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The Infidel Guy-God is Watching....DUH !

Okay, wow The Infidel Guy is really rather interesting because much of what he says is a general misunderstanding of what he believes we think. God is watching, Duh ! Yes, well we are Human. Yes that's a valid answer. And there's an EXTREMELY valid reason as to why that answer is valid. But before I jump in there I wanna get a few things out.

Yes, God is watching, I have thought about that MANY, MANY, MANY times and not once did it scare me or make me feel uncomfortable. I figure if God is watching everything I do, then He's just doing what He does. I mean let's face it, He's God. What kinda God is clueless about His own creation ? Frankly I'd be more worried about a God who isn't looking than a God who is.

Furthermore why should the concept of God watching you hinder you from doing ANYTHING ? Granted, God watching you is to keep you from doing BAD THINGS, but His observation on your life doesn't warrant being totally paralyzed with fear from doing every single little action. God doesn't care about you reading a comic book or cooking eggs or making mud pies with your friends, as long as you're not killing, stealing, lying, and preforming actions you shouldn't do ANYWAYS, God doesn't have a problem with that.

So for believers to be actually disturbed by this idea is rather silly, because it just shows how immature their relationship with God was that they would deconvert for such a ridiculous reason. I mean if you think about it that's like trying to rob a bank across the street from a Police Station and then hating the Police Station for being there. You shouldn't rob the bank in the first place, The Police Station is just doing it's job.

Okay, now on to this "excuse", as Mr. Finley calls it. So why does the excuse "We're only Human" work ? Why is it a valid excuse ? Well let's say we get some Biblical proof as to why this excuse is valid, okay ? Check it out Matt 26:69-75. And for those of you without Bibles I'm just gonna tell you what that is. Or better yet give you a general summary.

So in Matt 26:69-75, Peter (one of Jesus' apostles) is pretty much standing amidst a crowd of people and one of the members of the crowd recognize him as one of Jesus' followers and asks him thusly. Peter instantly denies that he ever knew Jesus. Not once, not twice, but THREE times.

Now Peter is no one new to Jesus, Peter knew who Jesus was and saw what Jesus can do. Peter new that Jesus was God in The Flesh, lock, stock and barrel, no doubt, Jesus is God. Peter knew this. And yet, when he was confronted with this, he denied it. Now at the time Jesus was taken off to be crucified. Why is that important ? Because if Peter would have acknowledged that he indeed knew and hung out with Jesus, he could possibly face the same execution.

So what happen ? I would say that Peter's natural human instinct of Self-Preservation kicked in and he wanted to live. But this makes him out to be a coward. I mean he knew that once he died, he'd be on the fast track to Heaven, he knew that Jesus was God and he would never forsake Peter, and yet despite ALL that knowledge, he was only human and wished to remain alive for the time.

While I agree it's a flimsy excuse, it is THE ONLY one we are allowed to use. Because we are slaves to our sin. Now, I wanna address this example Mr. Finely provides. So basically we have 2 Christians getting hot and heavy, getting ready to do something, they knew they shouldn't, clothes start coming off, Bible on the counter, and BOOM, Door opens and MOM AND DAD ! Oh snap ! How's that for a bucket of cold water (lol).

So, how can these 2 Christians get away with trying to sin in front of God and not even attempting it when their parents arrive on the scene ?

Well there's a REALLY important keyword in that sentence, SIN ! The Bible tells us that we are basically sinners, ALL OF US. We are a slave to sin. Meaning we'll sin at any chance we get. Stay with me here, I'm coming to a point. And much like Mr. Finely's example, this to, will blow your mind.

Christians are STILL HUMAN ! There for, Christians are still sinners ! The ONLY difference is...that we understand that we are sinners and we adjust ourselves to sin less in our lives. So if 2 Christians are getting hot and heavy and they sin before God, guess what, they'll go to God and ask for His forgiveness and His mercy on them. And guess what, they'll receive it. Any Christian worth His salt will tell you point blank that God forgives sins ! So when a Christian sins, they are aware of it and they will say "Oh ! I just sinned ! I need to do something about this !" and they will.

Now these 2 Christians, in Mr. Finely's story were caught, before the act, so by the parent's standards they didn't do anything wrong YET ! And it would make sense for them to have a long discussion about what action was about to occur. And if these 2 Christians are apologetic that they were caught and didn't get to preform the action then that's a different story, but if they are apologetic for letting things get to that point and not follow God's outline in that situation then they'll be okay.

I'm reminded of the example of King David, who, while standing on his roof one day, saw a chick he really wanted to do, only to discover she was married. Long story short, King David had her brought to him, did her, felt guilty and tried to get her husband to do HIS wife, only for him to turn it down, and King David decided to have him indirectly killed. This is 2nd Samuel 11:26. Now David knew what he did and when he realized it, HE PRAYED ! And guess what, God FORGAVE HIM !

Now as for this virgin theory goes, I already poked several holes in it. I think that The Infidel Guy is getting theologies mixed up just a bit, not a lot, just a little bit. Because a non-virgin premarital sex Christian can also get into Heaven as easily as a Celibate, Non-Sex having Christian can. Also, NO ONE in the HISTORY of CHURCH, WHO FULLY UNDERSTANDS WHAT IT IS THAT THEY BELIEVE WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER, IN A MILLION YEARS CLAIM TO BE SINLESS !

If our salvation was tied to how good we were, NO ONE would get into Heaven, because each and every one of us has thought something evil, has done something evil, has said something evil. Some more evil than others (by our standards of course) but sin is all the same.

You steal a candy bar when you were 10. It's still stealing, whether it's that or robbing a bank, it's still taking something that does not belong to you.

There's no difference.

Now let me back pedal for a second and agree here, that YES, "How can we sin in front of God's face like that ?" And that's not a hard question, considering the Biblical reason we have for it, Man is fallen, plain and simple.

But the point The Infidel Guy is making is that WE SHOULDN'T and I am inclined to agree. Now, just because we sin in front of God doesn't mean we don't believe, it just means what it means, we're sinners.

Now I'm only speaking for myself here but I can honestly say that if I was preparing to do something I know God wouldn't approve of, I wouldn't be thinking about God at all, until after the fact. I for one, used to be an addict of sorts to pornography. Not like the guys you read about in those articles, I just had WAY TOO much on my hard drive and when I say WAY TOO much I mean WAY TOO MUCH, it's all gone now, Praise God.

But while I was downloading it, was I thinking about God ? No. Does that mean I don't really believe ? No. I did what every sinner does, forgot God. Pushed God into the back of my mind and let my Jimmy take over. Plain and simple. I yielded to sin. I am going to Heaven ? Yes. Would I still go to Heaven even if I still had the porn on my computer ? Yes. Am I bragging about that ? No. When we are saved, we are saved FOREVER and there is NO good work we can do no form of behavior that is going to save us, it is simply our faith in Jesus Christ, that and NOTHING ELSE !

I am thinking about what Mr. Finely has said, and No, my life isn't going to be any more difficult now that he's brought it to my attention that God is watching me. It will not hinder me whatsoever. Because I do not intend on doing anything I shouldn't be doing anyways. I am currently talking to a friend online, texting my GF and writing this article...and God is watching me...I doubt He cares at all about me talking to my friend or texting my GF, or writing this article. I am not in error at the moment and I doubt I will be anytime soon.

This demons thing is really interesting and I wanna tackle that real quick before I close this article. Yes, I believe that Demons exists, and no I don't think one is gonna drown me in the tub or flip some hot grease in my face. The theological reason for this is because that when Jesus died on the cross, Satan lost a good portion of his power over this world.

Now I'm gonna throw a theory up, so this isn't Biblical so don't use this as proof, but this is my theory. I'm guessing that back in those days things like the common cold and chicken Poxs and missals, mumps and so on so forth were SERIOUS disease back in those days and nowadays they're curable. I would assume that Satan would inflict these issues upon people using their natural bio-chemistry. Things like dementia and schizophrenia were all demons tinkering with humans natural bio-chemistry. So when Jesus cast them out, the person's bio-chemistry would be realigned. Now that's just my theory, and I have a few things to support it.

But getting back on point, when Jesus died, Satan was no longer able get free reign, so to speak upon God's creation. So yes, I do believe demons exist, and I afraid of them ?...Hmm...I'm gonna say no, only because I'm aware that God has my back. The 23rd Psalm sums it up there.

This whole faith is stronger thing is again, a misunderstanding. While there are some Christians who are vain enough to claim they have greater faith than others, I have some gut-wrenching news for them, They aren't saved because they wanna be, they're saved because GOD CHOSE THEM TO BE SAVED ! So no one can claim to have greater faith than anyone. Now there are some more FAITHFUL than others, but no one has greater faith.

The Guardian Angel thing is childish and is B.S. and I really don't have the time to refute that, Mr. Finely did a fine job there. Also, the Tsunami all I have to say it that God has a plan for everything, even natural disasters and what not.

Er...ummm...anyways, that about sums it up. Peace in Christ all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The 10 Questions Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer, ANSWERED !

Man, Oh man, he’s got us Christians by the gonads. Oh NO, what ever will we poor Christians do ? Wait a minute, all these things sound like a real problem for us Christians, but in all seriousness, as I have said before, If I can refute anyone’s argument, IT’S NOT A GOOD ARGUMENT ! So I’m gonna dive right in here and answer these question based on what I know and what I have read visa-vi The Bible and what it says about God. So let’s dive in, Shall we ? We shall.

