Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fulfill The Law: Ugo Strange's Guide To Handling Atheist Arguments

You: Christians don't need to kill Homosexuals and everything else because we're no longer under The Law.

Atheist: You think so ?

You: Yeah, The Bible says so.

Atheist: Oh yeah, what about Matthew 5:17 ?

You:...Ummm...what's Matthew 5:17 ?

Atheist:"Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill." Your Bible and your Christ says that He did NOT destroy The Law ! So you Christians are still under the law. And since you're still under the law, why aren't you killing homosexuals ? Because if you don't, you're
not following The Law.

You: Ummmm.....0_o
Has This happened to you ? Where you've been seemingly cornered into questioning your faith in God ? Well have no fear, I am here to debunk a common Atheist argument with simple logic. So hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

All too often I hear Atheists use this argument to try and prove that A) God is mean B) The Bible Contradicts it's self or C) Jesus isn't God. However when ANYONE goes against The Bible we automatically know they are WRONG ! But this argument seems to be kinda solid right ? Wrong! First of all, what does it mean to fulfill ? How does one Fulfill a Law ? By using wiktionary to look up the word fulfill I get several meanings which I'll post here:

to fulfill (third-person singular simple present fulfills, present participle fulfilling, simple past and past participle fulfilled)

1. (archaic) To fill up.

My lady is positively fulfilled of grace.

2. To satisfy, carry out, bring to completion (an obligation, a requirement, etc.).

You made a promise, son, and now you must fulfill it.

3. To emotionally or artistically satisfy; to develop one's gifts to the fullest.

This is the most fulfilling work I've ever done.

4. To obey, follow, comply with (a rule, requirement etc.).

Unfortunately, you don't fulfill the criteria for extra grants at the present time.

For Matthew 5:17, I'll be using the 2nd definition of Fulfill, which means to "carry out, to bring to completion, to satisfy.". Therefore we can re-read Matthew 5:17 as "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to bring it to completion.". But Ugo, how does Jesus complete the Law ? Well, The Bible says that Jesus was made UNDER THE LAW. So while Jesus was on Earth, He was following The Law 100% PERFECT. Why is that important Ugo ? I'm VERY glad you asked, you see in those times The Jews had laws to practice, by following these laws they could live Godly lives. They didn't do this very fact NO ONE did. Therefore anyone who went in violation of those laws had to be put to death. Why did they have to die Ugo ? Because during the Old Testament, The Jews were living under a theocratic system (which is a system of Government ran by God). So basically God is Justice and God is Law. Now when God sent Jesus to the world He sent us THE PERFECT MAN, Jesus was THE LIVING WORD of God which ultimately makes Jesus THE WALKING LAW.

As Jesus was the living embodiment of God's Word/Law He was made to be the PERFECT sacrifice. Since Jesus kept the Law, The Law was fulfilled through Him, so when He died, The Law was finished with Him. The Law was NOT DESTROYED, it was completed. Ugo, That makes no sense ! Okay, let me explain differently.

You and I sign a contract. The Contract states that A Man named John will come to your house and clean your gutters. John will show up at 5pm on your porch, he will have red hair, a Linkin Park T-Shirt, Black pants, and Blue flip-flops. So you sign the contract.

The VERY next day, someone rings your door bell, you answer the door and you see a man standing there, with red hair, a Linkin Park T-Shirt, Black pants and Blue flip-flops. You would be able to clearly come to the conclusion that this man is John. So this man goes and cleans your gutters. When he finishes cleaning your gutters, he leaves and goes on about his business.

Now let's back up, the contract you and I had with each other involved John cleaning your gutters, SO, that contract was NOT DESTROYED, the contract was FULFILLED ! John did what the contract stated ! Once he DID what he was Contracted to do, you and I are NO LONGER bound by THAT CONTRACT, because John FINISHED IT ! John did NOT DESTROY the Contract HE FULFILLED IT !

This is how Matthew 5:17 works. The Law was our Contract between us and God, and Jesus FULFILLED that Contract ! Anyways, I hope you all understand this and I hope you all continue to pray about this and correct me if I'm wrong in some areas. Let me know. Peace in Christ n_n !

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Thou Shall Not Kill: Ugo Strange's Guide to Handling Atheist Arguments

Atheist: The Bible says "Thou shall not kill" right ?

You: Right.

Atheist: Oh but God can kill ! He killed a whole world of innocent people didn't He ?

You: Well yeah, but He's God.

Atheist: Yeah but your God killed ! He went against His own word. Why is it right for God to kill ?

You: Ummmmm....Ummmm....

Atheist: Your God is a barbaric God, How can you worship a God who doesn't even follow his own rules ?

