Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Plight Of A Black American Christian

This article after my previous article has been a LONG time coming, and because of that I feel like this article is going to be very long, very wordy and very emotion driven, which is unfortunate because I try {keyword being: TRY} to be as objective as I possibly can be when dealing with topics that infuriate me but have a feeling that I won't be able to control my anger and frustration but I will make every attempt to do so as to not make this article a jumbled mess of angry rambling. I will make a note that a lot of this article comes from my own personal experience but nonetheless are troubling signs of larger issues that aren't only applicable to me.

I should preamble this by saying that I am African American and I am 26 years old. I fit into a very specific demographic that by all accounts should lean towards a certain political alignment which I do not. Back in 2008, I and many other Americans watched as history was made when the first Black President was elected into office. Many wept at the sight expressing that they never thought they'd live to see such a day, and while I can appreciate the sentiments of those from a previous generation who had to endure hatred and bigotry and the historical value of that election is not lost on me, I can say that I'm quite sorry I did live to see such a day. I am in NO way suggesting that I wish I died before that time, I am not suicidal nor do I have a death wish, I'm suggesting that I wish that day hadn't come at all.

I have often said it in private conversations with other people and I'll say it here just so you can get a scope of what I will say later on in this article. "White people have the luxury of voting on the issues, Black people can only vote based on who's gonna screw us over the least." This expression of mine has never been more true than today and I will elaborate using (admittedly) anecdotal, but nonetheless compelling evidence to prove my case. I don't watch the News, at all, mostly because I find it very depressing and although I am not a depressive, I do tend to dwell on things more so than I should. Because of this issue, I've developed an detached way of viewing situations that only keep my mind dealing with facts and figures as opposed to emotions. Despite not watching the news, I do stay abreast of situations that require my personal attention in terms of what The Government is doing, has done ect. ect.

I listen to quite a few commentators about such issues, David Wood & Pamela Gellar who talk about government issues in regards to the Islamification of America and specifically Dearborn, MI (which is within biking distance from my home), and how the American Government is cowtowing to Muslims and openly supporting Islamic supremacy, and how other countries such as Britain and parts of Sweden have already fallen under Sharia law. I listen to Dr. Albert Mohler who from Monday to Friday discusses news and events from a Christian worldview, not just solely based here in America, but worldwide. I listen to Dr. Michael Brown who discusses a wide range of topics from changes in the government to legislation that would strip people of not only religious freedoms but freedoms in general. I listen to Dr. James White who has been one of the primary sources of my theological growth as a Christian and a paradigm of what it means to stand on Christian principles. I listen to Janet Mefferd who is a respectable Christian woman who discusses worldwide news and has recently discussed the news and events surrounding the attack in Benghazi where one of our own diplomats were killed along with several other people. And although this may sound sexist, doesn't preamble EVERYTHING she says with "Well, as a woman...".

And while every last one of these commentators have openly criticized the Obama Administration on legitimate issues that not only effect our religious freedoms, our national security, but our national debt and so on...these commentators are 100% right....but they're White. Meanwhile, due to my Mother's daily routine of listening to the radio as she prepares for work, I am FORCED to listen to Al Sharpton discuss a WIDE range of topics like "How is The GOP blocking Obamacare this week" and "The Racial Diversity of Guests on The News" and "How The GOP is blocking Obama on gun control", and I have to listen to Joe Madison talk about "What silly thing Mitt Romney said to a bunch of college students of Southern Virginia University and how it's subtle White Supremacy." DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT'S PREDOMINATELY MORMON AND WHAT ROMNEY SAID PERFECTLY LINES UP WITH HIS MORMON BELIEFS!