Question #1: Why won’t God heal amputees ?

Okay, now I’ve done some thinking about this question and for starters I am going to go to The Bible for a verse or a chapter where God healed an amputee so gimmie a minute………………..Still checking…………Gimmie a sec…..still checking………still checking……………….Oh wait a minute….THERE AREN’T ANY ! Nowhere in The Bible is there EVEN A SINGLE CASE of a limb regenerating. Now, that’s not because people didn’t lose limbs back then. I’m pretty sure there were TONS of amputees walking around. So why didn’t God heal them ?

Well, I’ve been thinking about this and I believe I have a valid answer. Granted, maybe it wouldn’t be a valid answer for atheists or those who reject these answers but this is the best answer I could come up with BASED on what I know. So let’s roll.

My answer would be that God has made the body to be a house for the soul. As rational people we can all agree that EVERYONE get’s old, EVERYONE’S body will eventually start to fail them and EVERYONE will eventually die. That’s the absolute truth.

Now based on what God says, our souls are eternal. So that’d be God’s #1 priority. I mean as Christians we ask God to enter our SOULS, not our Body.

So let’s say for instance that I did lose an arm and then I asked God to give me back my arm and He did. Let’s say He did that for everyone. Well pretty soon, everyone is going to ignore their souls and worry 24/7 about their bodies all the time, and that is not God’s priority. The body will fail you anyway.

I mean why not ask God to stop you from aging ? Why not ask God to make you 21 forever ? Because God made our bodies on a fixed time table, so we will lose our bodies, but our souls, WE CANNOT !

So God is not forsaking an amputee just because He won’t make their arm grow back. He is simply following the rules HE put in motion. And He won’t forsake those rules. Furthermore, just to cover a little base here, I do believe God is working behind the scenes curing disease and what not. Only I don’t think He’s doing it in an obvious way, such as having Angels appear to people and touching them. Rather, I believe that God is working within His own environment to further the cures along. Next question…

Question #2: Why are there so many starving people in the world ?

“A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.”
– Herbert Hoover”

Let me try and find a verse where God promises to feed everyone, so gimmie a sec…wow. I actually found one. In the Book of David it says

“I, The LORD your God, promises to feed every mouth on Earth”
-The Book of David 6:15

Now if you’re a Christian, you’re probably laughing now, because there is no Book of David, and that quote is NOT REAL ! Simply because God has never promised to feed every mouth on Earth. Now as an atheist, you’re probably thinking “Well then He’s not much of a God if He doesn’t provide for His people.” That is both true and false. If God did make that promise, and then squelches on it then He isn’t much of a God. However my God doesn’t make that promise. Why not ? Simply because that promise is somewhat self defeated for God. What I mean is it’s making a constant demand for God to continuously prove Himself. Which He does not need to do.

What I mean is if God did indeed promise to feed every mouth on Earth than people’s faith in God would be dependant on the fact that He keeps giving them food. God doesn’t want it that way. Do keep in mind that these are guesses, fully based on what I know about the God I am speaking about. I am 100% sure there is someone else who can answer this question better. But I can honestly say that there was NO GOD in the history of God who promised to Feed every mouth on Earth.

Furthermore, God does tell us to be generous and give to others. What would be the point of that demand if there is no one to give to ? Wouldn’t that make God kinda stupid to say that ? Next question…

Question #3: Why does God demand the death of so many innocent people in The Bible ?

This is a perfect example of a very stupid question. Simply because this guy is making the assumption that he understands the culture back then and is trying to apply our current culture with there and it doesn’t work that way. Back during the times of Leviticus and Exodus and so on, The people were living under a Theocratic system !

Which basically means that God’s law ran the country.

That system was fully dependant on everyone following the rules. Much like a boat, if one person starts to rock the boat, that can be very bad for everyone in the boat, ergo you have no choice but to throw that person over board. That’s logically sound. That applies to the theocratic system of those times, one person screws up and it could be pretty bad for everyone, so the only logically sound thing to do is to get rid of that person.

This may sound vicious and mean, and by today’s standards it is. Furthermore, Jesus fulfilled the law, which basically means our salvation is no longer dependant on following God’s theocratic law system. That explains why we are not killing homosexuals or people who have to work on Sunday.

Finally, you CANNOT compare 2 different cultures with 2 different law systems, that’s extremely stupid and irrational to do so. Understand that the questions that are being asked here are not questions, they’re objected based assertions based off of ignorance. The creator of these questions are trying to put words in God’s mouth that aren’t there and is calling them a valid argument which they are NOT.
Next question…

Question #4: Why does The Bible have so much anti-Scientific Non-sense ?

Well let's think about that for a second. Luke was a doctor so one would assume that he didn't take anything at face value, most doctors, good ones anyway will pry and probe every other explanation until they can come to a conclusion that would suite the situation properly.

Also I'd like to ask, which parts of The Bible do you find anti-scientific ? Is it the water into wine stuff ? The raising the dead stuff ?

If those are your examples of anti-scientific let's examine this shall we ? Okay check it out, if Jesus is indeed God in the flesh then He would obviously understand how to transform water into wine. God of course made the rules in which we all live by, and He ultimately has the ability to bend them according to His will. That's not anti-scientific that is simply God revealing to us who He is, by defying the very rules we understand.

No NORMAL man can walk on water without using various props and rigs, but Jesus could do it naturally. Is that anti-scientific ? No, why is it that we try to make God play by His own rules. He made the rules and He can break those rules at will. WE CAN NOT.
Hence we are Human, He is GOD.

The very definition of God explains the dynamic between us. Next question...

Question #5: Why is God such a huge proponent of slavery ?

Yet another culture misunderstanding. Slaves back in those days were people who were from the surrounding nations. HOWEVER they were not treated as you would aspect African Americans were as they were when we were slaves. They were simply Servants or for a much more closer term Butlers or Maid. I maybe off a little bit here, but if I do indeed remember correctly, most of the “slaves” back then were not taken against their will, and fully understood the level of servitude expected of them. These slaves were also given a place to stay and some where even paid.

Furthermore, these slaves were employees of who they were employed by. Ergo if your employee does a piss-poor job on a job you had him do, no one would blame you if you tore him a new one or fired him. Basically these employee or slaves have been given a job to do, and when they aren’t doing that job, it is your job to tell them how to do that job or correct them in the process.

As far as beating them or killing them, understand that The Law back in those days were not followed to an exact 100% T. The penalties within The Law were executed in extreme cases. Hence someone would have to be a continuous offender of The Law to suffer the penalties. They were more or less guidelines on how to proceed and handle such situations should they come to pass.

Ergo, when a slave did a bad job on something, they weren’t beaten immediately after, they were corrected. But if they continue to screw up, then The Law would have to be followed. Next question…

Question #6: Why do bad things happen to such good people ?

Stupid question, and the author would have you believe that we’d have to create an excuse for God to answer this one. Not the case.

Bad things happen to good people because of Satan. Plain and simple. But let’s face it, if you’re an atheist, then this isn’t an answer for you. But that is indeed the 100% honest to God answer. Satan is the root of all evil.

HOWEVER, God is in control of that evil and can direct it where it He pleases. Also, let’s look at Jesus. Jesus was supposed to be God in the flesh, if you’re an atheist you don’t believe in Jesus, but this is the best example I can think of. Correction, it’s the ONLY example worth explaining.

Now, if you’re an atheist, humor me for a second. Jesus is God in the flesh, and God is perfect, therefore Jesus is perfect. Perfect people can’t do anything wrong, because they are perfect. Perfect people aren’t mean, they are nice. Perfect people do not hurt others, because they are perfect. Now, we all know Jesus was crucified. Well why did Jesus get crucified if He was perfect ?


Plain and simple. Granted Jesus was sent here to die. But Jesus was perfect, He had no reason to die, no reason to be killed, and yet He was simply because the world hated Him. And if what The Bible says is true, that Jesus who was perfect got stoned, spat on, beat, whipped, and crucified, and anyone looking at it would say, “No good can come of this.”, and YET, Jesus’s death redeemed mankind. And Jesus was perfect and he went through tons of crap. The Bible is riddled with people who just get plain out dogged out non-stop, but in the midst of that, they should understand that God is always with them. So what they go through on Earth doesn’t matter because they know of the reward they will receive in Heaven. So yeah, bad things happen to people. If bad things happen to Jesus/God in The Flesh, Bad things will happen to us. Next question…

Question #7: Why didn’t any of Jesus’ miracles leave behind any evidence ?

Okay, what would we be looking for ? Maybe the Villa in Tuscany Jesus established when he turned water into wine ? Or maybe we can go to the river that he waked across and get a sample of his DNA ? Better yet maybe we can find the wood used to crucify him ? Or we can go and find the bread and fish He used to feed all those people with ? Ya know what ?! Let's find the dead people he rose !


Ummm, okay Jesus didn't leave any long standing miracles. He did what He did on the spot for that moment and it lasted for as long as it would. The water he turned into wine was drank, the fish and bread he used to feed everyone was eaten, the people he rose died...later on of course. NO WAY we're gonna find a sample of his DNA on the water. NO WAY we're gonna find the wood used to crucify him. So what are we looking for ? Hm ?

