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Fred Phelps...

Seeing as how I'm on a roll, I figured I'd better go ahead and address the MASSIVE bane on Christianity that is FRED PHELPS of The Westboro Baptist Church...the unfortunate thing about this is that it's ALWAYS the lunatics that are the most vocal about everything. This even hurts me MORE because I myself am a Calvinist and unfortunately Mr. Phelps identifies himself as a Calvinist...would I were not in good company with the likes of Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries and Rev. Matthew Slick of, I wouldn't be as vocal about my Calvinism. But unfortunately in EVERY ideology there is a nutcase and in this case it's Fred Phelps and I have to say that this is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG over due.
Let's get started...

If you all saw my video in regards to Mr. Haynes (I still refuse to call that man a Pastor), then you know that I'm not the kind of person who merely throws accusations WITHOUT supplying support for them. So I will award Mr. Phelps the same respect. That being said, allow me to explain exactly why Mr. Phelps is NOT a Christian.

This is the kind of stuff this man allows his congregation to do...I honestly don't know which of these I find more offensive. Why doesn't we start from left to right?

"Thank God for 9/11"...yes, let's Thank God for countless lives being lost, pain and suffering endured by family members due to an act of a barbaric few who felt it necessary to fly a plane into a building. Yes, let's thank God for that. In my previous article I stated that we cannot SIMPLY slap God's name on something and call it good. NO! LIVES WERE LOST and as a Christians we should be constantly praying for the SAVING of lives (not just believers but for non-believers), Matthew 5:44. We as Christians are called to mourn with those who mourn Romans 12:15. However this sign does NOT display any of those attitudes reflected in THE BIBLE! Instead it reflects an attitude of hatred, an attitude that the countless lives lost in 9/11 are delightful to God and instead of offering comfort to a people who need it, it offers nothing but a harsh rejection that God cares NOTHING for your suffering...and THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH! Col 3:12.

Unfortunately I don't know what an IEDs is so I can't exactly address that.

"God: USA's Terrorist" you're equating God with a terrorist...ummm blasphemy much? God does NOT terrorize, nor can He be EQUATED TO THEM! To even think such a thing is a horrible and quite frankly makes me sick to my stomach that THESE people call themselves Christians while equating God to a terrorist! Is That REALLY an image you want equated with a God you are calling people to worship?  When I think of God I think of a Loving Father, A Righteous and Just Judge, A Holy Being of GREAT Power & Knowledge, Forgiving and Merciful, I DO NOT THINK OF A TERRORIST! Understand something, Terrorism is NOT JUSTICE! God is NOT a terrorist! Instead of portraying God as a terrorist MAYBE you should focus on the message JESUS left us about God. Also with the addition of "Fag Troops" and a picture of two stick figures engaging in anal sex I fail to see how they consider this a protest. 

There are many, MANY more signs of his be frankly going through all of them made me depressed and ashamed that these people are unfortunately the face of Christianity and NOT Jesus. We are called to preach The Gospel to the masses but that DOES NOT include the hatred of sinners, we preach THEIR REDEMPTION! We don't start a conversation with "Hi, God hates you.". No, we start a conversation with the truth of God's word, WE ARE ALL SINNERS! Christians are NO less sinners than Non-Christians, THE DIFFERENCE however is that our sins are forgiven NOT BECAUSE OF WHAT WE'VE DONE BUT BECAUSE OF THE BLOOD OF CHRIST! And The GOOD NEWS is YOU CAN BE FORGIVEN TOO! By confessing your sins, repenting of your sins and accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior by accepting His death, burial and resurrection for your sins, and by living your life with the example He left for us in His word.

If you tell someone that God hates them then why on Earth would they even consider worshiping Him? We are all children of wrath but God loves us so much that He gave us an escape route to save us from our sins. But instead of preaching the word in Love and Peace, Mr. Phelps chose to blaspheme God, us His name as a means to incur hatred for His people and stunt the growth of the church.


This fellow with the sign here fails to realize that HE'S A SINNER ALSO! So by his own logic God hates him as well...Or is there a differences? Paul was a sinner, he says so himself 1 Tim 1:15. Paul even says so again in Romans 7:15. When Paul came to Christ he didn't SUDDENLY STOP sinning. Paul STRUGGLED with his sins and turned to God to help him fight against them and recognized his sins AS sin. God hates the sinner who is proud of their sin Romans 1:18-32.  And because of their pride God allows them to indulge in their sins ultimately leading them to their own destruction. But we as Christians HAVE NOT been given over and CANNOT be given over. But that doesn't means our sins are gone, it means we recognize our sin and are equipped to fight against them. I've said before that I am a recovering porn addict. I have been ever since I started taking my faith seriously, but when I got Baptized did I suddenly stop desiring porn ? NOPE! But  I fight against it and ask God to help my fight. Likewise for Homosexuals, coming to Christ DOES NOT mean they're suddenly going to become Straight. It means they're going to recognize that desire as sin and fight against it rather than indulge it. 


We CANNOT legislate the execution of homosexuals!! The only person who has the authority to legislate executions for sins is God. Man legislates executions for the breaking of Man's law, God legislates penalties for the breaking of His law. It is true that God commanded the death of homosexuals and other sexual deviants during the times in The Old Testament. But Israel was under a theocracy and had agreed to the laws given to them by God. The Law was there to convict Israel of their sins, I'm speaking specifically of The MORAL aspect of The Law NOT the Social aspects of The Law such as interwoven garments of many threads, the eating of shell fish, bread trimmings ect. ect. All of that was to create a visible difference Israel from the Pagans who lived in the land before them. The Moral aspect of The Law, such as not having sex with your mother or children or animals and treating a stranger as you would treat yourself and so on are The Moral Aspects of The Law. Jesus affirmed The Moral Aspect of The Law in ALL of His teachings. Notice all of Jesus' teachings deal with the HEART and MIND of an individual. If we wants to HELP Homosexuals, KILLING THEM IS NOT GOING TO SAVE THEM! Calling them to repent and turn to Christ will.

Unfortunately Mr. Phelps doesn't subscribe to the teachings that Jesus laid out for us, and he is doing his congregation, his church and Christianity a HUGE disservice, and making it harder for us to reach the ones who truly need God's word. May God have mercy on you Mr. Phelps.

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