You: Ummmmm...0_0

Has This happened to you ? Where you've been seemingly cornered into questioning your faith in God ? Well have no fear, I am here to debunk a common Atheist argument with simple logic. So hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

First of all, The Bible does NOT say "Thou shall not kill." That's right. It does not say that ! I'll give you some time to check....
Did you check ? Good, now you know. The Bible clearly says "Thou shall not commit murder !" Ugo...Kill and Murder are the same thing ! Well ain't that cute...BUT YOU'RE WRONG ! Kill is to simply take ones life...Murder is the UNLAWFUL taking of someone's life. That's something very important.

A Man breaks into your house and holds your family at gun you have a knife in your hand and the Man DOES not see you and you kill him 0_0...Does that make you a murderer ?...NO ! You had no choice and you were defending your family. Oh but Ugo, Killing is wrong ! Yes, if you have a peaceful option then by all means take it, but if you're given no choice, Jesus does NOT want us to be push overs. Yes, He told us to turn the other cheek but that was ONLY for stupid things...things that should bother us to begin with, but He ALSO told us to BUY A SWORD, TO DEFEND OURSELVES !

Now...when God initiated the flood...was He MURDERING anyone ?...NO ! Ugo, how is that possible ? Because God is a judge, now Atheists cannot and WILL NOT acknowledge this part of God's character, so when they call all those who died in the flood innocent, they are making a grievous error. They are taking what is normal now and comparing it to back then and using that to argue. These "innocent" people maybe innocent by our standards...but back then, it was a Theocracy. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means it truly was one country UNDER GOD !...unlike ours....*coughs* >_>.....<_<...*coughs* Anyways...when you are in a Theocracy, that means GOD RUNS THE COUNTRY ! Therefore God's word is LAW ! If anyone goes against that word...guess what...THEY'RE BREAKING THE LAW !

Atheists can "Boo-Hoo !" all they want about how homosexuality shouldn't have been against God's word in the first place...the facts are facts and they can't change that. So when an Atheist calls someone innocent who God condemned to the Canaanites and so on so forth...I suggest you reply "Innocent by who's standards ?". If it's by their own standards...then it doesn't matter because it's their opinion, and opinions are nothing to facts. So DO not let an Atheist define God or remove aspects of God's character. I'm Ugo Strange and you just go another lesson in handling Atheist Arguments, Hope this helped, Peace in Christ ! >^.^<

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Atheist Life v.s. Religious Life: The Christian Side Of Things

Topic #1: Lying
If Nazi came to my House, and asked me if I were hiding Jews, I would LIE ! Yes, I know The Bible says "Thous Shall Not Lie !" and Yes, I do understand I'm breaking a commandment, and NO I would not feel bad about it. However, since I do have an obligation to my God, I would ask that He forgives me for lying. The problem with this scenario isn't the lie it's self, it's the reason for lying that is the problem. Sin is a VERY powerful thing, Sin causes evil..Evil in this scenario would be the random extermination of Jews. In this scenario, I have not caused the extermination of Jes, but I am effected by it's outcome, therefore given that reality, I would have to comport myself to the greater good, which is saving the lives of these people how have done no wrong to be exterminated. And the best human way I can do that is by lying. As a Christian, I do have an issue with lying, but in this scenario, I would and I will not be ashamed of it.

Topic #2: Outrage

This I find ridiculous, Christians can be outraged as well when a friend dies of a horrible disease as well. I was upset over Hurricane Katrina, I was upset over the Virgina Tech Shooting, even if I didn't know anyone there personally. From the way this video sounds he makes it seem as if we Christians simply just say "Oh well God did it.". No ! We do not. Yes, we believe God does have a plan for everything but we are not so complacent as to simply just say "God did it." and move on. Ask any Christian worth their salt and they will tell you if a natural disaster was occurring in their neighborhood, they would not just say "Oh well God's doing it.", I can tell you they would be out there trying to help as many people as they can. I feel that this video misrepresents us in a fashion that makes us seem as though since we believe that a God is in control, it allows us to become listless and complacent to the suffering around us, if anything we are MORE inclined to care and worry about the suffering around us. Furthermore, we as Christians are not opposed to science in regards to understanding the world around us, this is clearly a misrepresentation of our position. Furthermore the use of the word "magical plan" is absurd, Christians do not believe in Magic, and our God is NOT a Magical God. We are not fools who believe that there is NO reason to try and stop world disasters from happening because God is causing them. If a scientist found a way to stop hurricanes and tornadoes and so on, I would be very happy as would any Christian. This video tries to make us seem fatalistic in our ideas and that could not be any father from the truth.

