Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Secret of 52

Hola, Blogspot and Blogspot readers, tis I, Ugo Strange once again. For those of you who don't know I took a break from writing articles online back in August. The last article I wrote was "The Final 60 Second Thought", after I wrote that I decided that I was gonna take a much needed break and hopefully reconnect with God and rediscover the reason I started writing these. Well I did THAT and then some. I made some new friends, quit a REALLY bad habit and reconnected with LORD and I've been studying a lot more and thinking a lot more and asking a lot more questions and I am ready to tackle some issues. While I was out I found some really great topics to discuss, some really good research material and some really great resources. A few things I'm gonna tackle in the near future is The Infidel Guy, The God is Sexist argument, The 10 Questions Intelligent Christians Must Answer, and a few other things. It's good to be back people.

F.Y.I: The secret of 52 is that it's been 52 days since my last article.

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