Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Infidel Guy-God is Watching....DUH !

Okay, wow The Infidel Guy is really rather interesting because much of what he says is a general misunderstanding of what he believes we think. God is watching, Duh ! Yes, well we are Human. Yes that's a valid answer. And there's an EXTREMELY valid reason as to why that answer is valid. But before I jump in there I wanna get a few things out.

Yes, God is watching, I have thought about that MANY, MANY, MANY times and not once did it scare me or make me feel uncomfortable. I figure if God is watching everything I do, then He's just doing what He does. I mean let's face it, He's God. What kinda God is clueless about His own creation ? Frankly I'd be more worried about a God who isn't looking than a God who is.

Furthermore why should the concept of God watching you hinder you from doing ANYTHING ? Granted, God watching you is to keep you from doing BAD THINGS, but His observation on your life doesn't warrant being totally paralyzed with fear from doing every single little action. God doesn't care about you reading a comic book or cooking eggs or making mud pies with your friends, as long as you're not killing, stealing, lying, and preforming actions you shouldn't do ANYWAYS, God doesn't have a problem with that.

So for believers to be actually disturbed by this idea is rather silly, because it just shows how immature their relationship with God was that they would deconvert for such a ridiculous reason. I mean if you think about it that's like trying to rob a bank across the street from a Police Station and then hating the Police Station for being there. You shouldn't rob the bank in the first place, The Police Station is just doing it's job.

Okay, now on to this "excuse", as Mr. Finley calls it. So why does the excuse "We're only Human" work ? Why is it a valid excuse ? Well let's say we get some Biblical proof as to why this excuse is valid, okay ? Check it out Matt 26:69-75. And for those of you without Bibles I'm just gonna tell you what that is. Or better yet give you a general summary.

So in Matt 26:69-75, Peter (one of Jesus' apostles) is pretty much standing amidst a crowd of people and one of the members of the crowd recognize him as one of Jesus' followers and asks him thusly. Peter instantly denies that he ever knew Jesus. Not once, not twice, but THREE times.

Now Peter is no one new to Jesus, Peter knew who Jesus was and saw what Jesus can do. Peter new that Jesus was God in The Flesh, lock, stock and barrel, no doubt, Jesus is God. Peter knew this. And yet, when he was confronted with this, he denied it. Now at the time Jesus was taken off to be crucified. Why is that important ? Because if Peter would have acknowledged that he indeed knew and hung out with Jesus, he could possibly face the same execution.

So what happen ? I would say that Peter's natural human instinct of Self-Preservation kicked in and he wanted to live. But this makes him out to be a coward. I mean he knew that once he died, he'd be on the fast track to Heaven, he knew that Jesus was God and he would never forsake Peter, and yet despite ALL that knowledge, he was only human and wished to remain alive for the time.

While I agree it's a flimsy excuse, it is THE ONLY one we are allowed to use. Because we are slaves to our sin. Now, I wanna address this example Mr. Finely provides. So basically we have 2 Christians getting hot and heavy, getting ready to do something, they knew they shouldn't, clothes start coming off, Bible on the counter, and BOOM, Door opens and MOM AND DAD ! Oh snap ! How's that for a bucket of cold water (lol).

So, how can these 2 Christians get away with trying to sin in front of God and not even attempting it when their parents arrive on the scene ?

Well there's a REALLY important keyword in that sentence, SIN ! The Bible tells us that we are basically sinners, ALL OF US. We are a slave to sin. Meaning we'll sin at any chance we get. Stay with me here, I'm coming to a point. And much like Mr. Finely's example, this to, will blow your mind.

Christians are STILL HUMAN ! There for, Christians are still sinners ! The ONLY difference is...that we understand that we are sinners and we adjust ourselves to sin less in our lives. So if 2 Christians are getting hot and heavy and they sin before God, guess what, they'll go to God and ask for His forgiveness and His mercy on them. And guess what, they'll receive it. Any Christian worth His salt will tell you point blank that God forgives sins ! So when a Christian sins, they are aware of it and they will say "Oh ! I just sinned ! I need to do something about this !" and they will.

Now these 2 Christians, in Mr. Finely's story were caught, before the act, so by the parent's standards they didn't do anything wrong YET ! And it would make sense for them to have a long discussion about what action was about to occur. And if these 2 Christians are apologetic that they were caught and didn't get to preform the action then that's a different story, but if they are apologetic for letting things get to that point and not follow God's outline in that situation then they'll be okay.