The Car Accident Scenario only offers one side and make God out to be some jerk who has no idea what's He's doing and decides to kill someone for no reason. Everything that God does has a reason, and while it is our basic human nature to ask ourselves questions like "What it because I didn't pray enough ?" and so on forth, we need to understand that God does indeed have a reason and does know what He's doing. I would ask an atheist how they can take comfort in the random chance of such an accident occurring again. From a Christian perspective when an accident occurs, a message is usually attached to it, and it is not something to guilt you into God, but for an Atheist, all you have is a horrible accident and that's it. What did you learn ? What is the outcome, has it made you any better ? Most Christians leave from accidents feeling better in some respects, sometimes it takes a near death experience or the loss of a loved one for us to figure out certain things. That is something only God can show you.

Topic #3: Friends
Christians can be friends with anyone as well, barring criminals of course. As a Christian, I have Atheist friends, Gay Friends, Non-Christian Friends and so on so forth. In The Bible Jesus was friends with prostitutes and so on so forth. The Bible preaches a message of accepting Human beings simply because they were made in the image of God and that is an image to be respected. Christians to do chastise people for being unique, granted only the pious few do, but for people who are actually following true Christianity, does not go about town shaking their finger at someone because they dye their hair and pierce their ears. Christians can have friends who are gay as well, I have tons of gay friends and while I do not approve of what they do, I do accept them as human beings and I love them all the same. The maker of this video is rather foggy on the details of sin, While God did indeed make people as they are, sin has caused us to become defiant to God's design, this is why we have homosexuality and so on so forth. As a Christian, I will not deny my growing concern of Homosexuality, but I refuse to take on any hostile action against them. And that goes for Non-Christians as well. Jesus loved people and told them who He was and what His mission was, all those who listened, listened, and all those who didn't, didn't. As a Christian, I am already saved from the fires of Hell, therefore I do not fear Hell, I do fear for other people, but it is not my wish to scare people into believing God.I will not waste time preaching to those who don't wish to listen. As Christians the best we can is pray for them and hope that God will open their hearts to His word. Simple.

Topic #4: Raising Free Thinking Children
Seeing as how I don't have children I can't tell you what that would be like, but if one of my very close younger friends told me they were going to be an atheist, my response would be "Well, I don't want you to. But if that's what you're going to do, then I will pray for you to return to Christ." Simple as that. I will not force them back to my religion or anything. In my childhood, I studied other religions as well under no fear of having my mother shun me or anything. As I got older God laid it upon me to become a Christian and I did. My Mother did raise us in the Church but she did not close us off from anything else. When I was young I was a HUGE lover of Mythology, Greek and Egyptian, I loved it all ! And I would study it all non-stop. As I got older I discovered Paganism and so on so forth, and I studied them all. But I am still a Christian. I tend to give my children the same advantage to study other things as well and I will engage them in conversations about them as well. Of course I will promote the Christian perspective as an Atheist would promote the Atheist perspective if their child decided to become a Christian. Furthermore, I'd like to ask an Atheist if they have any evidence for religion...considering that fact that they are an atheist, one would come to the conclusion that they have found no evidence worth mentioning to begin with. Christians love their children regardless of their belief. If I told my mother I was an Atheist, that does not change the fact that she is still my mother and I am still her son. She will love me regardless, because that was God wants her to do and that is what ANY GOOD mother would and should do.

Topic #5: Good Deeds

Christians do not do good deeds to get into Heaven or to have God rewards us. The Bible makes it clear that there are NO good deeds we can do that will get us into Heaven. God simply tells us to respect His creation, Human Beings are His creation and we respect them by caring for His creation. Christians can give to charities as well. This video makes it sounds as if Christians don't wish to help anyone. Allow me to reveal something that occurred awhile ago for me, but my brother and I were recently scammed, sadly a few weeks ago by a contest that stated the prize was 1 million dollars. Aside from all the things I wanted to do with that money, I was planning on donating portion to charity and also to buy real estate so I can provide a place for the homeless. Not because it would please God granted God would not be angry with me for doing such a thing but I wished to do it simply because I would have the ability to make a difference, and I still feel that way. If I ever do come into such wealth I will still do these things. I go give of my own free will and it feels good. I am not hording my money or my belongings only to have God come along and say "GIVE BEFORE I KILL YOU !" God does not function that was and neither do Christians. This video makes it sound as if we are secretly selfish and are only being nice because God will kill us if we do not.

Topic #6: Forgiveness and Love
I fail to see how Christian forgiveness is different. God forgives us of our sins. God understands our limitations and faults and He still accepts us. God did not make a mistake in making you and therefore has a purpose of making you. He loves you and if He did not, He would not take the time to create you. In this respect I like to compare God to an Artist. I am an Artist so I'll use myself as an example. I do NOT like Vampires at ALL. I HATE THEM ! I think they are a waste of fiction. Considering my vast hatred for Vampires, would I create a Vampire character ? I would not. I do not love Vampires and therefore I do not bother with creating them.