Next question...

Question #8: How do you explain the fact that Jesus never appeared to you ?

Another stupid question, I call this question stupid because the writer of these question obviously didn’t read The Bible, he’s just really good and picking and choosing various texts and ripping them out of context. When Jesus ascended into Heaven, He left us with The Holy Spirit, the 3rd and final part of The Trinity that is God.

The Holy Spirit is the power of God, basically the thing that make Christians, Christians. It’s kinda like God giving you the ability to understand Him a little bit better. Which is why an atheist will never understand what I’m saying simply because they don’t have The Holy Spirit working within them.

Furthermore, Jesus did what He had to do, so there’s no need for Him to comeback just so you can see He exists. Jesus did indeed promise to return, but in the mean time He left us The Holy Spirit. Asking Jesus to appear to you in a prayer is not within His will or desire to do. Simply because you’re asking Jesus to go back on His word. Jesus’ word stated that He will return at the appointed time by The Father. So asking Jesus to appear to you is stupid.

However, you can ask Jesus to enter your heart and you can ask Him to help you better understand His word, That is a prayer He’ll grant, also you can pray to Jesus that you allow The Holy Spirit to enter you and help you live a better a life. That’s a prayer He’ll grant. But Jesus will not grant a prayer that goes against His word. Plain and simple.

Also, there is a list of thousands of people I have never met in person, I have only read about them. Based on what this guy says, only because I have never seen them in person I’d have to say they didn’t exist, or simply take an agnostic position and say I have no clue if they do or don’t. Faulty logic…Next Question…

Question #9: Why would Jesus want you to eat his body and drink his blood?

e_e, I have handled this argument SO MANY times that it drives me insane. So I’m not even gonna entertain this one again. Go read my communion article.

Question #10: Why do Christians get divorced the same rate as non-Christians ?

Geez, stupid question. Christians are still people, people are still bound by sin. Why is that when people hear that someone is a Christian, they instantly think that person is supposed to perfect. That is a load of crap ! If anything when you become a Christian, you’re admitting that you have a problem and you need help. Your problem is that you sin, and you need help to not sin. This doesn’t mean that once you become a Christian you’ll NEVER SIN, it means that once you sin, you’ll realize it and ask for forgiveness. I am so SICK of people saying “Well Christians get divorced to !” That is the argument of a moron, a 100% Grade A moron. Simply because we are Human and humans are NOT Perfect ! So yeah, plus Jesus even mentioned divorce in Matthew. Why would Jesus mention divorce if Christian aren’t supposed to get divorced ? Granted, we shouldn’t have to, but Jesus knows that we are Human and we’ll make mistakes so He set up certain guidelines for these mistakes. This is purely a stupid question and a stupid argument from an obviously stupid person.

In conclusion

In order for these argument to warrant any validity AT ALL, they’d have to based within the realm of which God set up. Ergo, you can’t create a question based on an assumption of what you think a certain thing should do. I can’t ask this person to give me 20 bucks, simply because that person NEVER made that promise to give me 20 bucks, ergo my asking him for 20 bucks is fully based on my assumption that He should give me 20 bucks.

Also, if you’re going to ask a question, ask a question with learning in your heart. Don’t ask a question to set someone up, because that instantly becomes a rhetorical question and the answer is rendered null and void simply because the question is no longer a question it becomes an assertion. If you ask a question, ask because you want to learn and understand something.

Finally, the writer of this argument may seem as if he has his ducks in a row by adding Scriptural text to “back up” his dummy arguments. But in order to understand The Bible you can’t just read one verse and follow it down the hole. You have you have to read the entire chapter and get the over all theme of what is being said to who it’s being said to. Example, if I said:

“Show me some green !”
Based on our slang you’d know instantly I was talking about money ! However the text suggests that I was talking about The color Green. But you and I both know I meant money.

If I said:

“The grass is always greener on the other side.”
I am not talking about literally going to the other side of my house or the Earth and pointing out that the grass is greener. You know it’s a figure of speech.

If I said:

“You’re green with envy.”
Obviously your skin color didn’t change to green (unless you’re the Hulk). Ergo, it’s a figure of speech !

50% of The Bible is context and the other 50% is Inspiration.

Without those 2, you will NEVER understand The Bible at the level Christians do. So I urge you to pray and ask God to help you better understand His word. Because in all honesty 5 years ago, questions like this would’ve FLOORED ME ! But I prayed on this before I tackled this argument and I did some research of my own and I have read The Bible and I have come to the conclusion that the guy who wrote probably drools in a bucket while staring at his wall all day trying to come up with a valid argument. That wasn’t nice of me. LOL, I apologize. But honestly. This guy needs to find a better argument, and good luck because there are good arguments that can stop THE TRUTH ! Peace in Christ all.

These following videos are also a response to the questions above. I thought this to be both entertaining and funny. By the way, that isn't me, that's some guy named Jason.

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The Secret of 52

Hola, Blogspot and Blogspot readers, tis I, Ugo Strange once again. For those of you who don't know I took a break from writing articles online back in August. The last article I wrote was "The Final 60 Second Thought", after I wrote that I decided that I was gonna take a much needed break and hopefully reconnect with God and rediscover the reason I started writing these. Well I did THAT and then some. I made some new friends, quit a REALLY bad habit and reconnected with LORD and I've been studying a lot more and thinking a lot more and asking a lot more questions and I am ready to tackle some issues. While I was out I found some really great topics to discuss, some really good research material and some really great resources. A few things I'm gonna tackle in the near future is The Infidel Guy, The God is Sexist argument, The 10 Questions Intelligent Christians Must Answer, and a few other things. It's good to be back people.

F.Y.I: The secret of 52 is that it's been 52 days since my last article.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Final 60 Second Thought

Hello, it’s me again and Yes, it’s another one of those articles. But I have some news, this is gonna be the last article I post on here about this topic and then I’m gonna take a much needed break from all this religion stuff. Mostly because this whole thing has gotten physically, mentally and spiritually exhausting. I was gonna write a piece on David Mills and if you don’t know who that is you can look him up on Youtube, that guy does some really “great” things with the Bible that I’d love to comment on…but he’s not really worth the time.

As I did in my last 60 Second article, I posted a disclaimer warning you that the paragraphs following this one will be stuffed with things pertaining to God and Christianity. I’m advising you, that if you don’t wish to read any of that, you may click the CLOSE button now and continue with whatever it is you are doing. Please do that Now……M’kay, can’t say I didn’t warn you ^_^!

If you’re reading this part, I’d like to thank you for taking some time to listen. So anyways, due to the success of my last 60 second article (although I did advertise it) I decided to write another one and hopefully get people thinking and asking questions. I’m not writing this article to convert anyone or to tell you that you’re going to Hell. I don’t see Hell as a really important topic (frankly because I’m not going). But let’s face it, if you’re an Atheist or Agnostic, you don’t believe in Hell. So that point is rendered moot. I am however going to explain God to you, or at least my view of God. And I’m gonna start that off by telling you a little story, and I’m sure you’re all familiar with this story, but I’m gonna tell it anyway. So here we go:

In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing existed except this Being. This Being decided to create and create He did. He saw what He created and it was good. He then decided to create more, and He created more, and more and everything He created He saw, and it was good. And all of it was made in His own image. After He had created these things, He rested. Time went by and the things He had created began to fight each other. The Being saw this and saw that it was not good. So This Being decided to kill them all, except for a few and start over. And He did.

I’m pretty sure you’re all familiar with that story right ? What story is that ? That’s Genesis right ?! WRONG !! That is not Genesis ! That’s not even from The Bible. So what story is that ? It’s actually a story of mine that I written. Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about.

In the beginning there was nothing…I’m talking about the blankness of a sheet of paper. Nothing existed outside of that paper, but Me. I picked up a pencil and created something. I saw what I created and I liked what I had created. From that point on I created more things and I liked it all. Everything I created was created from my own mind and had a small piece of me within them. Hence they were made in My image. After I finished drawing these characters I took a LONG BREAK. As the story developed I had the character engage in a war, and the vast majority of them were slaughtered, except for a few who lived till the next story.

I told this story to show you my understanding of God. And ultimately I see God as an Author. Now, if you’ve read any of my previous articles I refer to that point continuously, mostly because I fail to see the difference between God and Authors. But in case you’re confused by this, I’ll bust it down to even simpler words so you can understand it. Not because I think of you as stupid or slow or anything. Only because I want you all to understand my train of thought and why I choose to believe in God, and maybe from my understanding you can come to a conclusion yourself.

But examine if you will the nature between Creator and Created. For those of you who have written stories you’ll be able to understand this easier. I am going to speak from my own personal experience, mostly because I can not speak for anyone else but me. So please don’t interrupt this as selfishness.

I have created TONS of characters. Good and Bad. And personally I love them all. If I didn’t love them I wouldn’t have made them. Case in point, I don’t like Vampires, hence none of my creations are Vampires. But getting back to the point. Everything I create, I feel as if it’s just a very small piece of me. It becomes a personal thing. I create these characters and I know EVERYTHING there is to know about them. I know EVERYTHING that will happen to them, I know EVERYTHING that can make them cry, make them happy, make them love, make them hate. I know it ALL. If it is possible for me to create an entity, who has it’s own thoughts and feelings and emotions and who I know everything about , why is it irrational to believe that there is some force who has the same knowledge of us ? Is that an extremely far-fetched idea ?

