Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nominal Christianity...

So once again it's one of those nights where I can't exactly sleep. I slept earlier but now I'm having a hard time getting back to the land of nod *wink-wink* because there's something on my mind that I don't think will let me rest again until I get it out.  Earlier this week I found a video of a pastor voicing his support of gay marriage (which you will see my uploaded response VERY soon) and I've discovered that not one but 2 of my co-workers are gay and 2 others are "Christians" and support the homosexual movement. Which brings me to this blog.

I've discovered the MAIN reason why The Homosexual Movement has enjoyed such a ground swell of support, it's because of NOMINAL Christianity. The unfortunate thing in our Opinion Driven Era, we are unfortunately turning out more and more people who think everything is subjected to opinion and therefore there is no absolute truth regarding anything. The second an absolute truth is done away with...well it pretty much opens the flood gates for ANYTHING. Case in point. We live in a society today where people want to claim the title of Christian without actually knowing what it affirms, what it means and the responsibilities that come with such a claim. To drive my point this is similar to someone who becomes a police officer but has his own opinion on what laws should be enforced. No, if you become a Police Officer you are not called to have your opinion on The Law you are called to enforce it. Likewise if you are a Christian you are not called to have your opinion on Christianity, you are called to enforce it.

Understand that I am NOT saying there is no room for opinions in Christianity on DEBATABLE issues (what day you choose to worship, how often you observe communion, baptism for babies, the construction of the worship service, ect.) things of that nature that are not laid out in the scripture that have no bearing on your salvation and relationship with Christ. We are allowed to have our opinions on THOSE issues. But Homosexuality, something that has been CLEARLY condemned numerous times in The Bible, if we call ourselves Christians then we would have to agree with The Word Of God, BUT UNFORTUNATELY, we have people who disagree.

By disagreeing these "Christians" reveal that they don't take The Word of God seriously enough to adhere to it's teachings, and YET they still desire to claim the title of Christian simply because they attend church...or read The Bible...or pray a lot. Which all of those things are good but they don't mean anything if you don't take it seriously. But Ugo it's just one small issue, surely God doesn't care all that much, after all I'm being good, I'm praying, I'm reading The Bible, I go to church, so why does God care about this ONE issue? Simple, you're saying He's wrong. You're saying that His position on Homosexuality (the only VALID position since He did create the entire action of Sex) is merely subjected to the whims of society and is just His opinion on the topic.

God doesn't have an opinion, He has FACTS. And the fact of the matter is God did not make men to have sex with men and women to have sex with women. As a Christian this should be the end of the discussion. Sadly it's not because too many Nominal Christians want to shout out God's name while supporting things that God condemns, and I for one am fed up with it. You CANNOT call yourself a Christian and support Homosexuality! The two are COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE! We can love our homosexual friends and neighbors by showing them Christ's love by encouraging them to repent and embrace the LIFE giving message of Jesus, we do NOT show Christ's love by telling them that their sin is okay because they're "in love" (which they're not) and God will bless their sin because they're in a "loving", "committed" "relationship" with each other.

No, these things just push them further and further away from the truth of God's word and deeper and deeper into their own sinful nature. And it's NOMINAL Christians who are giving them the support, it's NOMINAL Christians who are making us look like hateful bigots, it's NOMINAL Christians who reduce our Lord and Savior to nothing more than a motivational speaking, hippie. Enough is enough, I'm drawing the line in the sand RIGHT HERE! Because I had enough of them lampooning our Savior and turning Him into a puppet saying whatever politically correct B.S. is in the air. If you call yourself a Christian and yet you do not support Christ's word then honestly, why even take the title of Christian?

God's word is bigger than your opinion and once God lays it down, you have no opinion.
You can't have an opinion on The Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ, you can't have an opinion on Jesus being The 2nd person of The Trinity, God in Flesh, The Son Of God, You can't have an opinion on how many Gods there are, there is only ONE GOD, you can't have your opinion on Jesus being the only way to salvation, you can't an opinion on The Bible being the word of God, IT IS! And if you affirm these things, then you must affirm everything else by implication, there is no getting around that, because otherwise you are actively ignoring God and last time I checked that was called Sin.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend as if I'm not guilty of these things either, I have ignored God but one thing I have NEVER done is said I was right about it. As an example, I am a recovering Porn addict, I still struggle with this from time to time but I recognize it as sin and I repent from it each time I fall into temptation. Nominal Christians fail to see Homosexuality as the sin it is because they've been blinded by an opinion based, reduced idea of Biblical truth, reduced SO MUCH SO to the point where you get them saying such things as:

"We're all worshiping the same god."

"It (religious affiliation) doesn't really matter."

"Jesus never said anything about it (insert any sinful act you can think of here)"

"God doesn't really care about it (insert any sinful act you can think of here)"

These are unfortunately the kind of people who think God only punishes the rapists and Hitlers and so on so forth, but the homosexuals, NONSENSE they're so happy and harmless, they're not hurting anyone ect. ect. And don't get me wrong, I am NOT saying they are evil people, I am NOT saying we should do them harm or ostracize them or ANYTHING like that. I am saying we should tell them to embrace Christ, repent and enter into a relationship that can bring them NEW and ETERNAL life, a life free from sin...and unfortunately thanks to Nominal Christians that message goes unheard and suppressed...and it's a shame. May God have mercy on them all, Peace in Christ.

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