reason to be chaste." Needless to say I found this statement to be entirely false since my reasons for remaining chaste are completely moral, therefore my own virginity refutes his statement. But let's not take my word for it, let's examine the argument. Now, considering this is a Christian blog you're probably guessing that I'm gonna whip out my Bible and appeal to my Christianity to support my reasons for remaining chaste...well in 99.99% of the cases you'd be right, but in this case you're 100% wrong.  I am simply going to appeal to facts. Before I go any further I'd just like to say that me and the person I'm writing this article in response to are on speaking terms and I will send this to him once I am finished. Without further adieu, let's begin.

Can you imagine a world without STDs? Can you imagine a world where EVERYONE knew EXACTLY who their parents were? Can you imagine a world where babies weren't being killed before they even get to see the light of day? Such a world is 100% possible and the ONLY thing keeping that world from existing is our inability to keep it in our pants (and in ladies cases, keep your legs closed). This is NOT to call women whores and men lechers, rather this is to explain a very server problem with a very SIMPLE solution. I have never suffered from an STD, I have never faced the daunting reality of being ill prepared for an unexpected pregnancy, I have never felt the emotional weight of knowing my offspring was aborted. In a like manner I will never spread an STD, I will never cause a woman to become a mother without preparation and I will never cause a woman to get an abortion...Why? Because I haven't had sex.

I'm going to get a little personal here. Myself and my girlfriend are both virgins, neither of us have ever had sex. Considering we plan to get married, the only people we WILL be having sex with is with each other. In that realm the potential of catching an STD and spreading it is ZERO. People will often chime in and say things like "Married couples catch STDs too!" TRUE! But that's only if one of them were getting action outside the marriage. I know someone who recently caught herpes (very unfortunate) now the sad thing is the person he caught them from was completely unaware that she had them and she passed them along to that someone. You're telling me it's not moral to willingly limit the potential spread of a disease? How am I limiting it? By not having sex. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I don't have herpes, because I've never engaged in any activity to potentially get them.

The unfortunate thing about STDs is that some of them show NO symptoms therefore making some men/women carriers. The proper thing to do is to get tested, but how many people get tested after EVERY sexual encounter...I imagine not many...including porn stars. So these carriers are unsuspectingly infecting people, and some of those infected people become carriers themselves and they infect more people...and so on. So one moral reason to remain chaste is to limit the spread of STDs. I made a moral decision in my mind that I was not going to have sex because:
A) I didn't want to get infected.
B) I didn't want to infect anyone else.

Now you may consider this paranoid but I ask you to consider the statistics on STDs and weigh your chances. I know 2 people who had their FIRST sexual experience only to contract chlamydia and herpes. Call me a puritan, call me paranoid, call me negative BUT I know for a fact that when I have sex I won't have to worry about infecting my girlfriend with an STD because I was a carrier and vice-versa. Is that not a moral action to seek the protection of the one you love?

To move on to my next point, let's talk about Progeny. Unfortunately in the African American community there is a HUGE problem with progeny. Too many children are walking this Earth COMPLETELY unaware of who their father is, who their brothers and sisters are ect. ect. This is all because of Progeny. I hate to use this as an example BUT we've ALL seen The Maury Povich Show. This show is an unfortunate carnival of (more often than not) minority women who are DETERMINED to ascertain the progeny of their child...and they do this by parading several men on stage claiming them to be the father...why...because they had sex with every last one of those men. Each of those men have the potential to be that baby's father...and unfortunately the most celebrated moments on The Maury Povich Show are when the words "YOU ARE NOT FATHER!" are spoken, which causes the men to often leap out of their seats in an exclamation of GREAT joy.

I only post this to provide an example...