While I'm not decrying the legitimacy of such issues as gun control and health care (I could honestly careless about racial diversity since there are certain things certain races are going to be attracted to, perfect example, I wouldn't suggest we need more Asian in Football just because they're under represented in that particular sport), I am saying that Al Sharpton and Joe Madison only look at those issues (gun control & health care) as they relate to African Americans and ONLY African Americans. White people are only brought into the discussion to be portrayed as racist, gun-totting, crossing burning wack jobs who's ONLY objection to Obama is because he's Black and that's it. As if there is NO actual reason to object to Obamacare, despite the fact that it forces people to pay for abortions EVEN IF you disagree with Abortion and see it as murder (which you should Al Sharpton seeing as how you're a Reverend and all...yeah, sure you are), as if there is NO actual objection to Obama's open support of same-sex marriage DESPITE the fact that it's only a matter of time before David Thornstadt and polygamists and other sexual degenerates realize the unfairness of the whole "Marriage Equality" and how THEY aren't included in it's "equality" (which again Al Sharpton, since you're a reverend and all you shouldn't be discussing the rights of gays and lesbians, THEY HAVE RIGHTS! They DON'T however have the right to CHANGE meanings of words to suit their own personal desires, NO ONE has that right).

 photo 221664_10152692878260472_1541051764_n_zps6643f244.jpg
This is a joke.

As if there is NO actual reason to object to Obama, despite the fact that he's cow-towed to Islamic supremacists again and again, creating a hostile environment for our Christian brothers and sisters in other countries who are suffering prosecution. Not to mention the countless Islamic organizations here who have been linked to Hamas terrorists who aren't getting government scrutiny because WOE BE TIED TO HE WHO DARES DRAW A LOGICAL CONNECTION TO TERRORISM IN THE NAME OF ISLAM AND ISLAM'S TEACHINGS! As if there is NO reason to object to Obama despite the fact that not since 30 YEARS AGO has one of our own diplomats been murdered by foreigners ON OUR SOIL (an attack on an American consulate even in another country is considered an attack on American soil) and war isn't declared, an investigation isn't made, outrage isn't expressed and culprits aren't being perused. However the American public is reprimanded with a strong rebuke from The President himself saying;

Excuse Mr. President, I don't want the future to belong to those who desecrate the Prophet of Islam either, I just wanna know why there was an attack on American soil and from where I'm sitting, nothing substantial was done about it. THAT'S what I wanna know. I'm no conspiracy theorist and I don't think Obama is a Muslim nor do I think he was born in another country. I think Obama, like many Liberals think they can reason with unreasonable people and can't reason with reasonable people. Liberals believe that putting terrorists at ease and excusing their behavior by pointing out behaviors of others will eventually lead to peace. Yeah.

All of these issues and more are enough for me to raise an eyebrow at President Obama, however, the unfortunate reality is your average African American isn't concerned about Benghazi, isn't concerned about Islamification, isn't concerned with abortion and homosexuality and what they WILL inevitably lead to...your average African Americans are concerned with putting food on their tables, putting clothes on their children's bodies and making sure they're able to get a solid education (despite the fact that education is currently being co-opted by Homosexual activists who want to express how normal homosexuality and transgenderism is, it's SO normal they have to teach them how normal it is) and a decent job. African Americans have a very self-focused mentality, "You stay out of my way, I'll stay out of yours." and that's a good mindset to have when interacting with people who have a different opinion or view point from your own. But what the African American community by in large is failing to see is that THIS IS IN OUR WAY IN A BIG WAY!

It's often been said that when "America catches a cold, The Black community catches a fever." and that's very true. The numbers of teen pregnancies and unwed mothers are still high in the African American community and African Americans still have the highest rate of incarceration, drug use, ect. ect. With a reduced population of African American men, an increased population of African American women, the family structure is breaking down, and it's only going to be broken down further when homosexuality couples insert themselves in an already crippled African American community. All of this is catalyzed by a President who openly supports Homosexuality and personally called an African American basketball player to congratulate him on coming out as gay (despite the fact that if gay people want to say being gay doesn't matter then why'd Jason Collins have to come out?).

Instead of discussing THOSE issues within the African American community that will undeniably destroy us faster than AIDS and crack-cocaine ever could, Al Sharpton and Joe Madison would rather discuss how The Koch Brothers conspired with a group of Republicans and are quoted as saying "Let's make sure Obama is a one term President." to which my reaction is "WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?! REPUBLICANS DON'T WANT A DEMOCRAT IN OFFICE!? I'VE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING!". Once again tying this objection solely based on Obama being Black...and fiddling with their money (then again you fiddle with anyone's money they're gonna wanna make sure you don't stick around very long...I know I would.) but mostly because he's Black.

