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So awhile ago I was listening to The Ben Shapiro Show and he was talking RNC something or other Raffi Williams about how to make The Republican Party appeal to Young People and Minorities. Of course, Ben being in his early 30s and having dealt with Liberals, Leftists and even wrote a book on it, would understand what appeals to Young People and Minorities more so than Raffi Williams. Rightfully so, Ben challenged Raffi's plans and questioned his optimism on the effectiveness of his plans. Needless to say, Ben was unfortunately correct and The RNC came out with a commercial featuring a hipster complaining about something or other and the commercial was just as bland, lame and mock-worthy as your Grandfather bringing up Kanye West in general conversation. The sad fact is, Ben and Raffi aren't close enough to ground zero to see exactly HOW screwed The RNC is, but luckily I'm here to help explain exactly how screwed The RNC are and just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Get ready for a Red Pill.

First and foremost, I'm an African American male, I am 27. So I am both a young person (I hate that term by the way) and a minority. As falling into both of these categories I've seen and heard things that maybe the rest of you have not and because of that I know that The RNC has NO chance of appealing to people in my category and here is why (Please keep in mind that these are things I have actually heard from my mother, people my age and others).

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"Have you stopped beating your wife?". That's a question that can't be answered because you never started beating your wife. So when The Left labels Republicans as Racist, Republicans spend all their time explaining why they're NOT racist rather than explaining what they're all about. That's simple enough, but you don't understand just how synonymous "racist" and "Republican" is. Alvin Holmes said that Pro-Life Whites are only Pro-Life until their White daughters are impregnated by Black Men (which explains why there are NO Biracial children in America). Unfortunately, a lot of African Americans believe that Republicans are THAT racist that they would willingly allow an abortion of a Biracial baby. Despite the facts that Biracial children HAVE been born and therefore the logic of that statement is ridiculous. But Black people don't care about logic, they only care about what they can understand in Black & White (no pun intended) terms. And if Rich White people are the enemy then everything else can go away. Why?

What you need to understand is that The Republicans used to be The Dixiecrats and they were the party of The KKK. What's that? There are several books refuting this fact? You know those books are written by Republicans, right? Of course they're gonna refute that! They have an agenda, ARE YOU BLIND! Of course they're gonna hide the fact that they're racist! But we know THE TRUTH! And The Truth is that The Republicans started off as The Dixiecrats, they were the original party of The KKK and Black people caught on and they changed their name to Republicans AND THEN they told some of their members to run as Democrats to confuse Black People into voting for them. But it was The Republicans who were the original racist party of The U.S. Never mind that every single word of this is historically inaccurate, because it's a conspiracy to hide facts from Black People to get us back in chains or kill us.

Everything The Republican Party does is for the sole purpose of putting Black back in chains or killing us. Because (as my mother always says) ever since slavery ended White People have NO use for us and so they're trying to kill us (by putting drugs & guns in our community) or put us in prison (for minor drug offenses) or make us gay (by putting stuff in our water & food) or under funding schools in minority neighborhoods so that minority children grow up under-educated and not convicting White men for shooting Black male teenagers for no reason (which is the ONLY reason why Republicans are pro-2nd Amendment, not because of potential government tyranny, but because they want people to be able to shoot Black men on sight) and stealing our ability to vote (with these new voter I.D. laws) . The Republican Party is doing ALL of this and you're blind if you think differently. You just don't know the truth. What's that? You're gonna try to refute what I'm saying with your WHITE written history books and your 1 of 1,000,000 little internet article? You can't. Because that was written by White Racists Republicans who are trying to cover up their own history so Black people don't know what's REALLY going on. Republicans are racist. After all, several Black Republicans have come forward and said that Republicans racists and they even told several Democrats in confidence that Republicans are racist. How much proof do you need?!

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Republicans gave tax breaks to companies that shipped jobs over seas! So Republicans aren't interested in helping the average joe American, let alone an African American (because they're racist) a job. Republicans only care about securing their millions and millions of dollars and paying their workers less and less money. If it were up to Republicans we'd all be working for 25 cents A YEAR! Do you honestly think Donald Trump WANTS to pay his employees minimum wage? Hell no! Donald Trump and all his Republican buddies are only worried about their wallets! If you're not in their tax bracket, you don't exist. In fact, you're less than non-existent, if such a thing is possible. There is NO Republican on the face of the Earth that would actually care about their employees if the government didn't make them. Why do you think Republicans want to destroy The Unions? Because The Unions are defending the workers and telling Republicans that workers deserve certain things. If it were up to Republicans, workers would be working in slave conditions for no pay, no health care, no retirement benefits and every single dime made would go in their pockets.