I mean if it is so easy for us to create beings, why is it impossible that we are the result of creation ? And I’m not saying this to disprove evolution. Granted, I don’t think we came from some primordial goo, or that we’re the result of The Big Bang. But I do have a belief that Human beings share traits with various things. I recall hearing that Humans and potatoes actually have a lot in common, as well as Humans and apes, and Humans and water. But like any good artist He leaves behind a trademark to stamp his work. Case in point, look at Akira Toriyama (creator of “Dragon Ball Z”) anyone who’s seen “Dragon Ball Z” can easily see the similarities between the characters of “Dragon Ball Z” and the characters of “Dragon Quest”. Two different universes, same art work, same creator. But then again I’m getting a tad bit ahead of myself.

Speaking strictly for myself, I’ve written hundreds of stories, and in each one of those stories I have killed people, had families murdered, spread disease, tortured hundreds, caused wars and wiped many things off the face of the Earth. Does this make me a bad person ? Earlier on I did admit that I do indeed love all my creations. But I also admitted to killing them and what not. Does this mean I hate my creations ? Does this mean I am an evil creator ? I do indeed admit to causing these acts.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s your story, you can do what you want. Which is true. The very fact that I created these things gives me free reign to do as I please. And I do. This does not mean that I will go buck wild and just have evil run rampant, and have everyone killing everyone. No. By my hand I allow these events to occur in order to usher the story to it’s conclusion. Regardless of the nature of the event, be it a horrible event, or a really good one. All of these events work accordingly towards a plan I have in mind. There is no event within my story that I haven’t taken under consideration, that I haven’t planned to it’s last detail, that I haven’t worked and re-worked from every angle. All these events that I have planned for my story I execute FULLY. Without opposition. Simply because I created them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself and I’m sorry for doing that. But this should start to make sense to you now. That it is possible for an all loving God to cause such havoc. I claimed to love all of my creations and yet I cause havoc upon them. Not because I hate them. So why do I do it ? Well that poses another question. Why does Man create ? And here’s the honest truth. The 100% truth why Man creates. Man creates to be one with God. That’s THE TRUTH. In all seriousness. Nothing is closer to God then the art of creation. Creation is God’s main claim to fame. If Man learns to create, He can become God. Sorry, didn’t mean to get philosophical. But it’s the truth. Think about it.

An Atheist might say, “If there is God, wouldn’t He leave behind some form of evidence that He is interacting with our world ? Something like a finger print ?” My answer. Not at all. Case in point, Does Frodo Baggins know that J.R.R Tolkien is actually the cause of everything ? Is there evidence that points to J.R.R. Tolkien being involved in The Lord Of The Rings Universe. Or for that matter,In any story you created, are ANY of the characters you created AWARE of YOU ?! Think about it. You’re face to face with one of your creations. What would they call you ? Not mother/father ? They have a mother and a father. What else could they call you except for Creator. What else could they call you except God ? Do you not know more about them than anyone else ? After all you did create them, did you not ?

But I am, again, getting ahead of myself and I apologize. This is my last article and I’m trying to go out with a bang. So forgive me if my thoughts aren’t exactly concrete. Now for starters I wanna say that I understand the stupidity behind the entire situation. I fully understand just how stupid I sound. I believe that there is some Dude in the sky who’s gonna bless me and who loves everyone. And I talk to some invisible force. I mean if you really think about it I sound like a raving lunatic who’s talking to an invisible friend. But in all honesty it’s not as if that invisible friend has told me to do anything bad, it hasn’t gotten me in trouble, and it’s trying to get me to stop doing a lot of bad things. So I guess crazy is acceptable when it’s instructing you to be good. (That’s a little humor ^_^!). To an Atheist however I am nothing more than a guy who’s talking to an invisible force, and I’m perfectly okay with that. Mostly because I’m a WaitandSee kinda guy. If God is real and he really is gonna come and pass judgment then everyone who doesn’t believe in Him will see, and if He’s not real, I can at least say that I lived a good life and will be remembered as a good person. And nothing is wrong with that.

I like studying Atheism and Agnosticism. Mostly because in the words of William Blake “Opposition is true friendship.”. I take that to mean that the more I question what I believe, the more I can understand why I believe it. And I believe this is the best course of action for anyone. I encourage people to study different schools of thought, and for them to make a choice souly based on what they truly believe.

According to Brian Sapient, who is the leader of The Rational Response Squad, I am a brain washed drone. If I were indeed Brain washed by Christianity I wouldn’t be inclined to instruct you to study other schools of thought. I wouldn’t be inclined to study other schools of thought myself. And as I have stated in my 60 second article, I have looked into various religions and philosophies. Many of them sounded great but it didn’t offer me what I felt I needed. What is it that I need ? Well I need purpose. I need meaning. I need answers. The reason why I think Atheism sounds great is because it gives you the sense of total control. But for me it doesn’t explain anything.

For me, as a Christian I can witness a horrible event and KNOW that something good will come out of this. Take The Virginia Tech Shooting for instance. That was a horrible tragedy and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, and I extend my deepest sympathies to all those effected by it. But, in the aftermath of that incident, are the students not more sympathetic, are they not more understanding ? Will they not be there for each other more than they were before ? Will they not try and make more time for their friends ? Will they not extend a hand to other students who they once deemed weird or strange ? I ask you, is that not a good thing that after suffering such a great loss you learn to care more, to understand more and to block less ? And I’m not accusing the student of Virginia Tech for being judgmental, I’m just saying that in the aftermath of this tragedy they are able to move towards a more compassionate community.

Again this is just an example I’m using. But looking at God as an Author explains so much of the hows and whys. Personally I see life as one big story, and everyone is the main character of their own story. But regardless we are all made with a purpose, we are all made with love. To prove that, some people would say that The Bible is sexist and that God is sexist. If God hated women, why would he take time to create them ? Why create something you’re gonna hate ? Again, I hate vampires, hence I don’t make vampires. That simple. Second, God made ALL THINGS in his image. That includes women. If he were to hate them, He’d have to hate himself for creating them and hate his own image.

This same logic applies to all things. God created “special” children in His own image as well. All things are the work of God and ALL THINGS have a reason for being. We may not know what that reason is, but there is one. This is the cool part of Christianity, the knowledge that everything WILL work out. When you’re a Christian, worrying shouldn’t be in your vocabulary anymore. And that’s a hard one to swallow, because I worry sometimes, but another part of me is saying “Relax dude, just relax. It’s all gonna work out.”. And when I say “work out”, I don’t mean some giant rain cloud is gonna come and wash away all my problems and I’m gonna problem free forever. When I say “Work Out” I mean that there is an underlining plan going on behind the scenes. A ripple effect that I can’t see that will shape the coming events of either my life or someone else’s life.

I will never say Christians have no problems. If anything you get MORE problems when you become a Christian. But in the midst of that, again you have something telling you not to worry. That’s why I’m not tripping over atheists calling me crazy or people saying that Christians are judgmental, evil and amoral, pious, jerks. I don’t worry about it. Not at all. Sure it makes me a little sad, but I refuse to let it get to me. And I get on Christians about this to. We shouldn’t be judgmental. If anything we should be the most humble people on the planet. At least that’s what my Bible says. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”. Plain and simple. Don’t point a finger because 3 are pointed right back at you.”. And some Christians fail to understand this. I don’t care. Those people aren’t making a real good case for us. And when people like David Mills do what they do, they’re not making a real good case for atheism either. So each side has their fair share of morons.

But I digress. I said I wasn’t gonna do a piece on David Mills, and I’m not. I’m here to talk about what it is that makes me believe and that’s what I’m gonna do. Ya gotta forgive me. Going out with a bang is a lot harder than I thought ^_^! Little humor.

Anyway. Looking at God from the perspective of Him being an Author clears up so much confusion for me. Because as a child, I would go to church, but I was a child and I didn’t really understand what was going on. All I knew was this is a place we got to every Sunday, as I got older and began reading and studying The Bible, I began to slowly understand what it was that I was doing everytime I went to this building. But it wasn’t until I was 18 when I discovered who God really was. I mean I knew who God was I just didn’t know who he was. God was an artist. God was an artist just like me. The only difference is He gave His creation the ability to be aware of Him. It’s amazing really, when you think about it. It’d be like a character you created was suddenly able to talk to you and was aware that he was the result of you, a sheet of paper and pencil.

I am aware of God. I am aware of The Author. I see pass the world and I see what’s really going on. Kinda like in “The Matrix”. Everything has some kind of sense, some kind of reason for being. This is what I feel. This is what I believe. That everything has a purpose and a reason and a meaning. What is crazy about that ? What is so horrible and so dangerous about that ? People like Sam Harris and Brian Flemming, will attest to Christian being by far the most worst human beings on the face of the planet. But that’s just it. We are all human beings and according to The Bible “We all fall short !”. None of us are perfect. NO ONE. Not one. As a Christian I ask you, do I pose a threat to you ? Am I a danger to you at all. Have I ever appeared to be dangerous. Have I ever given you a reason to believe that I could possibly be a danger to you ? If I have, I can assure you that it was not my intent. And yet, we have people who would refuse to believe me, simply because I am a Christian.

