Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why Won't God Heal Amputees ?

This was one of the first questions I've ever been (indirectly) asked that made me think about my faith. A long time ago, back when I was in High school, I came across a website titled "God Is Imaginary" and I looked at their long lists of proofs and reasons why God does not exist and this question "Why won't God heal amputees?" was one of the main questions. Since I've discovered that website, I've grown and learned much about my faith and I think I'm mature enough in my faith to answer this question, so let's dive in.

"Why won't God heal amputees?", the question it's self assumes that God must heal limbs miraculously (what we The Geek Culture call "Rapid Cellular Regeneration"). Before I answer this question I'd like to take address something else that's related to this topic and bring it all together full circle. There is a certain faction of people who claim the title of Christian and call themselves Christians who strongly discourage the use of medicine and shun those who use medicine by claiming that those who use medicine are "not trusting God" to heal them or their loved ones or they didn't have "enough faith" to be healed. There are some VERY unfortunate cases where individuals have died (needlessly, from easily curable afflictions) because of these people who refused to aide that medicine could give them.

This is NOT what The Bible teaches about how Christians are to deal with sickness. Sickness is in the world because of sin but God did not leaves us defenseless against sickness. God gave us a world filled with things that have great healing properties and He's given us a mind to understand them and utilize them for our benefit. As an example, I am near-sighted, but praise God for making sand and giving us the ability to turn it into glass and to learn how to bend the glass in a way so that my vision is corrected. Not to mention prosthetics limbs are becoming more and more advanced and dynamic, allowing runners to run again, hearing devices are being made and are also advancing. God IS healing amputees through us and what He's given us.

All of the things we use to help and heal people ultimately come from Him, after all what's the purpose of plants without someone who knows how to turn them into penicillin (I don't even know if that's where penicillin comes from but praise God someone else does!). God isn't healing amputees the way He did in The New Testament, this is true, but if that's the only way you think God can operate, then that's incredibly limiting to Him. God operates through us and with us, it's why He's given us certain talents and certain abilities so that there can be doctors and scientists who can understand what's wrong and know how to correct it. The devices they use to the smarts they have, all of it comes from God.

After all, Luke was a doctor and never once did Jesus rebuke Luke for his occupation. So anyone who calls themselves a Christian and diminishes the God given talents of doctors, THEY are the ones NOT trusting God, NOT YOU! Those people should be rebuked and shunned as the lunatics they are. And while as a Christian, I am not adverse to the idea of Faith Healings still continuing (after all The Apostles healed people after Jesus ascended), I am EXTREMELY cautious about them because faith healings often result in certain people believing they don't have "enough faith" to be healed and that causes them to believe that they're suffering because "they don't have enough faith" and if they just had "more faith" their suffering would end, and when it doesn't end, they attribute this failure to God (and not the Faith Healer who filled their head with lies about how God operates) and they ultimately end up leaving the faith and having an EXTREMELY bad idea of what Christianity is.

True faith healings in the times of Jesus weren't performed is such a grandiose manner as it's done now. Jesus never slapped people on the forehead sending them to convulsions on the floor and fits of hysteria while being dragged away by His apostles only for the next guy to get a smack on the forehead as well while the Church shouted praises at Him, nope, that section of The Bible is thankfully not there, and for good reason, Jesus never did that. Whenever Jesus healed anyone, He would ask them if they wanted to be healed or they would ask Him to heal them, and Jesus NEVER made a show about it (Matt 8:2-4, 8:5-13, 8:14-15, 8:28-34, 9:2-7, 9:20-22, 9:27-31, 12:10-13, 15:21-28), seeing how Jesus did His healings and looking at how they're treated today, hopefully you can understand why I'm a touch apprehensive to lend legitimacy to modern day Faith healers.

As a side note, there are also people call themselves Christians who attribute any and all forms of sickness to demons. Not even The Christians of Jesus' time believed that all sicknesses were really demons and The Bible makes a very clear and distinct difference between illnesses and demon possession and both are handled differently. Also there are very FEW accounts of demonic possession in The Bible, I think you can count them all on one hand (Matt 9:32-33, 12:22, Mark 9:17-29),So anyone who claims that they are a Christian and tells you that sickness is of The Devil and God would never allow you to be sick and if you get sick you're under demonic oppression are ABSOLUTELY AND UTTERLY WRONG!

That is all I wanted to say on this subject, it's a topic I've been meaning to write on and I finally got around to it today, Praise God. Anyways, comments welcome, peace in Christ.

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