As darkly humorous as these moments are, we're ignoring a MAJOR problem here...a child is missing out on a father because of the mother's inability to remain chaste. Considering how many African American children DON'T know who their fathers are, each time this happens we should be crying our eyes out. Because children without fathers are more likely to engage in criminal activity (and considering I fall into this category, I have NOT engaged in any criminal activity, but I can't deny that according to statistics I am an anomaly). Not to mention a father's involvement in a child's life is CRITICAL to their development. My Friend (the person I am writing this article to) mentioned that his father died when he was 3, and even he expressed that he'd like to know his father. So even he understands the critical role Fatherhood plays in childhood development. To purposefully rob a child of that is one of the most cruel actions another human can commit without the shedding of blood.

So how can this problem be fixed? Once again, limiting your sexual encounters to ONE PERSON. When I have children I'll know EXACTLY who their mother is and they will know EXACTLY who their father is. If people followed such practices we would not have the abundance of undisciplined children roaming the streets as we do, and we wouldn't have phrases like "Mother's baby, Father's maybe." floating around. All of this can be accomplished by remaining chaste. And is not providing a children with a sense of familial identity a moral action?

But I skipped a step, how do we end up on The Maury Povich Show in the FIRST place? Lots of sex with multiple people and suddenly...maybe the tip of a condom wasn't pinched, maybe it split in some places, maybe he wanted to go raw dog that one time, regardless of how...all of a sudden you've got a baby on your hands. A baby that you're NOT prepared for AT ALL. A baby's that's gonna need your love and attention  and you've got college, or your job, or your English homework to worry about. This is an scenario that once again is prevalent in the African American community. Too many Too-Soon Mother end up raising children while they're children themselves and those children grow to lack discipline and other qualities that will aide them in being productive member of society. Why does this happen? Because somewhere down the line he/she got it in their heads that they were some how invincible from facing any consequences of having sex.

Sure condoms work, sure the pill works BUT the catch is you have to remember to put one on and you have to remember to take it. Let's be honest here, only the MOST responsible guys are going to stop when they discover they have no condoms. But in most cases, just one innocent "just this one time." ends up become Child support payments for the next 18 years of your life. I'm not currently facing that problem, not because I've always wore a condom or because my girlfriend always takes the pill after, but because we haven't had sex. So when we do get married and have sex we can have a discussion about potentially bringing children in this world (we both want to) instead of constantly having to worry about not having condoms and pills ect. ect. Unfortunately people don't think like this and we end up conceiving children before we're prepared to take care of them. Isn't preparing an environment where both parents are ready and willing to be parents for your child a moral action?

Same scenario as above, lots of sex, multiple people, something happens that shouldn't have happened and all of a sudden you've got a baby on your hands. Except this time things are different, you already have children, you can't afford another, or maybe your job is far too important for you to have to slow down for a child, your Ph.D is near complete, whatever the case maybe, having this baby will irrecoverably set you back a great deal. So you turn to abortion. Then comes the moral question on whether or not abortion is murder (no small clue to figure out where I stand on that issue). I can tell you with 100% certainty that my girlfriend won't have to deal with this issue, mostly because we want children (so the concept of an unwanted pregnancy won't be an issue) and we consider abortion murder. BUT I don't want a baby right now, neither does she and the BEST way to keep that from happening to remain chaste. If people were to do that we wouldn't have a need for abortion clinics.

All of these things I listed to you are NOT fantastically or unrealistic, BECAUSE I AM LIVING PROOF THAT IT'S POSSIBLE. This is NOT difficult (speaking from experience), this is from making intelligent decisions based on things I've learned in Sex education in High School. My mother didn't brow beat me into being Chaste, nor did my Church ostracize promiscuity beyond what any normal church would do. I was not taught that if I have sex I'm going to Hell, nor would I endorse that mode of thinking. I was not taught that sex was dirty. I was taught that Sex is the means of reproduction for (just about) all living species and that in most cases it feels VERY good (that part I'm looking forward to very much). One thing I was taught about sex is that if done wrong, HORRIBLE things can happen and considering the state of our world as it is today, they already have. 

