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The 10 Questions Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer, ANSWERED !

Man, Oh man, he’s got us Christians by the gonads. Oh NO, what ever will we poor Christians do ? Wait a minute, all these things sound like a real problem for us Christians, but in all seriousness, as I have said before, If I can refute anyone’s argument, IT’S NOT A GOOD ARGUMENT ! So I’m gonna dive right in here and answer these question based on what I know and what I have read visa-vi The Bible and what it says about God. So let’s dive in, Shall we ? We shall.

Question #1: Why won’t God heal amputees ?

Okay, now I’ve done some thinking about this question and for starters I am going to go to The Bible for a verse or a chapter where God healed an amputee so gimmie a minute………………..Still checking…………Gimmie a sec…..still checking………still checking……………….Oh wait a minute….THERE AREN’T ANY ! Nowhere in The Bible is there EVEN A SINGLE CASE of a limb regenerating. Now, that’s not because people didn’t lose limbs back then. I’m pretty sure there were TONS of amputees walking around. So why didn’t God heal them ?

Well, I’ve been thinking about this and I believe I have a valid answer. Granted, maybe it wouldn’t be a valid answer for atheists or those who reject these answers but this is the best answer I could come up with BASED on what I know. So let’s roll.

My answer would be that God has made the body to be a house for the soul. As rational people we can all agree that EVERYONE get’s old, EVERYONE’S body will eventually start to fail them and EVERYONE will eventually die. That’s the absolute truth.

Now based on what God says, our souls are eternal. So that’d be God’s #1 priority. I mean as Christians we ask God to enter our SOULS, not our Body.

So let’s say for instance that I did lose an arm and then I asked God to give me back my arm and He did. Let’s say He did that for everyone. Well pretty soon, everyone is going to ignore their souls and worry 24/7 about their bodies all the time, and that is not God’s priority. The body will fail you anyway.

I mean why not ask God to stop you from aging ? Why not ask God to make you 21 forever ? Because God made our bodies on a fixed time table, so we will lose our bodies, but our souls, WE CANNOT !

So God is not forsaking an amputee just because He won’t make their arm grow back. He is simply following the rules HE put in motion. And He won’t forsake those rules. Furthermore, just to cover a little base here, I do believe God is working behind the scenes curing disease and what not. Only I don’t think He’s doing it in an obvious way, such as having Angels appear to people and touching them. Rather, I believe that God is working within His own environment to further the cures along. Next question…

Question #2: Why are there so many starving people in the world ?

“A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.”
– Herbert Hoover”

Let me try and find a verse where God promises to feed everyone, so gimmie a sec…wow. I actually found one. In the Book of David it says

“I, The LORD your God, promises to feed every mouth on Earth”
-The Book of David 6:15

Now if you’re a Christian, you’re probably laughing now, because there is no Book of David, and that quote is NOT REAL ! Simply because God has never promised to feed every mouth on Earth. Now as an atheist, you’re probably thinking “Well then He’s not much of a God if He doesn’t provide for His people.” That is both true and false. If God did make that promise, and then squelches on it then He isn’t much of a God. However my God doesn’t make that promise. Why not ? Simply because that promise is somewhat self defeated for God. What I mean is it’s making a constant demand for God to continuously prove Himself. Which He does not need to do.

What I mean is if God did indeed promise to feed every mouth on Earth than people’s faith in God would be dependant on the fact that He keeps giving them food. God doesn’t want it that way. Do keep in mind that these are guesses, fully based on what I know about the God I am speaking about. I am 100% sure there is someone else who can answer this question better. But I can honestly say that there was NO GOD in the history of God who promised to Feed every mouth on Earth.

Furthermore, God does tell us to be generous and give to others. What would be the point of that demand if there is no one to give to ? Wouldn’t that make God kinda stupid to say that ? Next question…

Question #3: Why does God demand the death of so many innocent people in The Bible ?

This is a perfect example of a very stupid question. Simply because this guy is making the assumption that he understands the culture back then and is trying to apply our current culture with there and it doesn’t work that way. Back during the times of Leviticus and Exodus and so on, The people were living under a Theocratic system !

Which basically means that God’s law ran the country.

That system was fully dependant on everyone following the rules. Much like a boat, if one person starts to rock the boat, that can be very bad for everyone in the boat, ergo you have no choice but to throw that person over board. That’s logically sound. That applies to the theocratic system of those times, one person screws up and it could be pretty bad for everyone, so the only logically sound thing to do is to get rid of that person.

This may sound vicious and mean, and by today’s standards it is. Furthermore, Jesus fulfilled the law, which basically means our salvation is no longer dependant on following God’s theocratic law system. That explains why we are not killing homosexuals or people who have to work on Sunday.

