Thursday, March 20, 2014


So awhile ago I was listening to The Ben Shapiro Show and he was talking RNC something or other Raffi Williams about how to make The Republican Party appeal to Young People and Minorities. Of course, Ben being in his early 30s and having dealt with Liberals, Leftists and even wrote a book on it, would understand what appeals to Young People and Minorities more so than Raffi Williams. Rightfully so, Ben challenged Raffi's plans and questioned his optimism on the effectiveness of his plans. Needless to say, Ben was unfortunately correct and The RNC came out with a commercial featuring a hipster complaining about something or other and the commercial was just as bland, lame and mock-worthy as your Grandfather bringing up Kanye West in general conversation. The sad fact is, Ben and Raffi aren't close enough to ground zero to see exactly HOW screwed The RNC is, but luckily I'm here to help explain exactly how screwed The RNC are and just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Get ready for a Red Pill.