As far as love goes, I am lucky enough to save that I have found love, and she knows who she is (>^.^<). And it is a one on one connection, but God is involved in it and fail to see how this a disadvantage. It is not as if when I tell Kim I love her, I have to say "I love you to God !" right after. It is not like God is jealous that I have love, so what is the disadvantage to having God involved in your love life ? And again this video refers to God as Magical. God is NOT magical. Furthermore God created the concept of marriage, Adam and Eve, The Father giving the bride to The Husband. Sound familiar !? God did indeed create guidelines to being married and those who follow those guidelines go on to have fulfilling marriages. Simply because they understand the order of how things are supposed to work. I am not saying that marriage is easy, by no means, but we as Christians do have a manual for making marriages work written by the creator of marriage, I would ask an atheist what guideline they have for theirs.

Topic #7: Science
Again with the "Magical being" God is NOT magic, stop saying He is. We as Christians do not fill gaps with JUST GOD. God is the beginning of all things, therefore we know that God put in place certain things that are not of our knowledge yet, but we can rest assured that the final solution will always boil down to God. Back in ancient times, the Greek attributed Thunder and Lightning to Zeus, as the years went on, we have established that thunder and lightning occur due to high and low pressure fronts and so on so forth, not some being crafting lightning blots to hurl at the ground. But we must ask ourselves how do these things occur. My answer is God set those things in motion. Science simply reveals to us how God set those things up. Science has revealed to us that H2O makes water, if There is 2HO..then it is not water, if it is H3O, it is not water. Only H2O maker Water. When Jesus turned water into wine that was not a magic trick, Jesus knows which molecule and which atom he has to tweak in order for water to become wine. He knows this simply because He made it, and if He did indeed make it, then He knows how to change it. Science is a wonderful tool and I fully accept Science. But in my mind there is a designer. Science is a tool NOT an answer. I for one LOVE science, and I can accept both worlds fully because they are NOT opposing to each other, regardless of what many believe. Science simply alludes to God's design. Therefore by science we can further understand the universe that God placed us in.

Topic #8: Sin
Sin is a real thing. Scientifically, I would like to ask an atheist the benefits of homosexuality, without appealing to emotions. Since, on a scientific level, emotions are merely chemical impulses in the brain. From a scientific level, homosexuality would be extremely difficult to defend. As Christians we have a reason why such things occur and it is called Sin. Sin as defined in The Bible is the opposition of God's word. God tells us not to murder, therefore it is a sin to murder, God tells us not to lie, therefore it is a sin to lie. However from an Atheist point of view, I would like to ask what reasoning do you have for not lying and or murdering ? Sure, I agree that these 2 things are bad, but what are your reasons ? Yes, I understand that murder is against the law, but let's say for instance that it wasn't a law and you could murder anyone you wanted. Would that still make it a bad thing ? As a Christians I would say yes, murder under any circumstances is wrong. Even if our country passed a bill saying that murder was now legal, I would not murder anyone. Because God tells us not to murder. Sin can only exist when God's word is compromised by us. God tells us a Man should not lie with a man as one does with a woman and vice versa, and when we do the opposite, it becomes sin. If you think about it, it really is quite simple. Furthermore God does not shakes his fist at kinky sex. The Bible does not tell you Missionary ONLY ! The Bible clearly states that the function of sex is to be shared between a husband who is a Man and Wife who is a Woman, HOW YOU DO IT IS NONE OF GOD'S CONCERN AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT INVOLVE OTHER PEOPLE ! Therefore hey, if you're into whips and chains, whipped creme on the belly button and so on, GO FOR IT ! Too many people believe that Christians are not sexual at all. Yes, we have sex, NO we're not ashamed to talk about it and NO we are NOT prudes. Sex is meant to be shared between a husband and wife, if it's not between those to then guess what...IT'S SIN ! Pure and simple. Furthermore God's word is NOT insanely hard to follow. Don't lie, Don't Murder anyone, Don't have sex before marriage (Oh, now I see the problem >_>). It's easy. For anyone who think that God is just this jerk with all these rules, I compel you to examine His rules yourself. Some of you are following them without even knowing them, but once you find out that it was a rule, you suddenly get angry and wish to break it. I haven't murdered anyone, I haven't had sex before marriage (not intent to either) and I do not feel like God is saying "DON'T HAVE SEX OR I'LL KILL YOU !" I can look at having sex before marriage and analyzing the consequences of that action, and I have seen too many people get screwed over for just a minute and thirty seconds with a hot chick.