Many will say, Hitler was a Christian. Well, Hitler was also a Vegetarian. Do I fear that all Vegetarians are gonna band together and kill a bunch of people ? Of course not. That would be irrational of me. The K.K.K was an organization founded by Christians. I can truly accept the fact that The K.K.K were not real Christians. Simply because if they took the time to read The Bible, they’d understand that racism and murder is wrong. Would I reasonably side with a religion that advocated the murdering of thousands of people ? No. And yes, I have read The Bible. I know that God did indeed have his followers go to war and murder. But in those cases, God NEVER ordered death without reason. That is something I can say with 100% certainty. Just as no Author kills a character off for no reason, my God does not kill for no reason.

My thoughts are a little jumbled right now, I’m writing this article day by day, little by little so bare with me, Please. This brain washing thing that some atheists believe we Christians have suffered. I feel somewhat bad for them. And I know as atheists or agnostics yourselves you’ve probably heard this before, but in all honesty I do feel sad for you. Why ? God is kinda like a really powerful alarm system. It makes me feel safe knowing it’s always there and it’s always on. But for those of you without it, you may not think you need it because nothing bad has happened, but when something finally does, what can you say then ? Bad analogy, I know, and forgive me. It’s late. What I’m trying to say is that I believe that The Creator Of The Universe is watching my back, I believe that The Creator Of The Universe loves me. HOW IN ANY TRAIN OF THOUGHT is that DANGEROUS ! How is that a bad thing ! What is so evil, so vile, so sick about that ?!

Yet still, I am a very dangerous man. I’m a Brain Washed Zombie who has nothing better to do with his time than to tell you that The Creator Of The Universe loves you, wants to help you anyway He can. Yes, I’m a very awful person. I am a horrible, horrible person. I should be in a mental hospital because I’m saying that an invisible force is telling me to be good to people, is telling me not to kill anyone, is telling me not to judge anyone, is telling me that I can be a good person, is telling me not to steal, is telling me not to lie, is telling me not to cheat on my wife (if I ever get one). Yes, I am a sick, sick, vile, evil dangerous person. Yes I am. I’m a sick, evil person because I believe in a placed called Heaven which is a paradise, and I wanna see AS MANY people as I can see go there. I am a sick person because I believe in a place called Hell which is a place of God’s wrath and eternal punishment, and I wanna see NO ONE go there. Yes, I am sick. Cure me. Cure me. I’m a horrible person because I believe that there is a God who has a plan for everything and nothing is done without meaning, and that EVERYONE’S life is meaningful. Yes all these things I believe is just horrible. I’m an awful person.

You see this. This is the outline of what I believe. I mean, The Creator of The Universe wants to help you ! I mean if there is a God and you deny His help, that’s a huge slap in the face. That’s like saying “FUCK YOU!” to your mother for no reason. You mother would still love you even after that, but she would be VERY HURT. And God feels the same way when you deny Him. Now I know what you’re thinking “We can see our mother, but we can’t see God.”. You’re 100% right. You can’t see God. But you can feel God. I feel God. I don’t mean physically, I mean spiritually. Something inside me acknowledges that there is something better and greater than me. This is God. Something inside me that tells me not to worry. This is God.

There are people who are depressed, who feel that they are unloved, and that no one loves them. And this is a lie. The Creator Of The Universe loves them. If you’ve ever felt that way, if you’ve ever felt that you were alone and you were depressed that no one loved you, wouldn’t it be great if someone told you that there was a being who created this entire Universe and in the midst of that created YOU, to be the only you in existence, and He did this because He loved you. Wouldn’t that make you happy ? Think about it. This guy/girl doesn’t love you, but The Creator Of The Universe loves you !

A murderer who refutes his past actions and tells God that he is truly sorry for what he has done, will be forgiven. Why is this a good thing ? Because it clears the false message that God is angry with you. Case in point: Paul was a mass murderer. This is a guy who hunted Christians for fun and killed them at a whim. And he enjoyed this ! And God showed Himself to Paul, and since then, Paul suddenly became Jesus’s right hand man. THIS WAS A MASS MURDERER ! No one is above being forgiven. But you just gotta want it.

Isn’t that awesome ? You steal a candy bar, God will forgive you, if you are truly sorry. You commit murder, sure it’s an awful thing, but if you know in your heart that you were wrong for doing this, and confess to God that you are sorry, you will be forgiven, in the eyes of God. And that’s a contract between you and Him. Because only He knows what you truly think and feel, men do not.

OH, something very interesting I just watched on myspace. There’s a bulletin going around about a little girl named Kelsey Briggs. I’m not gonna bog you down on details, I suggest you go watch the video, you can find it on youtube or on myspace. But this helps illustrate my point that even THE MOST VILEST of actions can have a positive effect. In the wake of the horrible tragedy Kelsey suffered, a Law was passed in her name to insure what happen to her would never happen again. And that’s a great thing. The only shame is that she had to be the example.

To finally finish this article and take a much needed break from all this, I’d like you to think about 3 things.

Number 1: Think of God as an author, and if you are an author yourself and you can not justify your reason for putting you creations through trials and tribulations,
then you have no right to ask God the same question. So think of God as an author.

Number 2: The Creator Of The Universe loves you and wants to help you, ask yourself is this a horrible message to tell people ? Even without proof, ask yourself. Is it ?


Number 3: I want you to understand that what I say is not coming from years of “brain washing”, but coming from a stance of a person who has examined the alternatives and has found no better route than to accept the fact that I believe there is a God. I’m not ordering you to believe in God, I’m not saying there is a God, I’m saying I believe there is one. If you genuinely believe there is no God, I can’t touch you. And I won’t bother. But if you are open to the idea of a God than ponder this:

We all believe in energy, and as thermodynamics state, Energy is indeed eternal. So the thought of there being a form of conscious energy, energy that is aware of it’s self isn’t a far-fetched idea for me to understand. After all, we all have energy in us. This energy could be God. That could be His signature. But I’ve already said too much. Think about this for yourself.

In conclusion. I’d like to thank everyone who’s read my blogs and posted comments. I wanna thank Liz personally for keeping me focused and cheering me on, I love you for that, you know this already. I wanna thank everyone who’s read and commented on the the first “60 Second Thought”, blog. And finally I wanna Thank (and you already saw this coming) God for giving me the time and energy to write this and make it somewhat coherent and logical. So that’s that. I hope I didn’t sound like a jerk or was offensive in anyway, and if I was, I’m sorry, that was not my intent. So this was my final blog before I take my much needed hiatus from all this stuff. I’ll probably come up with some new articles in a few months or so…maybe in the late winter or when something really inspires me, other than that, I’m taking a break. However I’m usually online 24/7 and if you have any question feel free to message me and ask, if I can I’ll give you answer, if not I’ll refer you to someone who can. My last words are the obvious ones I always use. Thank you for reading, and whether you believe in Him or not may God bless you, and depending on the time you read this, have a great day…or a good night.
Thanks again.

And here’s a list of stuff to check out…. (a little humor ^_^) (The “Great” David Mills !!!) And I have intentions of buying his book.
I wouldn't exactly use George Bush as an example of a Christian leader...Just because he says it doesn't exactly mean he understands it. (More from The “Great” David Mills !!)

The 60 Second Thought

In this article I’m just gonna lay my cards on the table and implore you to listen. If you’re an Atheist or an Agnostic then I want you to listen for a few minutes and read this entry. This is not made to bash you or make you look stupid in any way or call you all evil and so on so forth. This is simply just a conversation. I’m not gonna tell you how great God is and so on so forth or that you’re all on your way to Hell. I’m not gonna do that. I’m simply gonna ask for a few moments of your time to read this entry and then you can return to whatever it is you were doing previously.

What I’m asking you to do is simple. I’m asking you to ask yourself “Why you don’t believe in God.”

WAIT ! Before you roll your eyes and sigh or click the close button on this entry I want you to listen. I myself have looked into various religions and philosophies and I have examined the reasons why I shouldn’t believe in God but ultimately I always find justification for my belief. And it’s not because I’m a Christian. I have looked into Hinduism and frankly the idea of reincarnation is scary to me. I have looked into Atheism but the concept of there not being any governing force does not make sense to me. I have looked into Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, Paganism, Nihilism so and so forth and each time none of it fulfilled what I felt needed to be fulfilled. I opened my mind and I’m asking you to do the same. Please grant me this one favor. If you’re not then now would be a good time to click on the close button.

If you’re reading this then I’m gonna go ahead and guess you didn’t click the close button. Thank you. As I said before I have studied various religions and philosophies and have looked at each one objectively, even Scientology and trust me that wasn’t easy (a little humor just to break the mood, lol) Getting back on point. Now I’m asking you to look at this objectively. I’m asking you to take an honest look at what you believe or better yet don’t believe and look at it objectively.

If you believe there is No God, then I raise this question to you, if there is No God then why is it that the concept of God exists ? That may sound like a loaded question but it’s not. What I’m saying is how can Man create God if there was no such concept to begin with. And this doesn’t apply to just my God, this applies to all gods. Where did the concept of God come from. Who’s idea was it to bow down and worship something that wasn’t there ? How is this at all a good idea ? If there is no God then the argument of there being a God would never be a concept. Hopefully you understand that.