Finally, you CANNOT compare 2 different cultures with 2 different law systems, that’s extremely stupid and irrational to do so. Understand that the questions that are being asked here are not questions, they’re objected based assertions based off of ignorance. The creator of these questions are trying to put words in God’s mouth that aren’t there and is calling them a valid argument which they are NOT.
Next question…

Question #4: Why does The Bible have so much anti-Scientific Non-sense ?

Well let's think about that for a second. Luke was a doctor so one would assume that he didn't take anything at face value, most doctors, good ones anyway will pry and probe every other explanation until they can come to a conclusion that would suite the situation properly.

Also I'd like to ask, which parts of The Bible do you find anti-scientific ? Is it the water into wine stuff ? The raising the dead stuff ?

If those are your examples of anti-scientific let's examine this shall we ? Okay check it out, if Jesus is indeed God in the flesh then He would obviously understand how to transform water into wine. God of course made the rules in which we all live by, and He ultimately has the ability to bend them according to His will. That's not anti-scientific that is simply God revealing to us who He is, by defying the very rules we understand.

No NORMAL man can walk on water without using various props and rigs, but Jesus could do it naturally. Is that anti-scientific ? No, why is it that we try to make God play by His own rules. He made the rules and He can break those rules at will. WE CAN NOT.
Hence we are Human, He is GOD.

The very definition of God explains the dynamic between us. Next question...

Question #5: Why is God such a huge proponent of slavery ?

Yet another culture misunderstanding. Slaves back in those days were people who were from the surrounding nations. HOWEVER they were not treated as you would aspect African Americans were as they were when we were slaves. They were simply Servants or for a much more closer term Butlers or Maid. I maybe off a little bit here, but if I do indeed remember correctly, most of the “slaves” back then were not taken against their will, and fully understood the level of servitude expected of them. These slaves were also given a place to stay and some where even paid.

Furthermore, these slaves were employees of who they were employed by. Ergo if your employee does a piss-poor job on a job you had him do, no one would blame you if you tore him a new one or fired him. Basically these employee or slaves have been given a job to do, and when they aren’t doing that job, it is your job to tell them how to do that job or correct them in the process.

As far as beating them or killing them, understand that The Law back in those days were not followed to an exact 100% T. The penalties within The Law were executed in extreme cases. Hence someone would have to be a continuous offender of The Law to suffer the penalties. They were more or less guidelines on how to proceed and handle such situations should they come to pass.

Ergo, when a slave did a bad job on something, they weren’t beaten immediately after, they were corrected. But if they continue to screw up, then The Law would have to be followed. Next question…

Question #6: Why do bad things happen to such good people ?

Stupid question, and the author would have you believe that we’d have to create an excuse for God to answer this one. Not the case.

Bad things happen to good people because of Satan. Plain and simple. But let’s face it, if you’re an atheist, then this isn’t an answer for you. But that is indeed the 100% honest to God answer. Satan is the root of all evil.

HOWEVER, God is in control of that evil and can direct it where it He pleases. Also, let’s look at Jesus. Jesus was supposed to be God in the flesh, if you’re an atheist you don’t believe in Jesus, but this is the best example I can think of. Correction, it’s the ONLY example worth explaining.

Now, if you’re an atheist, humor me for a second. Jesus is God in the flesh, and God is perfect, therefore Jesus is perfect. Perfect people can’t do anything wrong, because they are perfect. Perfect people aren’t mean, they are nice. Perfect people do not hurt others, because they are perfect. Now, we all know Jesus was crucified. Well why did Jesus get crucified if He was perfect ?


Plain and simple. Granted Jesus was sent here to die. But Jesus was perfect, He had no reason to die, no reason to be killed, and yet He was simply because the world hated Him. And if what The Bible says is true, that Jesus who was perfect got stoned, spat on, beat, whipped, and crucified, and anyone looking at it would say, “No good can come of this.”, and YET, Jesus’s death redeemed mankind. And Jesus was perfect and he went through tons of crap. The Bible is riddled with people who just get plain out dogged out non-stop, but in the midst of that, they should understand that God is always with them. So what they go through on Earth doesn’t matter because they know of the reward they will receive in Heaven. So yeah, bad things happen to people. If bad things happen to Jesus/God in The Flesh, Bad things will happen to us. Next question…

Question #7: Why didn’t any of Jesus’ miracles leave behind any evidence ?

Okay, what would we be looking for ? Maybe the Villa in Tuscany Jesus established when he turned water into wine ? Or maybe we can go to the river that he waked across and get a sample of his DNA ? Better yet maybe we can find the wood used to crucify him ? Or we can go and find the bread and fish He used to feed all those people with ? Ya know what ?! Let's find the dead people he rose !


Ummm, okay Jesus didn't leave any long standing miracles. He did what He did on the spot for that moment and it lasted for as long as it would. The water he turned into wine was drank, the fish and bread he used to feed everyone was eaten, the people he rose died...later on of course. NO WAY we're gonna find a sample of his DNA on the water. NO WAY we're gonna find the wood used to crucify him. So what are we looking for ? Hm ?