STDs are in abundance, children without fathers, abortions, all of these problem can be solved by the SINGLE action of remaining chaste. Now, as I have said earlier in this article that DO plan of having sex, so I am not actually chaste, I am abstinent. But considering I haven't had sex AT ALL I am chaste de facto (hehe). I am NOT ordering people to NEVER have sex EVER...of course not, not even I would endorse such a suicidal plan. I am however instructing people to limit their sexual encounters to one person. Oh but Ugo, that's unrealistic! Is it? People have done it before...people ARE doing it mean to tell me that having sex with just one person is an unrealistic goal...that's rather sad. Oh but Ugo how are you ever gonna get good at sex if you only have sex with one person? (I've been asked this question before and it makes me roll my eyes.)

To answer that question I'm going to use a video game reference and use some "wisdom" other people have told me about sex. I was told that "Not every woman is the same.", with that in mind let me move on to my video game analogy: If I wanted to get good at playing "Halo", I am NOT going to play "Final Fantasy"! Same system (female), different controls (likes and dislikes), and an over all different tactic to play (positions).  Meaning if I'm gonna get good at playing "Halo" I'm gonna play "Halo" until I learn everything there is to know about "Halo". In a like manner I plan on learning my wife and her learning me and us learning each other when we do have sex. Those who've had sex can't deny that it's a learning experience that only get better with practice, however for me I'll be able to apply what I've learned...the rest of you will have to learn a new woman all over again (that's only if you subscribe to that ideology). This was off topic...just felt like throwing that in there.

Anyway, I hope I've made a clear and logical choice on the morality of remaining least I hope I did considering that these are the reasons I am not having sex yet. Now I will admit that if I was in a better financial situation I would be more open to the idea of premarital sex, but even then I'd have other things to consider that money couldn't solve. How's about that, an entire article on a Christian blog that DOESN'T make a SINGLE religious argument for chastity...hrm...almost makes me feel guilty, lol Heb 13:4. Thank you and God Bless.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Conversions are NOT our business !!

I CANNOT stand this kind of garbage! Somewhere down the line "Christians" decide to take spiritual matters into their own hands and they end up committing horrible acts and THIS is one of those cases. Now, I think I've made it clear here that I am 100% opposed to Homosexuality. Do I think it's wrong and NEEDS to be cured, of course I do, but DON'T think it's our job to cure it. FORCING someone to convert to ANYTHING is NOT an honest conversion. I'd rather have someone be an Atheist of their own freewill than a Christian at the barrel of a gun. Jesus did NOT order us to convert by Any Means Necessary; Jesus taught us to go and make disciples of all the nations (Matt 28:19), Jesus did NOT tell us to FORCE conversions (if I remember correctly, that was Muhamad, Sahih Muslim 1:33).

In this case we have Christians attempting to TORTURE the gay out of gay people. IMPOSSIBLE! The thing about torture is once it begins, the victim will do whatever necessary for it to stop! So a Gay persons can undergo these so-called "conversions" and say they're no longer gay BUT they'll always be gay at heart. Notice what I said there, GAY AT HEART! AND THAT'S THE REAL ISSUE! These "conversions" do NOTHING but torment and make attempts to control physical acts, and while that maybe effective in the short term in the long term it's ineffectual. We as Christians need to be concerned with the HEART. For our homosexual friends and family we need to be in constant prayer that GOD converts them and changes their heart.

And furthermore I'd just like to say that I am APPALLED that this kinda crap is going on in God's name. Atrocities committed in God's name WILL be met with it's just punishment and anyone who supports "conversion" camps are un-biblical and un-Christian. Thank you and God bless.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Why is Pedophilia Wrong ? Seriously ?

Once again I decided to write yet another satirical article THIS time about pedophilia. I want you all to know 100% that this is SATIRICAL! 100% SATIRICAL! I am NOT in favor of pedophilia, but I SERIOUSLY had to write this article just to prove a point and once again if you agree with this article then may God have mercy on you. Let's get started.
I'm confused here. I have to ask an EXTREMELY serious question. Why is pedophilia wrong ? You're probably very disgusted right now and I understand that but hear me out before you judge. I saw a video quite a few days ago about a boy who decided to be referred to as a girl.