Furthermore if there is No God, then why argue the point ? You don’t see thousands upon thousands of websites devoted to the existence of Santa Clause because there is no argument as to whether Santa Clause exists or not. We all know he does not. Ergo, we do not need to argue it. You may tell yourself, well belief in Santa Clause and belief in God is the same thing. Well I NEVER believed in Santa Clause but sure enough EVERY Christmas there was a present under that tree with my name on it. And I didn’t believe in Santa Clause. Now based on the songs I should’ve gotten a lump of coal. But I got a gift. So there goes the existence of Santa.

So by that standard if you feel the need to argue the existence of God then that might be the fear of one actually existing. I mean let’s face NONE OF US likes the idea of someone knowing EVERYTHING YOU THINK, FEEL, DO, DONE, DID, IN THE PROCESS OF DOING ! That’s one scary thought. Especially if you’ve done a lot of bad things. That’s one scary thought. Hell, it freaks me out sometime. And let’s face it we are Human and we fear what we don’t understand, and we do not understand God, by any stretch of the imagination. We know as much about God as He wants us to. So this raises many questions you might have.

1. Where did God come from ?
2. If God is all powerful can he create something so heavy not even He himself could lift it

And so on so forth, all very difficult questions that not even the savviest of Christians can answer so ultimately you’re like “This whole God thing is just one big fairytale.”. and you choose not to believe. And frankly I don’t blame you. BUT, you gotta understand the dynamic of God and us. We are a compilation of Carbon, Flesh, Blood, Bones and so on so forth. What is God ? He’s God. Have to sleep and get rest and eat to live and cover ourselves from the cold and fan ourselves from the heat and so on so forth. Basically we are Human beings. God is exactly what He says He is God. He doesn’t have to do any of these things, and yet we do and yet we insist that God does not exist and God is impossible and so on so forth. But if you actually thought about it, you’d understand that by using the word “God” you’re already identifying something outside of your understanding. Ergo you’re commenting on something in which you have no knowledge of.

Case in point. I’m not going to say that Brain surgery consists of using screw drivers, because I have never done Brain Surgery ergo I can not comment on it. And yet we have Atheist who will call me stupid and a zealot for saying I believe God exists. We have Atheists who feel the need to constantly try and prove that there is no God. And I say try because NONE of them will ever find 100% proof that he does not and no Christian will ever have proof that he does. You see it works on both sides. So we have people who constantly argue that there is no God and anyone who believes in him is hurting society and should just basically give up their belief in God.

If you feel I am hurting society then you are sadly mistaken. I have many atheist friends and I have no alienated them anyway or braided them for their choice, I treat them as I would all my friends with kindness and respect. Sure it does hurt a little bit that we do not share the same ideals but they are humans as I am as well and they are my friends. How is my belief a hurt to society ? My belief does not stop anyone from being anyone. Well unless you’re a serial killer, rapist and so on so forth. What damage am I doing ? What harm am I causing ? None. Some might say that Christianity is a superstition and is equal to luck and so on so forth. Well, I don’t believe in society’s view of luck. Luck to me is when the stupidity of others works in your favor. And as far as superstition goes, I have broken mirrors, split pools, opened umbrellas in the house, walked under ladders, had over a dozen Black Cats cross my path and so far things have been pretty great for me.

Also some people would have you believe that God is just a concept to be created. Much like the ever great Fredrich Nietzsche. The man who quoted “God is Dead !”. The grand advocate of Nihlism. Let’s view what Fredrich Nietzsche is. He’s a collection of carbon, flesh, bones, blood. He needed to eat, sleep to rest and he peed standing up, he covered himself from the cold, he fanned himself from the heat, I’m basically saying that he was a man. Not unlike you or me. Granted he was very smart. But it’s not like no one else was as smart as he was. So what gave him the power to say “God is Dead !”.? How can a man of carbon, flesh, blood and bone, a man like you and me, a man not unlike any other man declare the death of something outside our realm of thought ? Now you gotta understand Nietzsche wasn’t saying that God had physically died. I mean c’mon he wasn’t stupid. He was saying the concept of God had died and that man no longer needed God. Man needed to think for himself. A few years later Nietzsche went insane and eventually died of suffering server mental illness. And yet to this day people still believe in God. Now I’m not gonna say something glib like “Nietzsche said God is dead, but God said Nietzsche is dead.”, I’m not because honestly I have a little bit more class than that. But I will point out that a long time even before Nietzsche, people have been saying that God was not real of that God was not the real God and all these people have dealt with him.

Years before Nietzsche. The Pharaoh told Moses “Where is your God ?!” and Pharaoh got the answer. God turned his water into blood, slew his first born and rained frogs on his kingdom. God used Pharaoh’s stubbornness to reveal himself. And God is still doing that today.

Why do you think that so many Atheist want us to abandon our faith ? Believe it or not, Man was made to worship. Not God exactly. But Man was made to worship something. Money, their car, whatever. Man was made to worship. True statement. It’s every where you look. Man worships money, people talk about it everyday. Man worships Science, Atheist use it as a shield against religion. But whatever it is we are made to put our trust and faith in something and YES, even Atheists have faith. The thing is where is that faith placed ? Is it placed in mankind ? Mankind is made of carbon, flesh, bones and blood, you are Man. If your faith is in Mankind, then you are sorely mistaken. Because as we have seen Mankind is pretty self centered. We kill, we cause pain, we’re selfish, we’re self righteous and anyone who has used the phrase “People suck.” Will agree with me. And if you agree with that phrase then you are not the only one. I agree with it. People do suck. That may sound like a pretty bleek thing for a Christian to say but consider this, every other religion will have you believe that Mankind is simply misunderstood and is generally okay, Christianity is the only religion that has the balls to say People suck. But there is a way they can stop sucking. First off we have to acknowledge that we are NOT in control and we are NOT the greatest. There is a force that is ABOVE us in all respects and that force is God. Once we acknowledge God, we tell God that we are sorry for sucking and will honestly make an effort to try sucking less. And if you honestly know in your heart that you have done wrong and believe that Jesus died for your sins and That God is in Heaven and in control you are instantly absolved.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN go out and commit the very same act you’re asking absolution for, this means that you have done something wrong, asked for forgiveness and should know better not to do it again. This doesn’t mean that if you do it again God’s gonna get pissed off and lightning bolt you. This just means that you’re human and you are weak. God understands this fully but as long as you’re trying hard and you believe in Him, He will continue to forgive you. Doesn’t mean you can grab and AK-47 mow down a bunch of people and then say “I’m sorry God, forgive me.”, because if you don’t believe in Him, then He’s not listening to you and you are not forgiven because you’re not accepting the fact that you’ve done wrong. You’re basically paying lip service. And doesn’t want lip service. He wants conviction. And just to show you that I’m not getting on a high horse, I’ll tell you right now, I’ve done many wrong things, some more frequently than others, I swear like it’s going outta style, I have violent thoughts about hurting people I don’t like, but in the midst of all that I know deep down that I am doing wrong and little by little I adjust myself and try not to do those things and God knows this and see my honest effort and for that He has forgiven me.

Now I ask you, is that hurting society ? Is that causing damage ? Does this sound like something that should be destroyed ? I mean even if we Christians are wrong and there is No God. Is believing there is one such a bad thing ? What damage will it cause you to believe ? God understands that you are Human. No Human is perfect and God doesn’t expect you to be, God just wants an honest effort of you trying to live by his rules. What about good people who don’t believe in God ? Sad to say they are not asking forgiveness for the bad they did, however little, they are not acknowledging that the only way to be fully empty of bad things is acknowledge that God is the only way to absolve yourself. THE ONLY WAY. I know, it sounds harsh but it’s the truth, at least the truth I believe. Now I propose to you, if you are an Atheist, if you are Agnostic, ask yourself this question honestly, I don’t believe in God because… I am NOT asking you to message me your reason for not believing, I don’t wanna get a message from you about that because this is for you to answer yourself. And be honest ! If your answer is because “it sounds silly” ask yourself why is sounds silly. But I want you to be 100% honest with yourself. If you do what I ask and you are fine with what you believe then that’s fine by me. I’ll stick to my guns you stick to yours and everything is back to the way it was. But if do what I ask and you find that you have some questions then come and talk to me and I’ll be happy to answer them if I can. And I’m using some Jedi Mind trick on you or trying to get you to convert. I’m not ordering anyone to do anything. If you finish reading this article and don’t do what I’m asking you to do then I’m not gonna know and it’s a moot point. But if you do what I ask you’re doing it out of your own freewill. There is no gun to your head, none of your family members have been kidnapped and this web browser is not brainwashing you. This is just one man asking you to do one thing. That’s all. Just take 60 seconds after this article to ask yourself Why don’t I believe in God. That’s all. And again I don’t wanna hear your reasons. I just want you to be honest with yourself. That’s all. Thank you for reading, thank you for your time and whether you believe in Him or not may God bless you. Thanks again. Hope I didn’t come off as condescending and abrasive. Thanks one last time. You maybe begin.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Bible Is Repulsive....REFUTED !