Next question...

Question #8: How do you explain the fact that Jesus never appeared to you ?

Another stupid question, I call this question stupid because the writer of these question obviously didn’t read The Bible, he’s just really good and picking and choosing various texts and ripping them out of context. When Jesus ascended into Heaven, He left us with The Holy Spirit, the 3rd and final part of The Trinity that is God.

The Holy Spirit is the power of God, basically the thing that make Christians, Christians. It’s kinda like God giving you the ability to understand Him a little bit better. Which is why an atheist will never understand what I’m saying simply because they don’t have The Holy Spirit working within them.

Furthermore, Jesus did what He had to do, so there’s no need for Him to comeback just so you can see He exists. Jesus did indeed promise to return, but in the mean time He left us The Holy Spirit. Asking Jesus to appear to you in a prayer is not within His will or desire to do. Simply because you’re asking Jesus to go back on His word. Jesus’ word stated that He will return at the appointed time by The Father. So asking Jesus to appear to you is stupid.

However, you can ask Jesus to enter your heart and you can ask Him to help you better understand His word, That is a prayer He’ll grant, also you can pray to Jesus that you allow The Holy Spirit to enter you and help you live a better a life. That’s a prayer He’ll grant. But Jesus will not grant a prayer that goes against His word. Plain and simple.

Also, there is a list of thousands of people I have never met in person, I have only read about them. Based on what this guy says, only because I have never seen them in person I’d have to say they didn’t exist, or simply take an agnostic position and say I have no clue if they do or don’t. Faulty logic…Next Question…

Question #9: Why would Jesus want you to eat his body and drink his blood?

e_e, I have handled this argument SO MANY times that it drives me insane. So I’m not even gonna entertain this one again. Go read my communion article.

Question #10: Why do Christians get divorced the same rate as non-Christians ?

Geez, stupid question. Christians are still people, people are still bound by sin. Why is that when people hear that someone is a Christian, they instantly think that person is supposed to perfect. That is a load of crap ! If anything when you become a Christian, you’re admitting that you have a problem and you need help. Your problem is that you sin, and you need help to not sin. This doesn’t mean that once you become a Christian you’ll NEVER SIN, it means that once you sin, you’ll realize it and ask for forgiveness. I am so SICK of people saying “Well Christians get divorced to !” That is the argument of a moron, a 100% Grade A moron. Simply because we are Human and humans are NOT Perfect ! So yeah, plus Jesus even mentioned divorce in Matthew. Why would Jesus mention divorce if Christian aren’t supposed to get divorced ? Granted, we shouldn’t have to, but Jesus knows that we are Human and we’ll make mistakes so He set up certain guidelines for these mistakes. This is purely a stupid question and a stupid argument from an obviously stupid person.

In conclusion

In order for these argument to warrant any validity AT ALL, they’d have to based within the realm of which God set up. Ergo, you can’t create a question based on an assumption of what you think a certain thing should do. I can’t ask this person to give me 20 bucks, simply because that person NEVER made that promise to give me 20 bucks, ergo my asking him for 20 bucks is fully based on my assumption that He should give me 20 bucks.

Also, if you’re going to ask a question, ask a question with learning in your heart. Don’t ask a question to set someone up, because that instantly becomes a rhetorical question and the answer is rendered null and void simply because the question is no longer a question it becomes an assertion. If you ask a question, ask because you want to learn and understand something.

Finally, the writer of this argument may seem as if he has his ducks in a row by adding Scriptural text to “back up” his dummy arguments. But in order to understand The Bible you can’t just read one verse and follow it down the hole. You have you have to read the entire chapter and get the over all theme of what is being said to who it’s being said to. Example, if I said:

“Show me some green !”
Based on our slang you’d know instantly I was talking about money ! However the text suggests that I was talking about The color Green. But you and I both know I meant money.

If I said:

“The grass is always greener on the other side.”
I am not talking about literally going to the other side of my house or the Earth and pointing out that the grass is greener. You know it’s a figure of speech.

If I said:

“You’re green with envy.”
Obviously your skin color didn’t change to green (unless you’re the Hulk). Ergo, it’s a figure of speech !

50% of The Bible is context and the other 50% is Inspiration.

Without those 2, you will NEVER understand The Bible at the level Christians do. So I urge you to pray and ask God to help you better understand His word. Because in all honesty 5 years ago, questions like this would’ve FLOORED ME ! But I prayed on this before I tackled this argument and I did some research of my own and I have read The Bible and I have come to the conclusion that the guy who wrote probably drools in a bucket while staring at his wall all day trying to come up with a valid argument. That wasn’t nice of me. LOL, I apologize. But honestly. This guy needs to find a better argument, and good luck because there are good arguments that can stop THE TRUTH ! Peace in Christ all.

These following videos are also a response to the questions above. I thought this to be both entertaining and funny. By the way, that isn't me, that's some guy named Jason.

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