In a way I applaud the Democrats and Liberals because they set the perfect trap for their enemies. Now if any White person says anything negative or critical of Obama, they're racist and don't want a Black President, and if anyone Black says anything negative or critical of Obama, they're Uncle Toms, Sambos and House Niggers who love Ol' Masa does anything Mr. White Man wants him to. This has lead to The Republican party being pretty much thrashed SINCE the 2008 election wondering how they're going to handle objecting to Obama WITHOUT being perceived as a bunch of cross-burning, xenophobic, White Racists they've been perceived as SINCE The Bush Administration, and if you didn't know why African Americans uphold Conservative values but don't vote in such a way, THAT'S WHY!

The African American Community has essentially drunk the kool-aid of their own Black Pride and landed on the ENTIRELY hypocritical standard "It's ONLY racist if White people do it.". When the issue of Gun Control suddenly get warped into a narrative about White militias stockpiling weapons to "take back the country" (code for: "Kill all the niggers"), it COMPLETELY silences the Conservative argument that extended background checks WON'T stop such events as Sandy Hook and Colorado from happening. What exactly would those background checks check for (since Gun retailers aren't allowed to sell guns to people with felony charges) would they check for signs of depression? Suicidal tendencies? Homicidal tendencies ? How do you determine those without massive in depth therapy? History of mental instability? Ties to a militia ? Militias aren't always a good idea but not many have been dangerous for a long time. So what would be the parameters for these background checks...or would it be to check for something else?

African Americans in high places won't criticize Obama because they're afraid of the whole "Turning on our own" mentality, which has done MORE damage than good in just about ALL regards. When Christians mess up we as Christians SHOULD BE THE FIRST to call that person to floor and demand an account for their actions, which is why I applaud Dr. James White for not dropping the Ergun Caner scandal and calling to the floor those who have excused Ergun. When African Americans mess up, we timidly look around the room to see if anyone else is going to address the OBVIOUS wrongness HOPING that a brave soul steps in and says "You know you're wrong." This doesn't happen in The African American Community WITHOUT so called African American "leaders" raising a stink about it.

I can't discuss African American screw ups without a certain member of my family mentioning a screw up by a White person who received no harsh criticism or penalty and I can't address my issues with Obama WITHOUT a certain aforementioned member of my family resorting to a childish argument. In one such discussion I pointed out Obama's radical positions on gay marriage and abortion to which this family member replied "Well Bush didn't say anything about it either!"...while that's true, the proper response is NO ONE WAS TALKING ABOUT GAY MARRIAGE DURING THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION THEREFORE HE DIDN'T NEED TO ADDRESS AN ISSUE THAT WASN'T AN ISSUE! And furthermore the MERE SUGGESTION that perhaps MAYBE Republicans DO have a legitimate issue with Obama is to somehow deny that there is institutionalized racism. Because if Obama succeeded it's "TAKE THAT REPUBLICANS!" and if Obama fails it's "THE REPUBLICANS WON'T LET HIM DO ANYTHING!". The end result being NOTHING IS OBAMA'S FAULT BECAUSE OF RACISM!

Now I'm not going to sit here and deny that the Republican party haven't been the most Christian and Black friendly party in Politics because clearly they haven't, like James White says "The Conservative party isn't conservative enough for me." and I'm inclined to agree. Also with the many Republicans, including former Vice President candidate Paul Ryan stepping in favor of Same Sex marriage is prove my point that Republicans are now trying desperately to change their image and failing at it miserably. It's all boiling down to the simple fact that because there is a Black face leading The Liberal Movement, the Liberal movement has the market cornered on The Black Vote, the vote of 20somethings in College looking for a leader who understands Twitter, the Internet and is NOTHING at all like previous leaders who didn't understand them, and The Republican party NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO will still fit this bill.

