Sunday, January 19, 2014

Philosophy, Ideology, Religion & Knowing The Difference

Once again, this is an article that's been rattling around in the ol'computer for awhile and I finally managed to take sometime outta my day to down and actually outline this puppy, write it out and post it for your consumption. The origins of this articles dates back to a few years ago when I made the argument that Scientology IS NOT a religion. I understand that in some countries (aside from Germany, well done) consider Scientology a religion but I took immediate issue with this because "religion", the very definition of the word carries with several things that Scientology does not have. Also many Scientologists claim that Scientology is compatible with all religions. THIS IS FALSE! But we're not here to talk about Scientology, exactly, we're here to discuss religion, philosophy and ideologies and knowing the difference between them. So let's dive in!