I'm reminded of the example of King David, who, while standing on his roof one day, saw a chick he really wanted to do, only to discover she was married. Long story short, King David had her brought to him, did her, felt guilty and tried to get her husband to do HIS wife, only for him to turn it down, and King David decided to have him indirectly killed. This is 2nd Samuel 11:26. Now David knew what he did and when he realized it, HE PRAYED ! And guess what, God FORGAVE HIM !

Now as for this virgin theory goes, I already poked several holes in it. I think that The Infidel Guy is getting theologies mixed up just a bit, not a lot, just a little bit. Because a non-virgin premarital sex Christian can also get into Heaven as easily as a Celibate, Non-Sex having Christian can. Also, NO ONE in the HISTORY of CHURCH, WHO FULLY UNDERSTANDS WHAT IT IS THAT THEY BELIEVE WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER, IN A MILLION YEARS CLAIM TO BE SINLESS !

If our salvation was tied to how good we were, NO ONE would get into Heaven, because each and every one of us has thought something evil, has done something evil, has said something evil. Some more evil than others (by our standards of course) but sin is all the same.

You steal a candy bar when you were 10. It's still stealing, whether it's that or robbing a bank, it's still taking something that does not belong to you.

There's no difference.

Now let me back pedal for a second and agree here, that YES, "How can we sin in front of God's face like that ?" And that's not a hard question, considering the Biblical reason we have for it, Man is fallen, plain and simple.

But the point The Infidel Guy is making is that WE SHOULDN'T and I am inclined to agree. Now, just because we sin in front of God doesn't mean we don't believe, it just means what it means, we're sinners.

Now I'm only speaking for myself here but I can honestly say that if I was preparing to do something I know God wouldn't approve of, I wouldn't be thinking about God at all, until after the fact. I for one, used to be an addict of sorts to pornography. Not like the guys you read about in those articles, I just had WAY TOO much on my hard drive and when I say WAY TOO much I mean WAY TOO MUCH, it's all gone now, Praise God.

But while I was downloading it, was I thinking about God ? No. Does that mean I don't really believe ? No. I did what every sinner does, forgot God. Pushed God into the back of my mind and let my Jimmy take over. Plain and simple. I yielded to sin. I am going to Heaven ? Yes. Would I still go to Heaven even if I still had the porn on my computer ? Yes. Am I bragging about that ? No. When we are saved, we are saved FOREVER and there is NO good work we can do no form of behavior that is going to save us, it is simply our faith in Jesus Christ, that and NOTHING ELSE !

I am thinking about what Mr. Finely has said, and No, my life isn't going to be any more difficult now that he's brought it to my attention that God is watching me. It will not hinder me whatsoever. Because I do not intend on doing anything I shouldn't be doing anyways. I am currently talking to a friend online, texting my GF and writing this article...and God is watching me...I doubt He cares at all about me talking to my friend or texting my GF, or writing this article. I am not in error at the moment and I doubt I will be anytime soon.

This demons thing is really interesting and I wanna tackle that real quick before I close this article. Yes, I believe that Demons exists, and no I don't think one is gonna drown me in the tub or flip some hot grease in my face. The theological reason for this is because that when Jesus died on the cross, Satan lost a good portion of his power over this world.

Now I'm gonna throw a theory up, so this isn't Biblical so don't use this as proof, but this is my theory. I'm guessing that back in those days things like the common cold and chicken Poxs and missals, mumps and so on so forth were SERIOUS disease back in those days and nowadays they're curable. I would assume that Satan would inflict these issues upon people using their natural bio-chemistry. Things like dementia and schizophrenia were all demons tinkering with humans natural bio-chemistry. So when Jesus cast them out, the person's bio-chemistry would be realigned. Now that's just my theory, and I have a few things to support it.

But getting back on point, when Jesus died, Satan was no longer able get free reign, so to speak upon God's creation. So yes, I do believe demons exist, and I afraid of them ?...Hmm...I'm gonna say no, only because I'm aware that God has my back. The 23rd Psalm sums it up there.

This whole faith is stronger thing is again, a misunderstanding. While there are some Christians who are vain enough to claim they have greater faith than others, I have some gut-wrenching news for them, They aren't saved because they wanna be, they're saved because GOD CHOSE THEM TO BE SAVED ! So no one can claim to have greater faith than anyone. Now there are some more FAITHFUL than others, but no one has greater faith.

The Guardian Angel thing is childish and is B.S. and I really don't have the time to refute that, Mr. Finely did a fine job there. Also, the Tsunami all I have to say it that God has a plan for everything, even natural disasters and what not.

Er...ummm...anyways, that about sums it up. Peace in Christ all.

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