In this argument, the writer of this article proposes that The Bible is repulsive. I am writing this to both refute this claim and prove why The Bible is not repulsive. His first argument involves several verses from THE OLD TESTAMENT, I'll explain why I capitalized that in a second. Here is the opening argument:
Example 1
The vast majority of Americans believe that God exists, that Jesus is his son, and that God himself gave us the Bible and the Ten Commandments. In fact, Supreme court Justice Antonin Scalia has said that "Ninety-nine percent of Americans believe in the ten commandments." He has also said, "What the commandments stand for is the direction of human affairs by God."
If 99% of Americans believe in the ten commandments, how can the Bible be repulsive? Let's take the fourth commandment as an example. It says:

Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy. For six days you shall labour and do all your work. But the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God; you shall not do any work—you, your son or your daughter, your male or female slave, your livestock, or the alien resident in your towns. [Exodus 20: 8-9]

This, supposedly, is the word of God, the almighty ruler of the universe. Now think about this. Wal-mart is open on the Sabbath. And so is Target. Best buy is open on the Sabbath. And so is Circuit City. Home Depot is open on the Sabbath. And so is Lowes. In fact, millions of businesses in America have employees working on the Sabbath. Even Christian Family Bookstores has employees working on the Sabbath. What should we do with all of these people who are breaking the fourth commandment? In the Bible's book of exodus - the same book that contains the ten commandments – the Bible tells us what to do with everyone who breaks the fourth commandment. Exodus 31 verse 15 tells us exactly what to do:

For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day must be put to death.

That's right. The Bible commands the death penalty for anyone who works on the Sabbath, and we should obey. Right? This means we have to kill tens of millions of Americans. Should we line these tens of millions of Americans up and shoot them? Should we put them in giant gas chambers? I think we can all agree that the thought of killing millions of innocent Americans is repulsive. A book this repulsive has no place in our society. And make no mistake about it - the bible really means what it says. It fully intends to be repulsive. In Isaiah 40 verse 8 the Bible says:

"The grass withers, the flower fades; but the word of our God will stand for ever." [Isaiah 40 verse 8]

The Bible says the same thing in 1 Peter 1 verses 24 and 25. And in Psalm 19:7 the Bible says:
"The law of the Lord is perfect."

Since the laws of the Bible are perfect, they should never change. And then there is this. In Matthew 5 verse 20 Jesus says:

"For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven". - Matthew 5:20

According to Jesus, we must follow the laws of the Bible. Do you believe that we should kill millions of innocent people because they work on the Sabbath? If not, do you want a book this repulsive to be quoted in public? Read to children? Used in our courts of law?
Okay, now of course after reading that, you're wondering how am I gonna refute this ? I mean the argument above sounds pretty solid. Very solid actually. And now I shall debunk this. Remember when I capitalized THE OLD TESTAMENT? Well that's actually very important for interrupting The Bible. You see think of The Bible as no one book but two books. I bet most people who haven't read The Bible can not explain why they separate The Old and New Testament, one answer: Jesus. In the Old Testament, the people if Israel needed a law to follow until the actual law (Jesus) arrived on Earth. The thing is that in the Old Testament, man had to deal FIRST HAND with God's wrath. In order to be safe from God's wrath they had to follow His law. Those who did not follow God's law would be better off dead than deal with God's wrath. The thing is with Israel when one of them screwed up, they all paid. Mostly because they have to look out for each other. Also if the writer of this article actually READ The Bible, he'd realize that once Jesus arrived there was NO NEED for the old law. For further explanation please consult a minister or theologist. Here is the second argument, dealing with people that God wants you to kill. Again quotes from The OLD TESTAMENT. The argument is as followed:

Example 2
The Bible wants us to kill most people in America. For example, the first commandment says, "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me." What are we supposed to do with everyone who doesn't believe in God? We are supposed to Kill them. Deuteronomy chapter 17 says that we are supposed to stone non-believers to death.

If a man or woman living among you in one of the towns the LORD gives you is found doing evil in the eyes of the LORD your God in violation of his covenant, and contrary to my command has worshiped other gods, bowing down to them or to the sun or the moon or the stars of the sky… Take the man or woman who has done this evil deed to your city gate and stone that person to death. – Deut 17:2-7

In 2 Chronicles 15:12-13:
They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. - 2 Chron 15:12-13

Deuteronomy 13:13-19:
Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases…you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God.

Deuteronomy 13:7-12:
If your own full brother, or your son or daughter, or your beloved wife, or you intimate friend, entices you secretly to serve other gods …do not yield to him or listen to him, nor look with pity upon him, to spare or shield him, but kill him. - Deut 13:7-12

What if you take the name of the lord in vain? Leviticus chapter 24 verse 16 says:
Anyone who blasphemes the name of the LORD must be put to death. The entire assembly must stone him. – Lev 24:16

The Bible is quite clear. We must kill everyone who does not believe in God. There are approximately 30 million people in America who do not believe in any God. There are tens of million more who believe in gods other than the God of the Bible. The Bible commands that we kill them all.

And keep in mind that the word of the Lord lasts forever, and the law of the lord is perfect.
Think of this as a Christian Jihad. The idea of killing tens of millions of people because they don't believe in God is repulsive.
Ouch, once again a very sound argument but riddled with ignorance as to what he's really talking about. This again refers the answer above. If anyone has read The Bible and the book Lamentations, they EXPLAIN CLEARLY that if they screw up will have to deal with GOD'S WRATH. But again, these are quotes from THE OLD TESTAMENT, where The Israelelits were put in charge of enforcing THE LAW or deal with God's wrath. I mean you take your pick, if you're a boat and some guy keeps rocking the boat, you're all gonna die. Now you can ask him to stop and risk him not doing, so you can push him over the edge and save yourself. You understand? But again the write of the article above continues to use The Old Testament to apply to today and WE NO LONGER NEED TO, because Jesus changed the law. Moving on to the next argument:
Example 3
If you curse your father and mother you are to be killed:
All who curse their father or mother must be put to death. - Leviticus 20:9

Example 4
If you commit adultery you are to be killed:
If a man commits adultery with another man's wife - with the wife of his neighbor - both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death. - Leviticus 20:10

Example 5
If you happen to be homosexual you are to be killed.
If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death. - Leviticus 20:13
Again, more quotes from THE OLD TESTAMENT. And Numbers 3 and 4 shouldn't even be included and here's why.

About Number 3, I'm sure we can all agree that sometimes our parents do things we do not agree with. We've all been in that boat before, that's nothing new. However The Bible stresses the point of cursing your mother and father, and by that I imagine saying things such as: I HATE YOU, I HOPE YOU DIE…things along that nature and actually meaning it. Of course parent and children will get into arguments but truth is we should always understand who they are and who they are to us. This maybe hard for those who had hard childhood.

Number 4 is and I'm pretty sure a VERY WEAK DEFENSE. I mean if someone banged you're wife the LAST thing you're gonna think about is "Oh man, this is wrong.". No you're gonna wanna kick that guy's ass. Again this is a cause for concern back in those days because of GOD'S WARTH. And again you really shouldn't commit adultery to begin with, so really that was a dumb argument.

Number 5 has been under much debate and I'll give my opinion on this subject ONCE, and only ONCE. Personally I have nothing against Homosexuals or Bisexuals. To me, People are People, always was, always will be. However, I will never refer to Homosexuality as normal, and here's why. Simply because it renders NO RESULT. Imagine our world and every last woman died. Without some form of female counterpart, EVERYMAN WILL DIE. Same goes for women. A Man and A Woman comes together and a baby is the end result. It preserves humanity, A Man and A Man comes together and…nothing. A Woman and A Woman comes together and…nothing. Personally I think people are under the belief that sex is simply for pleasure when in actuality it was made to benefit and continue humanity. I WILL NOT, say that Homosexual are immoral. I wouldn't say that. I know many homosexuals who are very moral. And Homosexuality is NOT a moral issue. I will NOT call it normal and I will NOT advocate it. But on another not, I will NOT prosecute anyone for being homosexual nor will condone the prosecution of homosexuals. They are NOT for me to judge, I will simply accept them as people and move on. You can call me a jerk, ass-hole, close-minded, whatever, that was my opinion and that's all I gotta say about that.


Example 6
Here's another example of the Bible's idiocy. Rebellious teenagers should all be killed as well. Here's what the Bible says in Deuteronomy chapter 21:
If someone has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey his father and mother, who does not heed them when they discipline him, then his father and his mother shall ... say to the elders of his town, 'This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a glutton and a drunkard.' Then all the men of the town shall stone him to death. - Deut 21
Think about how many American teenagers need to die.

Again, a quote from THE OLD TESTAMENT ! Give now unless your parents tell you to do something like kill your best friend or rob a bank, there is no actual reason to disobey them. And this also states "who does not heed them they discipline him". That means if you did something bad and then got a spanking and then did it again, and keep doing it obviously that would be considered bad on your part. And again, remember by boat analogy. Just another person rocking the boat. Moving to the next argument:
Example 7
In Matthew 18 verses 7 through 9, Jesus speaks:
If your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire. And if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell. - Matthew 18:7-9
This verse is repulsive on three levels:
It is repulsive because Jesus is such an idiot here. He is completely wrong.
It is repulsive because it demands that people maim themselves.
It is repulsive because the entire concept of "hell" is repulsive.
Jesus is an idiot. Cutting off your hand or gouging out an eye accomplishes nothing. If you are having a problem with unproductive behaviors, what you need to do is talk with a counselor or see a therapist. Self-amputation is absurd and repulsive. Jesus dispenses advice that is completely useless, and recklessly dangerous as well.
This I like, because it shows the writers ignorance as to what Jesus actually means in this sentence. People who do not believe Jesus will often misquote him or misunderstand him. And in this case, the writer missed the point entirely. Allow me to clear this up for you.