To wrap this article up, I was cutting grass at my grandmother's house when I saw a young man going door to door, when he approached my house he told me he was a 20 year old Youth Pastor from a local church who was looking to run for city council and sought my support. I accepted his flyer and gave him words of encouragement, as he left I flipped the flyer over to see  "America For Obama" stamped on the back of heart sank into my chest. A few months during the election between Obama and Romney, a Pastor at church my Mother used to visit, expressed that Christians could not support ANYONE who supported homosexuality, abortion, and did not support Israel, clearly Obama fit this bill and there was NO mystery about that fact. My Mother expressed OUTRAGE that the Pastor was clearly talking about Obama but expressed nothing against Romney. I didn't tell her that the issues with Romney are financial issues, issues that effect Romney personally, issues that wouldn't interfere with religious freedoms and so on. Since neither side were Christians, The Pastor expressed that there are certain things WE CANNOT allow and Obama violated each and every one of those things. Because that Pastor was bold enough to express that WITHOUT EVEN saying Obama's name, my Mother no longer visits that church.

As a Young African American male and professing Christian, I am unfortunately considered the abominable snowman of Humanity, since I'm Young, Black, Christian and don't support Obama. I recognize this status and don't care much about it except for when I can express it, and unfortunately the only people I can express it to are almost always White. And while the Pastor at my church constantly mentions Obama in prayer and for God to guide him, I mentally add "WITH REPENTANCE!". In order for Black people to advance NOT just as a people but as Christians we NEED to get over ourselves, our history and STOP putting it before The Word of God. Black people shouldn't be concerned about what's going on in "The Black Church" there is no "Black Church" there is just THE CHURCH! We are Christians FIRST, Human SECOND, Male or Female THIRD and Ethnically diverse FOURTH! Sadly we put our own Blackness before everything and it filters the way we view the world, the way we interact and the way we deal with ourselves and it's time we stop that.

Thankfully there are 2 Black people that I know are standing firmly on God's word, against Obama and against The Black Gnosticism that has so infected our people, Dr. Voddie Baucham comes to mind along with Harold C. Felder, I'm sad and heartbroken that I don't know more and it upsets me and angers me so that there are people who call themselves Reverend and yet prove themselves to be NOTHING MORE than merely claiming a title. Al Sharpton, Freddie D. Haynes III, neither of you can claim the title of Reverend and claim to be men of God when your words and actions have exposed who little you both care for God's truth. I openly admit I am a sinner and am in no way claiming to be perfect and without sin. My judgment against you two men is not my own, it comes from God and for you two to claim Reverend and support homosexuality and for you Mr. Sharpton to support abortion is horrendous, may God bless you both with repentance. Peace in Christ all, thank you for reading.


IrishFarmer said...

Good post. It seems like we're at a strange crossroads. Perhaps I haven't been around long enough to say for sure, but it almost seems like our country is becoming even more divided...although it's possible that this is actually the best we've ever been.

To stick on a point you brought up early on in your post, blacks really don't have anyone representing their interests. It is a sort of "who's going to screw me over less" deal. I'm not black, so I'm not going to claim that I understand this issue personally, but it wasn't long ago that I learned for instance that a young black man is more likely to be imprisoned than to go to college or get married.

Politicians do nothing, because most people aren't even aware (or don't care) that these issues exist. So for instance, Obamacare will likely put the largest burden on black men since there's mandated equal pay-ins and (poor) black men will likely get the worst care despite paying equally.

And this was created by the first black president, so that should tell you something.

We continue to "fight the war on drugs", fostering an underground drug trade which ultimately is more appealing than working in an inner city economy.

I'm not smart enough to comprehend all of these issues, but it's telling to me that the people who could actually do something about them don't even acknowledge that they exist.

That's the real travesty. And in the meantime, everyone is distracted by the meaningless noise of politics and trying to "pick sides" rather than addressing the real issues. I could write about this forever, but anyway just wanted to say good post.

Ugo Strange said...

Irish Farmer, you're one of the good ones Dude. Thank you for reading. =D