I thought to myself, IF this child is able to identify her own sexual identity at such a young age, who's to say she can't understand the concept of Love ? We're making MANY psychological breakthroughs with children's psychology and development ENOUGH to prove that they're much smarter than we give them credit for. Much like young Hailey here. I'll do you one better, I recently read an article about a 7 year old boy who expressed physical attraction to one of the young men on the popular "GLEE" show. As seen here. Among these 2 things are a common thread of young children making absolute statements about their sexual identity.

So let me ask you, why is pedophilia such a horrific topic to discuss ? I mean pedophiles can't help that they're attracted to children and who's to say a child CAN'T be physically and emotionally attracted to a someone much older than they are? I think it's absolutely foolish to say they can't. Most parents feel that their child is able to express love for them (their parents) but the idea of expressing any other kind of love is completely out of the question. FOOLISH! People consider pedophiles to be child molesters and rapists and things of that sort when in reality they're all seeking the same thing each of us are, a normal healthy relationship with the person they love, and at the end of the day isn't that something we all want?

But you just can't get passed that child issue, can you ? Okay how about this here, in another article in The Huffingtonpost I read that Sex Change Treatment is becoming increasingly popular among children. Here we have a child at 18 months expressing that she is a boy. Who are her parents to further confuse the poor child and tell him that he is actually a she. If she says she's a boy, she's a boy! This is at 18 months! If a child is THAT early developed mentally and psychologically then why are we still refusing them the love that all of us have?

 No one wants to think about children having sex, BUT it happens! Children as young as 12 years old are discovering things about their body and their hormones are raging. Do you want your 12 year old son knocking up some poor girl because they didn't know what they were doing, would you rather have your 12 year old daughter pregnant because she got with some boy who didn't know what he was doing OR would you rather have someone their with experience to cater to their needs and take their time with them? I'd go for the latter. Understand something, I think it's horrible for anyone to force themselves on anyone sexually, but pedophiles don't want to do that. Sure there are MANY pedophiles out there who give them a horrible name forcing themselves upon young boys and girls, BUT you can't let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. That's UNFAIR because there are MANY law abiding pedophiles who aren't raping anyone and yet they get same amount of flack simply for something outside of their control.

Is it wrong to feel that way about a child? If so, then why ? If a person expresses that a child is  beautiful is it wrong to call them that ? Is not a little boy or little girl, a man and a woman ? We certainly allow them to make adult decisions about their lives and identity. We certainly treat them with the respect we'd treat any adult. Simply because through psychology we have learned that their opinion is just as valid as anyone else, and HOW DARE YOU SAY, "Oh but they're just kids, they don't know what they're saying." How do you know ? Hailey certainly KNOWS she's a girl, That 7 year old boy KNOWS he's gay. So when your son expresses physical desires for an older woman or man, or your daughter expresses physical desires for an older man or woman who are you to tell them that what they're feeling is wrong? Or that they're not allowed to feel that way YET? You can't control people's feelings.

Lastly I'd like to say that nowadays, adults engaging in sexual intercourse with "minors" has been on the rise lately, if you turn on the news you're bound to hear a news story about a female teacher having sex with her student. Why are we still treating this as if it's a horrible thing? If both parties wanted to have sex and agreed to have sex then why is it still wrong ? Because one party is older than the other? So you're old enough to make statements about your sexuality and your gender but you're not old enough to have sex? And we're making this arbitrary rule about 18 being legally an adult, in some states you can get married at 16. Those numbers don't magically impart maturity to you. There are VERY immature 16 and 18 year olds, and some VERY mature 10 and 15 year olds but they're not allowed to have sex? What's the reasoning here? Because I fail to see it.

Is it that pedophilia disgusts you? Why should we keep them from being happy solely based on our tastes of what we find disgusting and attractive? Whose standard are we using ? No father wants to think about his daughter having sex (young or old), the only thing a father wants for his daughter is she's cared for and provided for and who can do that better than a man just like him? The benefits GREATLY outweigh the problem. And in all honesty what are the problems we have with pedophilia? Children shouldn't be having sex ? You can do a Google search for Young Mothers, and they all are well adjusted children who aren't psychologically disturbed at all. And being a mother means they had to have sex. So if you wanna argue that sex at an early age can psychological damage a child you're gonna have a hard time proving that outside of rape.