Topic #9: Free Thought

Everyone has the power to think for themselves. Everyone has the power to study other things. I studied other things as well. That was my choice to do so. I have taken science classes in high school and I have found nothing in science that opposes my God. I haven't. Therefore science does not scare me. Christians have the ability to change their minds also. This is where we get the different denominations from, and by denominations I mean Protestant, Lutherans, and so on so forth, I do not mean Catholic, Jehova's Witnesses, Mormons and so on so forth, they are NOT Christians I can prove that in a separate article. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Christians find the pursuit of truth a very worthy endeavor also. Christians do not have all the answers and never will we claim to, but we do know of someone who does, and we call Him God. To expand on this let me elaborate, when a I was hanging out with my friend and his little brother (who's 3 by the way) he kept asking a certain question, "Why does it rain ?" and I explained to him the scientific answer and taught him about high and low pressure fronts and what not, and yet again he asked "Why ?" I explained to him how the Earth's atmosphere works in accordance with the weather and so on so forth, and yet again he asked "Why ?", "Well..." I told him, all of this occurs because God is in charge of it all. This was not because it was not in my power to answer, I simply know that God does indeed create the circumstance for rain. Not through magic, but by ways we can test and see. I would NEVER tell anyone that God uses magic. The God I serve is a Scientific God and therefore reveals His power to us in a fashion that leaves us in awe and yet we are able to examine the very complexities of His work. I would NOT DARE say "God did it." and leave that as the only answer. As a person I find such an answer as "God did it." to be very unsatisfying and stupid and NO THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER THAT CHRISTIANS USE ! Like Atheists and EVERYONE else I am ALL for figure out this universe, but at the end of it all, I will still be saying "Wow, God knew what He was doing."

Topic #10: Excuses
I do not use God as an excuse. Furthermore I would not allow anyone else to use God as excuse to do something bad. The Spanish Inquisition was NOTORIOUS for using God to promote their murder. Now, if you were paying attention, The Bible tells us "Thou shall NOT commit murder." and these guys were murdering people, regardless of what they thought, they were murdering them, ergo, they were going against The Word of God and WERE NEVER working for Him in the first place. Have true Christians went on killing sprees in the name of God ? Regardless of what they say, if you're murdering people, then you are going against what God says. I do NOT excuse anyone who has a gun and kills someone and claims that their excuse was "God told me to do it.", because in my heart, I know they are wrong. The KKK was a supposedly "Christian" founded organization and they were all for killing Black People, as a part of their belief system. I do not excuse them for that, because I know that they are NOT Christians simply based on what they are doing. We has Christians and as Humans do take full on responsibility for our actions. Furthermore what atrocities have we as Christians committed to please God ? I already told you The Spanish Inquisition were not Christians, The KKK wasn't, neither were the Nazis. So where is it that TRUE Christians have committed atrocities ? There is NONE ! I cannot, nor will I speak in defense of any other religion, because I simply cannot. But in the confines of Christianity, those who adhere to God's word have not committed atrocities.

Topic #11: Original Sin
This is a lie, the prayer thing. The video makes it seem as those Christians simply pray and then do nothing. The process of prayer is no so simple. Pray involves 2 parts, Prayer and Action. As an Atheist, you would ask, Why not just skip to the action part ? Good question, and I will answer that as a Christian. We start off with Prayer and ask God to help aide in our decision making, and to help pave an easier way for our plan or whatever to work. We DO NOT look to God as some form of Geine figure who magically steps in a makes all the bad things go away. God is NOT a geine, and when we pray we are not asking Him for wishes, we are asking Him for help. After we are finished praying we then look for what God is telling us to do next. Example, if a college kids was out partying one night but realized he had a test in the morning that HE DID NOT STUDY FOR, but he was a fairly decent note taker. He could pray and ask God to help him calmly recall the information he needed to pass the test. So that night he gets home and he's beat from all the partying, he goes home, glances at his notes, but he tired and after the 2nd page of his notes, he's out. Test time comes and he's sitting in the chair nervous knowing he didn't study, he says a quick prayer again for help and guidance on the test, when he receives the test, he gives it a once over and realizes some of it he already knows, and as he starts to fill out the answers the other answers to the harder questions come back to him. This is not magic. This is God simply allowing this person to better recall the information he already knew. Now as an Atheist you're sitting there like, "NO ! It was his mind ! His own brain power ! Not God !". Yes, it was his brain power, it was his mind, but God made the answers more clear to him. As an Atheist you're probably like "That is so stupid !". Well that's the probably, you as Atheist expect God to be some form of magically deity and He is NOT, God will work with us in a very natural way sometimes. But make no mistake it is His doing.