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Republicans are likely to be religious people, which means they hate science, they've never had sex or are sexual repressed, hate gay people, are secretly gay themselves and too afraid to admit it and believe a bunch of old myths. Republicans are constantly going on and on about prayer in school, I'm sure prayer in school is helping out those underfunded schools in minority neighborhoods (because they're racist). They're against science and think things like Noah's ark actually happened and that the world is 6,000 years old (I'm a Christian by the way and I don't think the Earth is 6,000 years old also, The Bible does NOT give an exact age of The Earth and anyone who says it does is mistaken) and worst of all they're Creationist. Evolution is settled science and these people are desperately clinging to their bullsh*t myths because they're too scared and too stupid to recognize they're wrong. They're SO wrong that they think their God is telling them that Gay people are going to Hell. So basically your God is racist and sexist and so are you, HOW CONVENIENT! If a Republican ACTUALLY thinks we were created by a God or that the world was flooded at one point or that dinosaurs walked with man or that a clump of cells is actually a baby or that the Earth is 6,000 years in the hell can I trust this person to know what's good for my family when my 5 year old is CLEARLY smarter than they are?

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Republicans want to repeal Obamacare to keep Black people from getting health care, but not only that, Republicans want to have all the cures and everything for themselves! Besides, if you can't afford health care then you're gonna die, if poor people can't afford health care and the vast majority of poor people are minorities then guess what? So whatever Republicans say about financial responsibility and how Obamacare is unconstitutional, they don't care about the constitution, they just want to make sure as many minorities die from lack of health care (because they're racist). Republicans want a world of nothing but Rich White people and NO ONE ELSE! Therefore, they're passing policies that would keep minorities and Average Joes from being as healthy as they are. Average Joe Americans breaks his finger, the hospital visit would cost him $1,000 while $1,000 is just a drop in the bucket for Republicans. But if Obamacare is gonna make a hospital visit cost anywhere from $25 to $50 that would give EVERYONE access to health care and less minorities will die. So Republicans have to create this myth of people's premiums going up and pay people to lie about it on the news and other places so that NO one gets health care and everyone but rich people die.

Republicans are so stupid, don't that understand that if people are poor they won't be able to buy products to help support the economy? Of course not! Republicans want to make sure EVERYONE (especially minorities, because as you know, The Republicans are racist) from making any money at all so they can keep the majority of it for themselves! Why do you think Republicans ALWAYS wanna cut funds to EVERYTHING (especially education, because after all they can't have that money going to niggers, now can they?) EXCEPT the military (because they need the military as the ONLY option for minorities to make money, so they enlist and then get put in those dangerous positions so they'll die faster than everyone else). Notice how EVERY Republican has increased taxes, cut funding and gave tax breaks to the richest people ever! If someone is making 1 billion dollars tax them 1% if someone is making 7.50 an hour, tax him 20%. And that 20% doesn't go towards the city or anything, it goes right in the pocket of Republicans who turn around and spend that money on opening plants in China. Republicans hate Americans, they hate poor people and they hate Black people.

Here's a fact, Bush knocked down the Towers to start a war in order to raise oil prices. THAT IS A FACT! Republicans LOVE war people because Black people will die in them (because Republicans are racists) and war keeps them in control of certain resources. After all if a resource becomes scarce and your company is the ONLY company that has said resource you can charge whatever you want for it KNOWING people will need it! George Bush sat down with all the oil companies and developed this war JUST to make sure they're in control of oil and that minorities die fighting for their wallets. So when that event happened in Benghazi, Obama said he was gonna go to war with Syria only for The Republicans to turn around and disagree with Obama and say he shouldn't go to war with Syria (they disagreed with him because he was Black, if it was a White guy who wanted to go to war they we've been all in, but because Obama wanted to go to war with Syria, DESPITE The Republicans wanting to go to war with Syria, declined from going to war because as we know Republicans are racist).

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Republicans subscribe to this 1950s mindset where Women meant to be seen and not heard, because of that Republicans tell women what to do, when to do it and don't expect anything to be said after. Because Republicans hate women, they deny them abortion and tell them what to do with their bodies and basically force them to deal with children that they didn't want, why? because Republicans were raised in religious households and whenever they got pregnant they had to go to an aunt's house, come back in 9 months and raise the child as a sister, they didn't have the option of abortion and therefore want everyone else to suffer like they did. Also they don't like women's free sexuality, because Republican women are frumpy, old and ugly, White women who wear pant suits. Republicans don't want free sexual expression and therefore try to ban pornography (even though they watch it themselves) and pretty much wanna cover women up as badly as Muslims do. Because their wives are old, ugly and they aren't getting laid.

There are MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY more reasons why Republicans have NO hope in this country of EVER winning an election BUT these are some highlights. Now if The RNC can somehow address these problems with their image then they might have a chance, but I doubt they will. Long story short, GAME OVER REPUBLICANS, YOU LOSE!

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