Friday, September 21, 2007

The 60 Second Thought

In this article I’m just gonna lay my cards on the table and implore you to listen. If you’re an Atheist or an Agnostic then I want you to listen for a few minutes and read this entry. This is not made to bash you or make you look stupid in any way or call you all evil and so on so forth. This is simply just a conversation. I’m not gonna tell you how great God is and so on so forth or that you’re all on your way to Hell. I’m not gonna do that. I’m simply gonna ask for a few moments of your time to read this entry and then you can return to whatever it is you were doing previously.

What I’m asking you to do is simple. I’m asking you to ask yourself “Why you don’t believe in God.”

WAIT ! Before you roll your eyes and sigh or click the close button on this entry I want you to listen. I myself have looked into various religions and philosophies and I have examined the reasons why I shouldn’t believe in God but ultimately I always find justification for my belief. And it’s not because I’m a Christian. I have looked into Hinduism and frankly the idea of reincarnation is scary to me. I have looked into Atheism but the concept of there not being any governing force does not make sense to me. I have looked into Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, Paganism, Nihilism so and so forth and each time none of it fulfilled what I felt needed to be fulfilled. I opened my mind and I’m asking you to do the same. Please grant me this one favor. If you’re not then now would be a good time to click on the close button.

If you’re reading this then I’m gonna go ahead and guess you didn’t click the close button. Thank you. As I said before I have studied various religions and philosophies and have looked at each one objectively, even Scientology and trust me that wasn’t easy (a little humor just to break the mood, lol) Getting back on point. Now I’m asking you to look at this objectively. I’m asking you to take an honest look at what you believe or better yet don’t believe and look at it objectively.

If you believe there is No God, then I raise this question to you, if there is No God then why is it that the concept of God exists ? That may sound like a loaded question but it’s not. What I’m saying is how can Man create God if there was no such concept to begin with. And this doesn’t apply to just my God, this applies to all gods. Where did the concept of God come from. Who’s idea was it to bow down and worship something that wasn’t there ? How is this at all a good idea ? If there is no God then the argument of there being a God would never be a concept. Hopefully you understand that.

Furthermore if there is No God, then why argue the point ? You don’t see thousands upon thousands of websites devoted to the existence of Santa Clause because there is no argument as to whether Santa Clause exists or not. We all know he does not. Ergo, we do not need to argue it. You may tell yourself, well belief in Santa Clause and belief in God is the same thing. Well I NEVER believed in Santa Clause but sure enough EVERY Christmas there was a present under that tree with my name on it. And I didn’t believe in Santa Clause. Now based on the songs I should’ve gotten a lump of coal. But I got a gift. So there goes the existence of Santa.

So by that standard if you feel the need to argue the existence of God then that might be the fear of one actually existing. I mean let’s face NONE OF US likes the idea of someone knowing EVERYTHING YOU THINK, FEEL, DO, DONE, DID, IN THE PROCESS OF DOING ! That’s one scary thought. Especially if you’ve done a lot of bad things. That’s one scary thought. Hell, it freaks me out sometime. And let’s face it we are Human and we fear what we don’t understand, and we do not understand God, by any stretch of the imagination. We know as much about God as He wants us to. So this raises many questions you might have.

1. Where did God come from ?
2. If God is all powerful can he create something so heavy not even He himself could lift it

And so on so forth, all very difficult questions that not even the savviest of Christians can answer so ultimately you’re like “This whole God thing is just one big fairytale.”. and you choose not to believe. And frankly I don’t blame you. BUT, you gotta understand the dynamic of God and us. We are a compilation of Carbon, Flesh, Blood, Bones and so on so forth. What is God ? He’s God. Have to sleep and get rest and eat to live and cover ourselves from the cold and fan ourselves from the heat and so on so forth. Basically we are Human beings. God is exactly what He says He is God. He doesn’t have to do any of these things, and yet we do and yet we insist that God does not exist and God is impossible and so on so forth. But if you actually thought about it, you’d understand that by using the word “God” you’re already identifying something outside of your understanding. Ergo you’re commenting on something in which you have no knowledge of.

Case in point. I’m not going to say that Brain surgery consists of using screw drivers, because I have never done Brain Surgery ergo I can not comment on it. And yet we have Atheist who will call me stupid and a zealot for saying I believe God exists. We have Atheists who feel the need to constantly try and prove that there is no God. And I say try because NONE of them will ever find 100% proof that he does not and no Christian will ever have proof that he does. You see it works on both sides. So we have people who constantly argue that there is no God and anyone who believes in him is hurting society and should just basically give up their belief in God.

If you feel I am hurting society then you are sadly mistaken. I have many atheist friends and I have no alienated them anyway or braided them for their choice, I treat them as I would all my friends with kindness and respect. Sure it does hurt a little bit that we do not share the same ideals but they are humans as I am as well and they are my friends. How is my belief a hurt to society ? My belief does not stop anyone from being anyone. Well unless you’re a serial killer, rapist and so on so forth. What damage am I doing ? What harm am I causing ? None. Some might say that Christianity is a superstition and is equal to luck and so on so forth. Well, I don’t believe in society’s view of luck. Luck to me is when the stupidity of others works in your favor. And as far as superstition goes, I have broken mirrors, split pools, opened umbrellas in the house, walked under ladders, had over a dozen Black Cats cross my path and so far things have been pretty great for me.