Topic #12: Women
I have already handled the woman issues, but since he brought it up, I will expand on that. Many atheists who read The Bible complain about it being sexist. I find that ridiculous for many reasons. One of which is the comparison they make to our time. They need to understand that The Bible was written in a different time and a different place and to a different culture. When The Bible says that a wife must cover her head, The Bible is NOT speaking to all women, The Bible was written for men and women of that culture. We apply the meanings of The Bible to our culture today. When The Bible tells us that a woman must be submissive to her husband, it is NOT saying that a Husband can beat his wife and there isn't anything she can do about that. The Bible establishes that The MAN is supposed to lead the household, let me qualify this by saying a GOOD MAN ! Any woman who has a Good Man to lead them certainly would NOT mind being subordinate to him. Because if he is a good man, he will not treat you as a 2nd class citizen. I do not treat my girlfriend Kimmy as a second class citizen, I treat her with respect and care, because I care about her very much, Not because God tells me to, but because I love her, deeply. We live in a society today where men and women both are elevated to levels where they should not be, and given the break down of the family structure and single mothers, it is no mystery why women are becoming more and more independent of men, and this is because as men we need to understand that our place is to lead the family. God gave us that job. Not because He hates women, but because He made us to be leaders, He made us stronger than women for a reason and that is why. Men are the providers, men are the leaders, women are the care givers and nurturers, you can clearly see that is in women's nature to do so. It is in Men's nature to do so.

Topic #13: Media
I read comic books, I've studied Tarot Cards and The Occult, I listen to Disturbed, which I believe...wait...scratch that...KNOW is The single GREATEST ROCK BAND ON EARTH ! I play Mortal Kombat, I LOVE breaking people's necks in those games, it's fun. I LOVE "Pulp Fiction" especially the scene where they shoot Marvin in the face. That was funny. I draw, I've drawn grizzly murder scenes, I get very crazy with the red coloring pencil, I've drawn murders, I've drawn hookers, I've drawn killers, and nope, I don't feel like The Devil is out to get me on these topics. Because I am able to understand that what I'm reading, writing, studying or doing is FICTION and have no bounds in regards to my personal life. Therefore when I break a neck in Mortal Kombat,or drawn a person being stabbed to death, or watch a movie with a murder scene, I am not a murderer, I am not killing anyone and I have no intent to do so. These things are simply works of fiction and I treat them as such. God understands fiction and though He may not approve of the content, He does understand fiction.Therefore God will NOT KILL YOU IF YOU READ A COMIC BOOK or HARRY POTTER (although....there are MUCH better things to read than Harry Potter...but I digress)
In conclusion, I'd like to say that an Atheist life only has benefits if you misrepresent God and The Christian Perspective. If the opposing side of the argument was able to be revealed, the whole thing would be stalemated. And it still is, seeing as how if and when an atheist reads this, I doubt they'll be very satisfied with my answers and I will not delude myself into thinking they will. I merely written this article as an opposition to the video. As an atheist, a lot of my answers are not on par with your thinking and therefore will be discredited and ignored, so I will accept the fact that I have not represented my side very well in your eyes. However for myself and hopefully others will agree that I have done a fairly decent job outlining The Christian Life Style. Thank you all for reading and Peace in Christ.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Basic conversation with an Atheist...

Atheist: Man, Christians are stupid !

You: I’ll challenge you on that, what exactly do you find stupid ?

Atheist: The Bible is FULL of hypocritical B.S. !

You: Example, please.

Atheist: Okay, do you think it’s right for an All Loving God to KILL EVERYONE on Earth ?!

You: I think you’re referring to the Flood?

Atheist: Yes, that just shows you how stupid your God is, He said thou shall not Kill and yet He goes and disobey’s His own rules, some God you got there.

You: I’m sorry, you got that wrong, The Bible doesn’t say “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, that’s a common mistake. It says “Thous Shalt Not Commit Murder.”

Atheist: Same difference !

You: No, far from it. Kill simply means to put an end to one’s life, Murder is an unjust killing. You see the difference ?

Atheist: Yeah, but that doesn’t change the fact that your God KILLED BILLIONS of innocent people on Earth !

You: Whoa, easy there. Let’s take a real look at what’s going on. The Bible said that no one was righteous, so no one was innocent,
by God’s standards.

Atheist: That doesn’t make it right for Him to go killing everyone.

You: Actually, it does. If you break a law, there’s a punishment. So why can’t God work the same way ? I mean you understand it
State wise.

Atheist: I just don’t see how EVERYONE can break the law.

You: That’s what happens when people try and make their own moral code.