Which again is NOT pedophilia. So really, what's wrong with pedophilia and why are we denying them their rights? Do they not have the right to love who ever they want (like the rest of us)? So I employ you to think long and hard about why pedophilia is wrong, without appealing to the same tired tropes of Psychological damage, Sexual abuses, ect. ect. Why do YOU think pedophilia is wrong, and if you can't think of a reason outside of your emotional comfort...then maybe you should re-think how you feel about it.
 To conclude the satire, I leave you with this.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Euthanasia, Why not ?

Okay, so all too often I talk about Christian topics here but I wanted to write a satirical piece for the sole purpose of exposing a few things, I'm using this as a preamble for anyone who thinks I'm 100% serious about this. I AM NOT. This is satire and it's meant to invoke thought rather than agreement, and if you DO agree with any of this then may God have mercy on you.

Poison. Wait, WHAT?!

"What they've been mislead into what they think their Bible tells them." ? Good one Cenk, good one, anyone else who doesn't do any research would get fooled but not me. First of all, I'd like to point out that Cenk failed to provide a citation. Not to resort to internet speak here but if you're going to make a reference to something written PROVIDE A CITATION! ESPECIALLY IF IT'S SOMETHING THAT VALIDATES YOUR POINT! Basically anyone who just agreed with Cenk without asking for a citation is simply believing what they're told rather than researching it themselves (hypocrisy much?). I'd like to say that at this point in time I am STILL searching for whatever it was Cenk was referencing and have thus far found bumpkis.

*Jan. 30th, 2012, 5:46pm* FOUND IT! Let's take a look at it: Numbers 5

Cenk clearly said "poison" and unfortunately for him the text does not. The text Numbers 5:17 clearly says "dust" from the floor of the tabernacle. Dust and poison are two completely different things for anyone who wants to argue semantics. So what we have here is a symbolic ritual as opposed to poisoning someone. Drinking water with dust in it wouldn't cause a person's thighs to swell ect. ect. and it certainly wouldn't cause immediate death. Furthermore nowhere in here is abortion or forced miscarriages looked upon favorably, once again Cenk I gotta question how thoroughly you researched this.

 Considering that in those ages Child bearing was incredibly important to a woman's worth (I am NOT arguing that it should be now, women are worth a lot more than the ability to have children), at any rate the prospect of NOT being able to bare children is a terrifying concept to a woman in those times. So again, where's this favorable look ? Now being a Bible Believing Christian and not a Nominal Christian I believe that in THOSE time before DNA tests ect. ect. God was that involved with people where He WOULD do as He promised and spare the innocent the consequence of of never baring children again.  Also would a little dirt in the water cause someone to NEVER BARE CHILDREN AGAIN ? Doubtful. Might make you sick for a couple of days but it wouldn't stop you from pro-creating period. Now let's look at what Cenk says in the video;

1) Never mentions abortion specifically...
If you mean in terms of using the word "abortion" it's self, no. BUT Exodus  21:22-23 makes the case that a child in the womb is a living creature. And I'd like to point out that if there's something to take out of a woman there was something growing there as well. Furthermore embryos develops a heartbeat around 5 to 6 weeks of gestation, and as far as I'm concerned if it has a heartbeat and something purposefully stops it's heart from beating, I consider that murder. Because let's face it you can't kill anything that doesn't have a heartbeat. So again, it's not  mentioned specifically BUT it is hinted at in more than one way. If people back in those days had the ability to abort babies as we do now the language would be very different.

2) We already discussed the favorable thing, so no need in beating that dead horse.

I find it funny that when a non-believer says something about The Bible everyone is so willing to listen to them REGARDLESS of whether or not a citation is given but when a Christian provides a citation those SAME people will IMMEDIATELY ignore the context and go with what the non-believer said. Funny...