Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Equality vs. Exclusivity

Discrimination is a dirty word, and why shouldn't it be considering it's long standing history during The Civil Rights Movement. BUT nowadays Discrimination has been applied to situations that don't match the definition. Let's take a step back and examine what Discrimination is before we get into this article.

For the purpose of this article we're sticking to the 2nd definition because this is the realm where we find discrimination being used. Not too long ago there was a young boy who wanted to join the Girl Scouts, however the twist was this young boy identified himself as a girl. While some on the left might see this as Discrimination, those of us who are on the RIGHT side of the issues see this for what it is...EXCLUSIVITY! The title CLEARLY says GIRL scouts. The Girl Scouts is a privately funded organization and therefore are allowed to specify membership eligibility for specific genders, races, religious affiliation, ect. ect. Before we go on, let's look at Exclusive.

For the purpose of this article we'll have to focus on the 1st definition, specifically, incompatible. The boy is CLEARLY a boy but he desires to join The GIRL Scouts despite the fact that he is NOT a girl. Therefore by definition of the TITLE of Girl Scouts, he has NO grounds to request membership. And yet the parents of this BOY raise a stink when the Troop Leader doesn't allow HIM to join the Girl Scouts BASED on the fact that HE IS A BOY! In order to elaborate on the foolishness of this situation, this would be like a Black Person trying to join an Asian exclusive organization solely based on the fact that he has a deep seeded admiration of Asian culture so much so that he identifies himself as an Asian. That's fine, cool, and dandy BUT YOU'RE NOT ASIAN! We would clearly see the foolishness there, BUT because this is a child, our heartstrings get tugged at and Woe be tied to he who makes a child FEEL BAD. Give me a break...

Understand that I am NOT belittling the issue of this little boy, obviously he has a very deep seeded psychological disorder that causes him to think he is a girl and that issues needs to be treated NOT encouraged. But getting back to my point, Discrimination is being misused to be applied to ANY rejection of individuals REGARDLESS if it's a legitimate rejection or not.

Which brings me to the myth that is "Marriage Equality". If Homosexual Activists REALLY believed in "Marriage Equality" they'd affirm Polygamy, Pederasty, Incest, after all, why is it wrong for them to get married but okay for you ? We Christians don't have that problem, we believe in Marriage exclusivity, between an unrelated, of age Man & Woman (Race and Religious affiliation are not specified), although ideally one should marry someone who shares their religious affiliation, simply because a union of opposing world views can not survive a marriage. Based on OUR beliefs we have a reason to reject ANY idea of marriage outside of what God specified...however Homosexual Activists do not have such a standard to reject polygamy, pederasty and incest, and any attempt at doing so would be seen a bigotry and ignorance on their part...however they're unable to make that connection. So Homosexuals DON'T believe in "Marriage Equality", they believe in "Marriage Equality FOR THEM ONLY" which is really Marriage Exclusivity.

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Anonymous said...

Treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in "favor of" or against... "Exclusivity," is just a synonym for discrimination. If you want to argue definition maybe you should read it. The Girl Scouts only consider girls for there group not because of their individual merit, but simply because they are girls. By definition that is discrimination.