Atheist: And Christians are Better than Atheists because they have better Morals ?!

You: I didn’t say that. I did say that we have something we can base our actions on, you do not.

Atheist: Yes I do !

You: What ?

Atheist: Myself, I have a mind, I know what’s right and what’s wrong.

You: Oh really ? Care to test that ?

Atheist: Sure.

You: Okay, here’s an easy one. I think that everyone with Black Hair and Hazel eyes Is better than everyone else. So I’m gonna kill everyone who doesn’t
Have Black hair and hazel eyes. Why is that wrong ?

Atheist: Because you’re killing people, duh !

You: So my killing people is wrong ?

Atheist: Yes !

You: Prove it.

Atheist: You’re taking someone’s life, you can’t just up and do that.

You: Yeah, but you’re missing the point, you don’t have Black Hair and Hazel eyes, so why would I listen to you in the first place ?

Atheist: Now you’re just being stupid.

You: No I’m not, I’m working in the parameters I set up. I’m gonna kill everyone who doesn’t have Black Hair and Hazel eyes, because they’re better than everyone else.
Convince me they’re not.

Atheist: Well if you won’t listen to me, then you won’t listen to me. No point in arguing with you if you already think you’re better than me.

You: So you’re gonna let me kill everyone ?

Atheist: No.

You: Then convince me I’m wrong in what I believe to be true.

Atheist: Prove to me that people with Black Hair and Hazel eyes are better than me, then.

You: I don’t need to prove it, I believe it.

Atheist: Then if you can’t prove it, it’s false !

You: I don’t need to prove it, I believe it, and I can find a thousand other like minded people, then it won’t matter.

Atheist: So I can’t convince you. Regardless of what I say, you’re going to kill everyone either way. Why’d we do this stupid exercise in the first place ?

You: To show you that Mankind can’t define it’s own moral code. Would you like to know how I would’ve convinced me?

Atheist: Sure, why not.

You: I would’ve showed myself The Bible and said check this out, God made EVERYONE equal, no one is better than no one and I can prove that by showing you the creation story and how we all came to be, and then I’d would’ve shown me The Law, the Moral Code that God instilled upon us. Nowhere in that Law does it say that anyone is better than anyone. Anyone who breaks that Law would have to answer to God. So I can’t go around killing everyone who doesn’t have Black Hair and Hazel eyes simply because everyone else can have that same idea about me. It’s God’s equality that makes us equal, Not man’s.

Atheist: Yeah, that’s really cute. So you believe The Bible is real ? Like word for word, every bit of it is true ?

You: Yes I do.

Atheist: That means you’re a racist, and sexist and killer.

You: Oh really, explain please.

Atheist: In Levticius, you own Bible tells you that homosexuals must be stoned to death ! So why aren’t you out killing homosexuals ? You see you Christians wanna believe all the good stuff in The Bible but when it comes time to face that bad stuff you guys just wanna pick and choose which laws to follow. You’re all hypocrites!

You: No, and I can explain why. The Laws in Levticus were for the Israelites. They lived under a theocratic system, that’s a system of Government in which Religion runs the nation. Under the Levitical law, as long as the Israelites followed it they would be okay in the Eyes of God. If they broke the law there would be a punishment.

Atheist: That doesn’t explain why you don’t follow it today.

You: Yes it does, we’re no longer living under a theocratic system. When Jesus came down and died on the cross he fulfilled the Law,ergo the Law is no longer needed to keep us on track with God. Only Jesus can do that now. So people today, do not need the Law
We have Jesus.

Atheist: That’s another thing I don’t get. This Jesus guy. So this long haired, hippie shows up and does a bunch of magic tricks and dies becomes a zombie and everyone worships him, that retarded.

You: I’ll challenge that one to. What is it about Jesus that you find hard to believe.

Atheist: Everything ! Jesus wasn’t real.

You: If Jesus isn’t real then we’re all still going to Hell.

Atheist: Why ?

You: Because of sin.

Atheist: That so stupid, so just because one man screws up and eats an apple, we ALL gotta suffer for it. Yeah, your God is great alright.

You: Well, through one man sin entered the world and through one man sin left the world, that sounds pretty fair to me.

Atheist: Whatever.

You: Can I ask you a question ?

Atheist: Sure.

You: Under what circumstances would you believe in God ?

Atheist: If God himself came down here and told me to my face He was God and proved it to me.

You: What if I told you He already did ?

Atheist: Prove it.

You: The Bible. God comes down in the flesh and shows man that He is God.

Atheist: *pfffffft* The Bible is a bunch of made of stories written by men YEARS ago, that hardly counts as proof.

You: The Bible was written by Men, inspired by God.

