Monday, January 30, 2012

Euthanasia, Why not ?

Okay, so all too often I talk about Christian topics here but I wanted to write a satirical piece for the sole purpose of exposing a few things, I'm using this as a preamble for anyone who thinks I'm 100% serious about this. I AM NOT. This is satire and it's meant to invoke thought rather than agreement, and if you DO agree with any of this then may God have mercy on you.

So lately I've been thinking, WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT EUTHANASIA? I'm pro-choice and I have to ask this very valid question because it just bugs me. I know what you're thinking, Euthanasia and Pro-Choice are two different things! You're right, they are but fundamentally they aren't. You see Pro-Life people have it their heads that Abortions are only for teenage girls who don't want the responsibility of a child. That couldn't be FARTHER from the truth. The majority of abortions are had by adult women and a good percentage of them ALREADY HAVE CHILDREN! What I'm trying to say here is that Abortion is NOT about ignoring responsibilities, but it's about HAVING responsibilities, am I right ? The women who have abortions have them mostly because of the financial strain taking care of another child would cause. Some families don't have lots of extra cash laying around to support more children and in those cases an abortion is in order. Euthanasia is NOT different.

This is the part of the article where I have to brace myself for attacks from angry people I urge you all to hear me out before you call me out. Those of you who are Pro-Choice understand the responsibility of dealing another child and make the choice NOT TO for the sake of your own children. However what do you do when the child is already born and they are Mentally retarded ? There are people who'll think I'm a horrible person for suggesting it BUT why are we no euthanizing the mentally retarded ?


I suppose I should preamble this by saying I am NOT talking about the mentally retarded that are functional; and by functional I mean they are able to accomplish simple tasks, a prime example of this would be Forrest Gump or Autistic people. I think we should euthanize the useless ones; and don't give me that look as if you have no idea who or what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the children who are strapped to chairs and drool or the ones that can't performs or do any simple task at all. Horrible? Yes, I know but consider this. The people who have mentally retarded children are going to be financially obligated to take care of them for the rest of their lives and will have to save up money to accommodate them once the parents have passed on.

Consider this, you're a parent and you become aware that your child will do nothing for the rest of his life, all he will do is sit in a chair and drool. Would you WILLINGLY subject your child to that kind of existence IF YOU KNEW THAT? Of course you wouldn't! No parents wants a retarded child and no parent would ask for one. So why on Earth are these parents WILLINGLY subjecting their children to such a horrible existence? Oh, I understand that euthanasia is illegal but with a large enough rally cry from the people we can get them to see things our way.

Parents deal with children for those children to grow up, get jobs and be their own person out there in the world, that's what parenting is about. Preparing a future generation. But parenting a retarded child? What's the benefit? What does it do for society? Sure, it may bring the parents some kind of emotional fulfillment but in all honesty, that's selfish, and these parents should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their child to exist in such a sorry state. Any parent who would willing allow their children to but disadvantaged in such a horrible way should be ashamed. But we revere them as heroes and noble, why? What's heroic about wasting all of your resources on something that is only going to be passed off to someone else?

Understand something, mentally retarded children are NOT able to function in society, CANNOT function in society and are nothing more than a financial drain that really doesn't need to exist. Why is it that we allow loved ones to pull the plug on a person when that person becomes financially unsupportable but if I suggest it for the mentally retarded it's suddenly a different issue? Oh, because the mentally retarded are alive. You call that alive? No one wants to live their lives incoherently mumbling and drooling uncontrollably, so why would you make them live in such a condition? The merciful thing to do would be to simply euthanize them. I'm not talking about putting them in a furnace or on a train or anything like that, I'm talking about a simple medical procedure that would eliminate them quickly and painlessly.

Think about yourself. Why should you have to take care of someone that CAN'T learn how to take care of themselves? Why should your life be dictated by a child that can't give you anything (not even love) in return? Why should you submit yourself to being a slave at the whims of a child that would die without you? Why should you have to sacrifice your hard earned money ONLY to save up for taking care of that child when you die? I understand this is a hard thing to swallow but the proof is there, you're being enslaved by a child and not only do you deserve better, but your child deserves better as well.

If you're Pro-Choice, PLEASE support this cause to help give responsibility BACK to the parents and out of the hands of people who think our lives should be dictated by an ancient book of fairy-tales. I know this won't be a popular idea but consider the facts:
Mentally retarded People are NOT allowed to reproduce.
Mentally retarded People are UNABLE to learn or perform simple tasks.
Mentally retarded People are UNABLE to care for themselves.
Mentally retarded People are UNABLE to participate in society.
Mentally retarded People are UNABLE to do everything EVEN BABIES can do.
There is NO ONE who can make a case why we shouldn't euthanize them (not without appealing to emotion or making irrelevant comparisons to African American Slavery or The Jewish Genocide). And in this case, Hitler BELIEVED The Jews were inferior, The White People BELIEVED African Americans were inferior, Mentally Retarded people ARE inferior, so that argument has been addressed and destroyed. So again, I ask you, Why is this such a taboo topic ? Why is this wrong when I've made case after case as to why this should be legal and acceptable and celebrated? I'm interested to hear your replies. Thank you.

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