Also some people would have you believe that God is just a concept to be created. Much like the ever great Fredrich Nietzsche. The man who quoted “God is Dead !”. The grand advocate of Nihlism. Let’s view what Fredrich Nietzsche is. He’s a collection of carbon, flesh, bones, blood. He needed to eat, sleep to rest and he peed standing up, he covered himself from the cold, he fanned himself from the heat, I’m basically saying that he was a man. Not unlike you or me. Granted he was very smart. But it’s not like no one else was as smart as he was. So what gave him the power to say “God is Dead !”.? How can a man of carbon, flesh, blood and bone, a man like you and me, a man not unlike any other man declare the death of something outside our realm of thought ? Now you gotta understand Nietzsche wasn’t saying that God had physically died. I mean c’mon he wasn’t stupid. He was saying the concept of God had died and that man no longer needed God. Man needed to think for himself. A few years later Nietzsche went insane and eventually died of suffering server mental illness. And yet to this day people still believe in God. Now I’m not gonna say something glib like “Nietzsche said God is dead, but God said Nietzsche is dead.”, I’m not because honestly I have a little bit more class than that. But I will point out that a long time even before Nietzsche, people have been saying that God was not real of that God was not the real God and all these people have dealt with him.

Years before Nietzsche. The Pharaoh told Moses “Where is your God ?!” and Pharaoh got the answer. God turned his water into blood, slew his first born and rained frogs on his kingdom. God used Pharaoh’s stubbornness to reveal himself. And God is still doing that today.

Why do you think that so many Atheist want us to abandon our faith ? Believe it or not, Man was made to worship. Not God exactly. But Man was made to worship something. Money, their car, whatever. Man was made to worship. True statement. It’s every where you look. Man worships money, people talk about it everyday. Man worships Science, Atheist use it as a shield against religion. But whatever it is we are made to put our trust and faith in something and YES, even Atheists have faith. The thing is where is that faith placed ? Is it placed in mankind ? Mankind is made of carbon, flesh, bones and blood, you are Man. If your faith is in Mankind, then you are sorely mistaken. Because as we have seen Mankind is pretty self centered. We kill, we cause pain, we’re selfish, we’re self righteous and anyone who has used the phrase “People suck.” Will agree with me. And if you agree with that phrase then you are not the only one. I agree with it. People do suck. That may sound like a pretty bleek thing for a Christian to say but consider this, every other religion will have you believe that Mankind is simply misunderstood and is generally okay, Christianity is the only religion that has the balls to say People suck. But there is a way they can stop sucking. First off we have to acknowledge that we are NOT in control and we are NOT the greatest. There is a force that is ABOVE us in all respects and that force is God. Once we acknowledge God, we tell God that we are sorry for sucking and will honestly make an effort to try sucking less. And if you honestly know in your heart that you have done wrong and believe that Jesus died for your sins and That God is in Heaven and in control you are instantly absolved.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN go out and commit the very same act you’re asking absolution for, this means that you have done something wrong, asked for forgiveness and should know better not to do it again. This doesn’t mean that if you do it again God’s gonna get pissed off and lightning bolt you. This just means that you’re human and you are weak. God understands this fully but as long as you’re trying hard and you believe in Him, He will continue to forgive you. Doesn’t mean you can grab and AK-47 mow down a bunch of people and then say “I’m sorry God, forgive me.”, because if you don’t believe in Him, then He’s not listening to you and you are not forgiven because you’re not accepting the fact that you’ve done wrong. You’re basically paying lip service. And doesn’t want lip service. He wants conviction. And just to show you that I’m not getting on a high horse, I’ll tell you right now, I’ve done many wrong things, some more frequently than others, I swear like it’s going outta style, I have violent thoughts about hurting people I don’t like, but in the midst of all that I know deep down that I am doing wrong and little by little I adjust myself and try not to do those things and God knows this and see my honest effort and for that He has forgiven me.

Now I ask you, is that hurting society ? Is that causing damage ? Does this sound like something that should be destroyed ? I mean even if we Christians are wrong and there is No God. Is believing there is one such a bad thing ? What damage will it cause you to believe ? God understands that you are Human. No Human is perfect and God doesn’t expect you to be, God just wants an honest effort of you trying to live by his rules. What about good people who don’t believe in God ? Sad to say they are not asking forgiveness for the bad they did, however little, they are not acknowledging that the only way to be fully empty of bad things is acknowledge that God is the only way to absolve yourself. THE ONLY WAY. I know, it sounds harsh but it’s the truth, at least the truth I believe. Now I propose to you, if you are an Atheist, if you are Agnostic, ask yourself this question honestly, I don’t believe in God because… I am NOT asking you to message me your reason for not believing, I don’t wanna get a message from you about that because this is for you to answer yourself. And be honest ! If your answer is because “it sounds silly” ask yourself why is sounds silly. But I want you to be 100% honest with yourself. If you do what I ask and you are fine with what you believe then that’s fine by me. I’ll stick to my guns you stick to yours and everything is back to the way it was. But if do what I ask and you find that you have some questions then come and talk to me and I’ll be happy to answer them if I can. And I’m using some Jedi Mind trick on you or trying to get you to convert. I’m not ordering anyone to do anything. If you finish reading this article and don’t do what I’m asking you to do then I’m not gonna know and it’s a moot point. But if you do what I ask you’re doing it out of your own freewill. There is no gun to your head, none of your family members have been kidnapped and this web browser is not brainwashing you. This is just one man asking you to do one thing. That’s all. Just take 60 seconds after this article to ask yourself Why don’t I believe in God. That’s all. And again I don’t wanna hear your reasons. I just want you to be honest with yourself. That’s all. Thank you for reading, thank you for your time and whether you believe in Him or not may God bless you. Thanks again. Hope I didn’t come off as condescending and abrasive. Thanks one last time. You maybe begin.

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