Atheist: Then your God’s an idiot because The Bible is the dumbest thing I ever read. And what do you mean by inspired by God. You mean God told them to write that nonsense ?

You: Can you do me a favor ?

Atheist: Sure.

You: Type out this sentence over "in principio creavit Deus caelum et terram".

Atheist: In principio creavit Deus caelum et terram.

Atheist: Okay, so I typed it. What now ?

You: Do you have any clue what you just typed ?

Atheist: No.

You: Do you know what that says ?

Atheist: No.

You: Do you understand that at all ?

Atheist: No.

You: Well I understand it perfectly.

Atheist: Of course, you’re the one that told me to type it so I’d assume so.

You: There’s also a good hand full of people who’d understand what you just typed. They’ll all understand it, you won’t though.

Atheist: What was the point of that ?

You: To show inspiration. I just told you to type something that you yourself did not understand at all, but I know someone else will. So based on my command to you, you written down a series of words that only a hand full of people would understand.
Sound familiar ?

Atheist: The Bible right ?

You: Bingo.

Atheist: Okay, I’ll give you that one. Explain to me God’s sexism !

You: Sexism ? Where ?

Atheist: 1st Tim Chapter 2. “Also that women should adorn themselves modestly and sensibly in seemly apparel, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly attire but by good deeds, as befits women who profess religion. Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent.”. That sounds like a pretty sexist God to me.

You: That discussing conduct in The Church. Women were Queens and rulers back then, but in the Church the men are supposed to be in charge. Not because God is sexist, it’s because God gave us the task in doing so. Not because we’re better than women, only because He made us first and said that that was our job.

Atheist: So a woman can’t preach a sermon?

You: Nope.

Atheist: Why not ?

You: That’s not her job to do.

Atheist: That’s discrimination !

You: No, that’s the rules. I mean you can fry an egg on the hood of a car but that’s not what the hood was made for was it ?

Athiest: So if you were a Pastor and a woman came up to you and she was really into God, like REALLY into God and REALLY wanted to preach a sermon, you wold say no ?

You: If she was really into God as you say she is then she would adhere to His word, and if I said yes, then I’d be doing the exact thing you accused
Christians of earlier, ie picking and choosing which laws to follow.

Atheist: Touche’. But you know the only reason you believe in God is because you’re afraid of Hell. If there was no Hell you wouldn’t
believe in God.

You: You think so ?

Atheist: I know so. Why else would anyone believe something so stupid ?

You: Well, I won’t lie, not going to Hell is very high on my priority list. But before that, it’d be worshiping God.

Atheist: Now, I’m gonna play a game with you. Say there is no Hell, so why worship God ?

You: Because He made us, because He gives us life everyday if that’s not a reason to worship something, I don’t know what is.

Atheist: My Mom and Dad made me, so I guess I should worship them shouldn’t I ?

You: Your words not mine. I wouldn’t advise you to.

Atheist: Whatever.

You: Anything else you wanna talk about ?

Atheist: Yeah, Jesus. You are aware that before Jesus there were hundreds of people claiming to be the Messiah who could walk through walls and walk on water and do magic tricks, so why Jesus ? Why out of all those hundreds did The Bible pick Jesus ?

You: Well first of all The Bible didn’t pick Jesus. Secondly, the other people who claimed to be The Messiah were not the Messiah.

Atheist: How do you know ?

You: It’s like this, say I told you that in 5 days you’ll get a knock on your door, 3 knocks, when you open the door there will be a guy 6’2, Black hair, goatee, Linkin Park T-Shirt, Black pants with green stitching and Blue sneakers and his name will be Pedro and he’ll clean your gutters. So 5 days go by and you get 3 knocks on the door, you open it and the guy at your door is 6’2, Black hair, goatee, Linkin Park T-Shirt, Black pants with green stitching and Blue sneakers, who is at your door ?

Atheist: I’d assume from the way you described the person coming that the person at my door was obviously Pedro.

You: Exactly, I told you who Pedro was, what he looked like and what he was there to do. Same thing with Jesus. In The Old Testament Jesus was predicted to do and preform certain actions to reveal exactly who he was, and Jesus did all these actions. Dig this In the Davidic Covenant, David was told that he’d have someone from his lineage eternally on the throne. Jesus was born in the Lineage of King David, and guess what, that fulfilled The Davidic Covenant. All the other “Messiahs” did not.

Atheist: Hrm….touche’. I guess I’ll have more questions for you in the future. You take it easy.

You: Sure thing man, God bless.

Sorry for the long post but Christians need to know how to answer these questions. Feel free to post your own
Questions or answers to questions here. Thanks all, Peace in Christ.