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Proving That No One Can Get Into Heaven...DEBUNKED !

Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’ve watched the following video above and as airtight and convincing as his argument sounds, I can easily debunk and explain ALL of what he said to be contradictions within The Bible and Jesus’s word. First off I wanna say that nothing makes me more frustrated than those who do not understand
what it is they are arguing against. Leaving out The Bible, I’m just talking in general because if some people would do any bit of research on the matter or put things within their proper context they’d see just how wrong they are and whoever made this video is one of those people who utterly frustrates me. Anyways, sermon over. Let’s dive in and
see what’s really going on, shall we ? We shall.

About Step #1 and Step #2

In the gospel of Luke 10:25-28 and Luke 18:18-22

Okay, Luke 10:25-28 is the Oh so famous Good Samaritan story. In Verse 29 The Lawyer asks Jesus “Who is my neighbor” and Jesus begins to tell the story of The Good Samaritan, and at the end of that tell Jesus instructs The Lawyer to be like The Samaritan. Little Side Note here, Samaritans back in those days were HATED by The Jews and vice versa. So the gravity of The Good Samaritan story would be along the lines of watching an EXTREME racist help a person he discriminates against change a tire.

Okay, so Luke 10:25-28 He got right on the money. So far nothing bad there.

Now, in Luke 18:18-22 Jesus is talking to a Ruler. A very rich man. So The Rich guy asks Jesus “What must I do to inherit eternal life ?” And then Jesus lays out the 10 commandments. The Rich Guy says to Jesus “ Yeah, I’ve done all those thing since I was little.” So then Jesus instructs him to sell everything…Or did he ? Let’s back up here and remember this guy is VERY rich. So is it Possible Jesus was simply testing this man to see if this Rich man truly wanted eternal life ? Because if the maker of the video Would continue on with the following verse it would say in Luke 18:23 “But when he heard this, he became sorrowful for he was very rich.” Luke 18:24 “and when Jesus saw that he became very sorrowful, He said “How hard it is for those who Have riches to enter the kingdom of God!”

So was Jesus really telling this man to SELL EVERYTHING as the video would have you believe ? Not at all. Jesus was testing the man to see if he truly wanted eternal life. And obviously this man did not. If the man would have agreed to indeed sell everything, then he would prove to Jesus that his loyalty was not to his material wealth but to his Spiritual wealth. This reminds me of the story in which God ordered Abraham to kill his son Issac. However right when Abraham was about to do it an Angel stops him and explains that it was a test and that God didn’t really want Abraham to kill his son. Now this may sound questionable BUT it shows 2 things: One: That God would not have
You commit a senseless act without watching your back and Two: That God does indeed test us. And in the vein of Luke 18:18-22 Jesus was guaging This Rich Man’s loyalty. Or rather to place this in layman’s terms: If a Man came up to you and said I have your Mother and Father held hostage and everything you own hanging over an open fire. Which do you want to save ? Now, I’m not gonna lie to you, it would really SUCK to have everything I owned go up in flames and I’d be really sad BUT I’d be a lot more sad if my Mom went up in flames. I’d obviously choose my Mom, because all that other stuff is material.

So Jesus gave this guy the same choice. And remember The Rich Guy asked Jesus, Jesus didn’t take anything hostage. It was either his riches or eternal life and he obviously wanted to keep his riches. I hope that explains that.

About Step #3

Luke 14:26

Oh Boy, this verse has taken so much heat it’s not even funny ! And to be honest it’s a real tough verse to swallow but there is an extremely valid explanation behind it. But before I explain, I want to get into a little language translation real quick. The Greek word for hatred or hate is Miseo. Now there are several words for Love in Greek. Each word meaning a different kind of love. There’s Eros= Romantic Love, Agape=Spiritual Love, Phillia= Friendship Love, and Stroge=Affection Type Love (Parent and Child) As you can seen, none of these words even closely resemble Miseo. Now in the original Greek text Jesus does indeed use the word “Miseo”. No two ways about that, it does mean hate.

Well wait a minute, Is Jesus really telling us to hate ? Let’s look at that verse again.

“If anyone comes to me and does not HATE his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters,
Yes, even his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”
Luke 14:26

Wow, Jesus is a hate filled jerk ! Or is He ?

As you can see I capitalized the word HATE to show you the main focus of the verse. Or at least the main focus the creator of the video would have you focus on. However he’s focusing on the wrong part of that verse. Well, Eugene which part of this verse should we focus on, Jesus is telling us to hate everyone. Well, let me show you that verse again with the right words capitalized to show you the TRUE meaning of this verse.

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters,
Yes, even his own life also, HE CANNOT BE MY DISCIPLE.”
Luke 14:26

Yes, believe it or not that last little tidbit explains this entire verse. How ? You may ask. Well let’s look at the word
“Disciple”. A disciple, by definition means “One who adheres to the doctrines and rules of another, a loyal follower.”
Now, why does Jesus use the word Hate ? I mean that’s a pretty harsh word. Okay so you have 2 options here. Either Jesus is a wack job and he just contradicted himself and proved that he is not God and I should abandon ALL my beliefs, OR Jesus is speaking in a comparative view point. Allow me to explain in laymans terms.

I’m currently wearing my Scarface shirt, I love this shirt.
I love my Mom.