I was over a friends house watching "Jackass 2". In one segment Bam had a penis branded on his ass. After being branded Bam said and I quote: "I'd rather tear my dick off and throw it in the river than go through that again."

Consider that for a second and let's get back on track. The Writer would suggest that Bam would ACTUALLY tear his penis off. This we know is false. What Jesus is saying in this quote is not to maim yourself. HE DOES NOT WANT YOU TO HARM YOURSELF! The point of this quote is to say that "It would be better for you to be cripple and maimed than go to HELL!" THAT IS WHAT HE IS SAYING! He is saying that Sinning will ultimately put you in Hell. And he is saying: That going to such extreme measures to avoid sinning, that would be better than going to HELL. But obviously Jesus does not want you to harm yourself…and once more for the people in the back HE DOES NOT WANT YOU TO HARM YOURSELF! Do you get that ? You understand ? Alrighty, moving along:

Example 8
The Bible's absolute sexism is well known, and it is repulsive. Here are two examples:
Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church. - 1 Corinthians 14
Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent. - 1 Tim 2
We can find dozens of verses that are just as sexist. The Bible's sexism is both ridiculous and repulsive.

Oh, finally some NEW TESTAMENT stuff. Alright, I'll admit these verses do not sound flattering at all to women. But allow me to explain. We have to understand that the Bible was written by people of The Jewish persuasion. And back in those days Men were commanded to be the head of the house, the people who must maintain everything. The verse from Corinthians is not saying that women have to shut up in the church, no. It's saying that a Man is supposed to be the one to educate his family on God. That's the man's role in their society. By saying it's disgraceful it's saying that a woman has no place performing a man's task. Now, before you say "Well that is sexist." LISTEN, societies since the dawn of time has had specific jobs for both men and women, that is NOTHING NEW. What this verse is saying is that this task is a man's job. That's all it's saying. The verse from 1st Timothy enforces that. It simply discusses conduct within the church not conduct everywhere. And again we must remember that these people ARE JEWISH! And things for them were A LOT different than they are now.

Also to write The Bible off as fully sexist is not only stupid but false, and here's why: 1 Tim 3:1-12, Col 3:18-19, Eph 5:22-33. There was a man named Hamman who had a plan to exterminate every LAST JEW. A WOMAN stopped him, not only that she had him killed. I'm talking about the book of Esther. Ruth was in battle with her husband. There was a man who had 10,000 chariots at his command, warriors were afraid of THIS MAN and A WOMAN killed him, with little to NO EFFORT AT ALL. Not only that but a WOMAN got full credit for the birth of Jesus. Notice how Joseph isn't mentioned at all after Jesus's birth. Catholics honor MARY ! A WOMAN. Ergo, The Bible is not a sexits document. And I seriously doubt that Women within The Church would support or read The Bible if it was sexist. Moving right along:

Example 9
The Bible fully supports slavery. In fact, the Bible has been used in many cases, including the American civil war, as an authoritative justification of slavery. Here are three examples.
Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life. - Leviticus 25:44
If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property. - Exodus Chapter 21:20
Bid slaves to be submissive to their masters and to give satisfaction in every respect; they are not to be refractory, nor to pilfer, but to show entire and true fidelity. - Titus 2:9
You can see that, according to the Bible:
Buying and selling slaves is fine.
Beating slaves is fine.
Slaves are to show entire and true fidelity.
If you are an intelligent person, you know that he entire idea of slavery is repulsive.
Many times than not, Slaves back in Biblical times became slaves as a result of war. The prisoners who were captured became slaves. They DID NOT randomly kidnap people from their countries and force them into slave labor. And as you can clearly see by the verses above, the slaves did indeed have rights. If you read the verse around the Leviticus verse quoted you would see that that section is entirely devoted to conduct regarding the treatment of slaves. These verses have been quoted out of context and until the writer acknowledges the surrounding verses I have nothing more to say on this matter, except for THIS DOES NOT give you the right to randomly kidnap someone and say "You're my slave, serve me." And I doubt that me being an African American would support a document honoring and permitting slavery.
Example 10
The Bible is riddled with repulsion. Take, for example, this verse:
Anyone who is captured will be run through with a sword. Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes. - Isaiah 13
Or this:
Samaria shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword, their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open. - Hosea 13
Or this:
Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man by lying with him. But all the young girls who have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. - Numbers 31
The verse from Isaiah is from Chapter 13, a verse in which Isaiah is telling the Babylonians what WILL happen if they do not worship the Lord. It sounds repulsive because it is, obviously Isaiah did not wish this to happen to them and told them. Same goes with the verse quoted from Hosea. The verse quoted from Numbers the people who were killed caused a plague among the Israelites, if the write continued on, Moses commanded the people who had done the killing to remain outside the camp from a number of days and had their clothes purified. Another case of misquoting.

I'd like to close by saying that since the history of time there have been people who having criticized The Bible left and right and up and down and have FAILED. And for future reference anyone who does criticizes The Bible WILL FAIL. And I'm not saying this because Jesus said so or because God said so. I'm saying this because I have found out for my self that there is always, ALWAYS an answer to every criticism The Bible encounters. That's all. Thank you for listening, God Bless, Many thanks and much love.

Think About Communion....REFUTED !

Proof #29 - Think about Communion

Because Christians have been participating in the communion rite for many years, they tend to forget just how bizarre this ritual is. The whole idea of "eating Jesus' body" and "drinking his blood" is grotesque in the extreme.

Have you ever wondered where this ritual came from, or why billions of people would participate in a ritual that is this bizarre? First, let's look at the part of the Bible that prescribes the ritual. You find it in Mark, Chapter 14:

And as they were eating, he took bread, and blessed, and broke it, and gave it to them, and said, "Take; this is my body." And he took a cup, and when he had given thanks he gave it to them, and they all drank of it. And he said to them, "This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many.

There are a few lines in Luke chapter 22 that are nearly identical.

Jesus gets far more graphic, however, in John chapter 6:53-55:

So Jesus said to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you; he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is food indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.

To any normal person, this sounds very much like the script of a gruesome horror film. It sounds like some sort of revolting satanic ritual. It definitely does not sound like the words of the all-loving creator of the universe.

Imagine that you are a normal person, and you have never been exposed to Christianity before. Now imagine that a Christian comes up to you and quotes John 6:53. Any normal adult would rightfully assume the Christian to be insane. Thus, you never see a bumper sticker that says "John 6:53."

However, the assumption is accurate. The dictionary describes cannibalism in the following way:

The usually ritualistic eating of human flesh by a human being

What Jesus is demanding is cannibalism.

What does your common sense tell you about all of this? What we are talking about here is cannibalism, and what Christians are doing looks exactly like a pagan/satanic ritual. If you are a Christian, the two questions you may be asking yourself right now are:

  1. Why in the world am I, as a sane individual, participating in ritualistic cannibalism? How in the world did I stoop to this point?
  2. Why would an all-powerful, all-loving God demand that I do this? What sort of God am I worshipping?

Okay, the only reason I’m entertaining this argument here is to show the author of this article how stupid he sounds and how He obviously does not understand what it is he’s trying to refute. Other than that I really wouldn’t waste the time. So his basic argument is that communion is grotesque and a form of cannibalism. M’kay. Many Catholics believe in Transubstantiation, which is basically a fancy way of saying that during the communion process the cracker and juice actually does transform into Jesus’s blood and body. I don’t believe that. Because that to me indeed sounds like a form of cannibalism.

NOW what does Jesus mean when he says “eat of my flesh and drink of my blood” ? Does Jesus want you to slice him up in pieces and eat him ? NO !

Jesus is using a very common saying. EVEN NOW. When we say Food For Thought. We’re not talking about handing a bucket of chicken to your thoughts ! Food for thought is merely an expression applied to anything that nurtures thought. Jesus is saying that his flesh and his blood is food for THE SOUL !

SO MANY times we get these people who feel that EVERYTHING in The Bible and EVERYTHING Jesus says in literal, and yet they fail to understand the context of what Jesus is saying and who or how He’s saying it ! Just because Jesus is perfect DOES NOT mean He can’t use regular colloquialisms to illustrate his point ! When Jesus says that “My flesh is real food and my body real drink”, HE IS NOT SAYING that His body is chicken and his blood is Sprite. He saying that food food and drink drink is only food for the body. It only feed you physically. But His Flesh, His Blood will feed you spiritually. Now on to the issue of the communion. Why do we eat the crackers and drink the juice ? Well Jesus said do this in memory of me. M’kay.

Well The Communion process is actually a representation of feeding our spirit. Basically when we take Communion are accepting of Jesus and His word and we are FEEDING ourselves HIS word. And we do this to acknowledge that we accept His word as FOOD for THE SPIRIT ! The article above is obviously short sighted, one-sighted and only give you what the author believes to be true, HOWEVER he actually took the time to understand what it is he’s talking about and got his facts straight then maybe he’d have a sound argument, And I’m not give you one side either, I’m explaining why we do this so there is no misconception. I hope this help clears up any misconception about communion. Alright, as always have a nice day or a nice night, thank you very much for reading and as always God Bless. Thanks.