Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thou Shall Not Kill: Ugo Strange's Guide to Handling Atheist Arguments

Atheist: The Bible says "Thou shall not kill" right ?

You: Right.

Atheist: Oh but God can kill ! He killed a whole world of innocent people didn't He ?

You: Well yeah, but He's God.

Atheist: Yeah but your God killed ! He went against His own word. Why is it right for God to kill ?

You: Ummmmm....Ummmm....

Atheist: Your God is a barbaric God, How can you worship a God who doesn't even follow his own rules ?

You: Ummmmm...0_0

Has This happened to you ? Where you've been seemingly cornered into questioning your faith in God ? Well have no fear, I am here to debunk a common Atheist argument with simple logic. So hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

First of all, The Bible does NOT say "Thou shall not kill." That's right. It does not say that ! I'll give you some time to check....
Did you check ? Good, now you know. The Bible clearly says "Thou shall not commit murder !" Ugo...Kill and Murder are the same thing ! Well ain't that cute...BUT YOU'RE WRONG ! Kill is to simply take ones life...Murder is the UNLAWFUL taking of someone's life. That's something very important.

A Man breaks into your house and holds your family at gun you have a knife in your hand and the Man DOES not see you and you kill him 0_0...Does that make you a murderer ?...NO ! You had no choice and you were defending your family. Oh but Ugo, Killing is wrong ! Yes, if you have a peaceful option then by all means take it, but if you're given no choice, Jesus does NOT want us to be push overs. Yes, He told us to turn the other cheek but that was ONLY for stupid things...things that should bother us to begin with, but He ALSO told us to BUY A SWORD, TO DEFEND OURSELVES !

Now...when God initiated the flood...was He MURDERING anyone ?...NO ! Ugo, how is that possible ? Because God is a judge, now Atheists cannot and WILL NOT acknowledge this part of God's character, so when they call all those who died in the flood innocent, they are making a grievous error. They are taking what is normal now and comparing it to back then and using that to argue. These "innocent" people maybe innocent by our standards...but back then, it was a Theocracy. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means it truly was one country UNDER GOD !...unlike ours....*coughs* >_>.....<_<...*coughs* Anyways...when you are in a Theocracy, that means GOD RUNS THE COUNTRY ! Therefore God's word is LAW ! If anyone goes against that word...guess what...THEY'RE BREAKING THE LAW !

Atheists can "Boo-Hoo !" all they want about how homosexuality shouldn't have been against God's word in the first place...the facts are facts and they can't change that. So when an Atheist calls someone innocent who God condemned to the Canaanites and so on so forth...I suggest you reply "Innocent by who's standards ?". If it's by their own standards...then it doesn't matter because it's their opinion, and opinions are nothing to facts. So DO not let an Atheist define God or remove aspects of God's character. I'm Ugo Strange and you just go another lesson in handling Atheist Arguments, Hope this helped, Peace in Christ ! >^.^<

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