Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why It's Hard To Be Black & Christian in America...

This article I feel has been a LONG time coming and I feel like everything I've been thinking and feeling has led to this. Before I continue I should preamble a lot of things so you can understand where exactly I'm coming from, of course I'll be omitting a few bits and pieces of personal information. I am 25 years old, I will be 26 next month, I am African American, I am male. I grew up in a Fatherless home, I was raised by my Mother and Grandmother, both of which are light-skinned. My Grandmother was so light-skinned that many often mistook her for a White woman.

I am visibly African American as you've seen. My family is unfortunately a statistic, as my family was torn apart by the drug abuse of my father. Unfortunately I met him a few years back and was none too pleased with the reunion. Thankfully he is out of my life. I was raised in Detroit all my life around other African Americans and wasn't fully accepted by my peers due to my voice being a few octaves higher than it should be and the fact that my vocabulary and taste in music didn't sync up with theirs. I have not done drugs, I do not drink, heck, I don't even drink coffee. My mother is a worker at Ford and has been for a long time. We're living a middle class life and getting by day to day. We are also Christians. However recent events in American history have driven a wedge in America that hasn't existed since slavery.