Now by using the word “love” I just expressed the same feeling I have for my shirt that I do for my mom. However we both know that’s a different kind of love. The context in which I used the love I have for my shirt and the love I have for my Mom are completely different EVEN THOUGH I used the exact same word. Jesus doesn’t do that. Jesus is saying that compared to love you have for Him, it would be to HATE everything else. Am I making sense ? Jesus doesn’t want you to go around and hate everyone ! I repeat JESUS DOES NOT WANT YOU TO HATE ANYONE !! Jesus is saying that your loyalty should be to Him ! Surely Jesus wouldn’t want you to walk up to your Mother and Father and say “FUCK YOU !”. Of course not. Man, I hope I’ve explained this well enough. If not there is a link I could forward to you on this matter. Just message me or something. Anyways, moving on.

About Step #4

John 6:53-54

See my article on Communion…

About Step #5

Matt 18:2-3

This, I’m not even sure why this guy put this in here. Jesus does NOT WANT you to transform into a child. And by all laws of physics that would be impossible. Jesus is suggesting that you HUMBLE yourself as a child. Children and new to the world and new to experience ergo, they are humble. Jesus is suggesting that we should humble ourselves as Children before God. It’s kinda like that saying, “No matter how old you get you’re always someone’s son/daughter.”. It means that no matter how old you are your mother is ALWAYS gonna be your mother, your father is ALWAYS gonna be your father. And that’s the dynamic. Therefore as a child you adhere yourself to them because you are humble and respectful to there position compared to yours.

About Step #6

John 3:3-8

Okay, when Jesus says born again, He does not, I repeat DOES NOT mean crawl back into Momma and sit for Nine Months. First of all, by the laws of physics that’s impossible and even if it were possible I doubt very much so that your Mom would want you crawling back in there, just so she can squeeze you out while you’re fully grown (lol, little humor to break the mood). Jesus is suggesting that you become reborn in spirit. As it says in The Bible “Flesh gives birth to Flesh, Spirit gives birth to Spirit.”. Ergo, Jesus is suggesting that you must be reborn in spirit. This is where baptism comes in which I covered several times in several articles.

About Step #7

Matt 5:17-20

Okay, I believe I already explained the difference between The Old Testament and The New Testament. But in case you didn’t read that article, here it is. in The Old Testament Man were give Laws to live by UNTIL Jesus (the fulfillment of The Law) would arrive. With Jesus’s arrival, The Old Testament Laws became obsolete ! OBSOLETE ! Ergo it was NO LONGER necessary to follow Lev 19:1-37 or Lev 20:1-27 to the letter ! Also, These rules were made to purge the evil and keep Israel from receiving curses. There’s a verse in which Moses lays out the law by saying if you do A,B, and C God will bless you but if you do X,Y, and Z God will curse you. Since Jesus arrived, there was no need for X,Y, and Z. There is someone who can explain this better than I can. Granted this explanation is kind of in the layman’s field. Uh, I’m gonna suggest that you do you own research on this subject. Thanks.

About Step #8

John 3:16

Last but not least John 3:16.

“For God so loved the world He gave his only begotten son so that those who believe
In Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Think about what that’s saying. I mean people say it so much it because generic, but really think about this.
GOD the creator of the entire Universe, ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING, CAME DOWN to Earth with the ultimate goal of DYING to prove just how much he cared ! And all you have to do is acknowledge that this event occurred and give Jesus his props. I mean if God is indeed ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING he obviously didn’t have to impart some grand gesture to show how much he cared for us, BUT HE DID ! An ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING being DIED ! DIED to prove a point. He didn’t talk about giving you salvation, He didn’t make stupid offers. Talk is cheap, this guy, this ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING being Came down from a PARADISE, joined the likes of Us in a ridiculously crappy world and had Himself KILLED ! Just to prove his point ! Zues didn’t do that, Vishnu didn’t do that, L. Ron Hubbard didn’t do that.

Zues is a selfish ass-hole.

Vishnu isn’t even in control of The Afterlife.

L. Ron Hubbard is human like the rest of us.

Are you thinking about it ? I mean even if you don’t believe in God, isn’t that a pretty cool thought ? That The Creator of The Universe took the time to come down and die for you ! I mean Jesus didn’t specify who he was dying for. He didn’t look and say “Hey Angela, I’m dying for you and only you !” NO, for God so loved THE WORLD ! EVERYBODY ! You, me, him, her, that guy over there, this guy over here, that guy from that one place, the guy who lives six blocks down the street from you, your next door neighbor, People who don’t believe in him, Your best friend’s cousin’s sisters boyfriend’s bother’s ex-girlfriend, YES, EVERYBODY ! EVERYBODY ! I mean Jesus bore ALL of God’s wrath. God’s wrath was originally intended for us.

He jumped in front of OUR BULLET ! He took one for the team ! I didn’t need Mel Gibson’s movie to show me that or get the idea. I fully understand it. It’s that a cool thought ? Think about it ! It makes me smile a little, because it’s awesome. Think about it.The Creator of the entire Universe, The Guy who was here before time began, loves you.

Granted it’s a little surreal to actually contemplate, but it’s an awesome thought. We’re not pawns on a chess board for Him. He’s not playing with our lives to amuse Himself, He actually loves us. Think about it. It’ll make you smile. 100% I guarantee it.

Anyways to sum up, I hope this explains the video above and how when things are taken out of context they can warped to suit another’s needs.And if the maker of this video would give his audience ALL of the information instead of feeding them bits and pieces in order to get his interpretation across he might have a pretty sound argument, instead of half baked claims. To anyone else who is curious and wants to know a little more feel free to ask I have a few links here and there I can direct you to. Hope this was enlightening for you, Have a good day and depending on the time you read this good night, Thank you for reading and God bless. Thanks again.

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