Monday, June 18, 2012

Discipline is Good

I'm ALWAYS amused by people who recognize parental duties but fail to equate them with God's duties. When parents physically engage their children for misbehavior we see that as good and correct, after all if a parent doesn't reprimand their child in some way for misbehavior then it's explained that that parent doesn't truly love their child because they're refusing to teach them morals and ethics. BUT if GOD reprimands someone in some way for misbehavior He's seen as a cruel, unloving, tyrant...(inconsistent much?) And yet people make this out to mean that we should just be AFRAID of God and God wants your fear instead of your love and respect. After all isn't that THE EXACT nature of undisciplined children, a lack of respect for laws, rules and boundaries ? I compel you to explain to me how what God does is ANY different. Furthermore God is on a grander scale considering He's responsible for existence it's self, so if ANYONE is gonna give you laws, rules and boundaries, let it be the person who made existence in the first place.

But the unfortunate thing is there are some of you who won't make the logical connection between parental discipline and God's discipline and continue with the idea of a tyrannical God and yet will discipline your own children and have the same reaction that God does when your children disobey you. Funny how inconsistency works isn't it ?

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